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Worried about Doctors

Hi all

I'm seeing a CD Counsellor next Monday with a hope to starting SS staright away. My BMI is about 45 so I have to get my Doc to sign off the form first.

A friend of a friend has just been to a doc to be signed off for Lighter Life and he's refused. I'm really worried now that my doc won't sign me off. Any tips on what I can say to him? It's not even my regular doctor as he's away ... i really NEED to do this!!!

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i started on lighter life and my doctor wasn't keen but he didn't have any reason to say no as I'm very healthy (apart from being overweight!). My blood pressure is normal and I'm never ill so I never go to the doctors. I was very firm and said 'this is what i want to do and I need to do this for me'. If you hesitate and seem unsure I think they try and put you off, that's the impression i got from mine. My friend went to another doctor and he tried to put her off but she was very confident and told him she needed to do this for her health. I imagine if they say no its for a good reason, i would hope that professionally they do what they believe is right and safe for their patient but again perhaps it depends. good luck
Hi Maz

Well I'm look you too, I've never had a problem with my blood pressure, and the most i go to my Docs is once a year for Hayfever tablets and I didn't even do that this year as I found a non medical way of treating it.

So thanks - you've given me some hope :)



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Hi Lesley,

Filling out the form is for your own safety to make sure that you have no medical condition which would not be suitable for you to do the Sole Source programme.

Cambridge Diet has been in use in this country since 1984

Here is a link to Mandy who lost an amazing 24 stone in 24 months and you could print this out and have it with you.

Seeing is believing that it does work.

cambridge diet success stories

Be sure to let us know how you get on.
you could always take the printout of the history of CD to your GP, after all , apparently it was designed and created by drs to allow people to lose weight whilst having the right vits & minerals.

I always take print offs to my GP, at the end of the day, they are only human and cant know everything factually and some things they may say might be personal opinion.
I'm sure you'll be fine, like I said, i think you just need to make sure that you know your own mind and the decision you have made is the best one for you. I have Botox regularly and i was chatting to the doctor who does it about the cambridge diet and she said she's just pleased that people want to address their weight and she was all for it. good luck, let me know how you get on x


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how comes you need to see the doctor first? iv not heard of this are we all supossed to?
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No, you need doctor approval if your BMI is over 40 Milkybar.

Georgie x

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