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Worst pmt ever! (Rant alert)

God i'm in a bad mood:eek: I've never had such a terrible bout of pmt.
I worked 14hrs yesterday & i've been non-stop for weeks now, then came home to the house all needing doing again, the washing still there for me from Friday, then i'm still cooking & cleaning up after everyone, while catching up with yet more chores.:( Including cleaning the guinea pigs which the kids should have done with Jon.
I'm so exhausted, I've been loosing it at my husband all weekend, my daughter is all upset, & tbh i feel like leaving him atm.
I feel very weak, not hungry but quite ill. I do get the odd pmt grumps but god i feel like throttling everyone today.
I'm feeling really dizzy & crap, sorry for the rant:cry:Is there anything i can do to help my mood? Is the diet making it worse? Thanks for listening x
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ouch!! i would pass the chores on & go for a nice long bath if i were you!! sounds like you need a break & a little TLC...hope you feel better soon!:hug99:big hugs..caz xx
(((hug))), I am not on your diet but I would strongly suspect it is making things worse for you just now. As the above post said, ditch the chores for now and go relax, your only human not super human....you will feel better soon chick...but if it makes you feel better give your OH a swift kick where it hurts....xxx
It's def the LT, i think it heightens all of your feelings emotionally and physically but it will settle down, i'm only about a week ahead of you and feel so much better already!!!! But for now it all just depends on how you deal with your feelings, right now you're not feeling well AT ALL!!!! So you need to be selfish, i know myself as a mother that's not possible but make it possible!!! A happy mother is a good mother take time to make yourself happy!!! Tell the OH that you're taking the night off, he has to clean up and get the kids to bed, you're off for a relaxing bath with all the bubble bath that i bet you never get to use anymore, then go rent a dvd you've been dying to see with no thought what-so-ever as to what the oh might want to watch!!! Cuddle up in fluffy pjs and slippers, get a blanket turn on the dvd and if the kids call tell your oh "my night off"!!! Enjoy yourself and get a nice warm peppermint tea or sweetened coffee!!! LT is hard going and a little "me time" is essential to keep you on track xxxxxxxxxx hope you feel better soon hun xxxxxxxx
Thanks for your support x I've just had my soup & am brousing ebay (always calms me lol)!! I've apologised to OH & trying to clear my head. I've never felt so rubbish, i hope i wake up better tomorrow x

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