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Worried about my sister taking Xenical :(

As too many of us know, Getting the Dr to prescribe Xenical can be harder than getting blood out of a stone :rolleyes:

My sister has asked her Dr twice for them as she also has underactive thyroid and since giving up smoking has piled the weight on. Her Dr refused telling her she was "rather she was fat than smoked" :mad:

She went to Boots the other day, But was 1 point off being eligable (think it was her BMI) so can`t get it there either so now she is speaking about ordering it from somewhere online and taking it :eek:

I`m really worried as you never really know what you`re getting if you buy something like that online :(

She is going to ask one last time when she nexts goes, But I doubt she`ll get anywhere cos her Drs are crap :(

Does anyone know of any safe places to buy it online incase she is adamant she will?

Hope you all have a great weekend,

LiSe Xxxxx

P.s Is it right you need BMI of 30 to get it at Boots? I thought I saw 28 somewhere if you have other issues - Maybe her thyroid and mild hypertention could be taken into account?

L x
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I agree with Starlight, If you both follow a low fat diet (as you have to on Xenical anyway) you will both see results with or without the pills. there is nothing more dangerous than ordering pills off the net, you never know what you are getting.

Xenical requires more hard work and will power to work than plans like SW and WW as you have to read the labels of everything you eat if you want to avoid the orange oily poo!
Thankyou both for your replies x

She is desperate to try it as she has piled on weight since she gave up smoking and due to also having an underactive thyroid is unable to shift it :(

There is no way she could follow a diet like WW etc as she couldn`t afford it (single parent). Some days all she eats is some weetabix as kids come first :sigh:

She is going to start coming over to mine to exercise on the Wii Fit :D So hopefully that will help a little.

Her Dr is very anti weight loss pills which is why she won`t let her have any and told her she was rather she was fat than smoked (as most weight gain is due to that). But it isn`t really sposed to be about what the Dr wants is it? It should be about my sisters feelings?

She tried at Boots but when they weighed her to work out her BMI she was 1 point off or something?

She is at the end of her tether about it all which is why she has told me she will buy some off the internet :( and this really worries me!

Anyway, Will stop rambling!

Hope you`re both having a lovely weekend,

LiSe Xxx
Hiya, I've just checked on the Boots leaflet I have (picked it up the other day) it says your bmi has to be 30 or greater, or if you have a medical condition that will benefit from weight loss, for example, raised cholesterol or high blood pressure, your bmi has to be 28 or greater.

Hope this helps x
Thanks for the advice Looby x

My sister has underactive thyroid (preventing weight loss) and her BP is "not good but not bad" in her Drs words :confused:

I think is it much like mine, Just into the mildly hypertensive area so just needs keeping an eye on. She doesn`t know her cholesterol levels, But as I am being checked as the test the chemist did was bad and my mum and brother are on cholesterol tabs (seems to be in the family) she is going to ask Dr to check.

I might go ask them myself on her behalf (she is too self conscious to go ask again) as I think they only weighed her and said right away her BMI was just below 30. But with the thyroid etc, They might let her try them.

I have offered to pay for them as I can afford them whereas she can`t as I know how much it is getting her down.

Thanks again and sorry for the novel!!!

LiSe xXx


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WW or SW isn't expensive! You can do them both from home and many doctors will give vouchers for SW so you can attend a class for free. And it's all real food too
Hi Hun,

Like I said, My sisters Dr is a bit of a cow! She won`t refer her to anywhere. She is going to see her Monday and try again :)

I loosely followed WW by counting points etc and exercised so we will try that. It is the classes and meals that cost =/ But hopefully we can manage it by ourselves :D (I will buy her some food so I know she eats properly).

Hopefully by doing it together we will succeed without need for classes/booklets etc (all the things that cost £££) And even better if we can both start the Xenical.

I am not familiar with SW, I *think* it is much the same as WW?

Thanks again all for the support & suggestions, You really all are a great help!

<3 Xxxxxxxxx


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SW is based on 'free' food so you don't have to count or weigh stuff, I find it so cheap as I love off pasta and potatoes and the warious meals you can make out of them! If your local authority do the SW vouchers it will cost you nothing to join and attend for 12 weeks, the treatment nurse should sort that out so it wont hurt to ask the receptionist if the surgery does them then make an appointment with the nurse and totally bypass the doctor!
SW sounds a lot easier than WW (tho if I am honest, I never weighed etc as I just don`t have the time lol).

I will tell my sister and see if she can book just with the nurse. I am at a different Drs who thankfully are a lot nicer and more approachable. I will ask my Dr about being referred when I start on the diet. I will also ask about referral to the Gym etc. Maybe I can take her as a +1 that some gyms do?

Thanks again for your advice Xxxx
You dont need to go to classes with WW either and you dont need the meals. The whole point of WW is not only to lose weight but a lifestyle change. Whatever your sister usually eats can be incorporated into her WW plan. It doesnt have to be expensive.

IF she does get Xenical shes going to have to follow a diet anyway as Xenical themselves arent going to get the weight off for her.

Id definitely look into SW or WW without classes. The most you need to shell out on for WW is a calculator, after that you can point anything and everything.

Dont let her use expense as an excuse ;)


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With exercise on prescription you are sent to your local gym with an NHS appointed trainer, there is no +1 option but if you are in the same council area you will both be able to use the same gym.
Thanks again girls :D

I have a WW calculator somewhere I bought last time :D

We are at different Drs but same council, So I will remind her to ask her Dr when she goes on Monday and I will ask mine when I go for my blood results (not looking forward to having them Weds :( )

I am determined this is going to be it for me! I will make sure this is it for her too!!!!!!!!!!! ;) :D

FAB!! Thanks :D

Have you noticed my mood?? ;)

;) :D
Exactly! Her Dr will have no excuses this time as she lives in the same county as me and I know they do it here ;) :D
Sorry to jump in, but just wanted to ask about the gym referral from your gp...I had no idea they could do that. One of the reason thats stoppping me joining a gym is cost, but would love to give it a go. Are tehre certain requirements to be eligable? I'm still waiting on dietician appointment, but could always ask him/her about it when I see them. Thanks


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