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Wot no Daily?? Better start one then!! Its Friday!! Hour by Hour!!!



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Morning Spooky, busy morning for you.

I have 2 clients and then some chores ....maybe.

On my 2nd GT and 1st litre of water. Hoping for another good day today.

Good luck for weigh ins today, Tara, is it your weigh in today hun?

Have a good one

morning everyone!

Lost 7lb in 1st week at weigh in last night. 7lb!!! Even allowing for the blip with the gerkin!

Waiting in for the Sky man today. Housework and dog walking on agenda. Daughter off sick from college for the 3rd day. Lets hope it's not catching. :confused: Had OH off mon - thurs as well....Here's hoping!
Morning everyone,

Hope everyone has a great day
Well done Big Birdy with your loss,and good luck to everyone with weigh ins today.
I've realised I'm going to have to go back home today.Left without my packs!I think this must be a positive thing though,It means at no point before I left home did I think about food!That will be a new experience!!

Mary Poppins thats great that you left without your packs! Hope you didn't have to return far!

Can't stand any types of tea, so will give the GT a miss!:strikeout_button:


MUST get a grip
Morning Luvlies
Thank god its Friday - well me and my frizz ball hair have arrived at work :cool::cool::cool:.... loads to do eeeewwwwww!!!! My GHD's are on their way back, I'll borrow my 11yr olds until mine are returned - along with clipping it back!
1/2 ltr down and I'm off for a nanna coffee - I cant even remember what day I'm on - oh its 19 for me now....
Looking forward to getting out 2morr - not been out the house other than work and me mums for 3wks :eek::eek::eek:....
I'm birthday pressie shopping for my little girl who's 11 next month...
Good luck Tara - cant wait to hear your good news....
Hope you all have a gr8 day & well done to those losers this week.
Catch up l8r xxxxxxxxx
Morning :) can I pop into your thread please ?
Well done to all who have lost this week :D I'm on day 3 today, have been managing my 4 litres a day plus cups of peppermint tea but have got up with migraine today :sick: nothing to do with the diet, I just get them sometimes, otherwise have been feeling great. At least the migraine means I'm not feeling hungry! When you split your packs - do you weigh it out or just guesstimate ? I'm thinking of doing that today to make sure I manage to have them all.


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Morning everyone

I'm in a better frame of mind this morning, problems at home all sorted, got the sillyness of being disappointed out of my system and I'm raring to go.

1 Nana coffee and 1/2 litre of water down so far.

Quick question, does anyone know if I can have starflower oil? The menopause symptoms are overtaking the ketosis coldness and I'm having hot flushes. S.O. has helped before, but I dunno if I can have it now.

Oh yeah and one good thing, I realised I didn't have to lose as much weight as I thought.. yippeeee I had it set for BMI 21.4, I actually want to get to BMI 30
Oh I'm so nervous. I have WI at lunch time, and I know I havn't had anywhere near as much water as I should have had this week.

My clothes do feel looser and I suppose I should be focusing on that rather.


MUST get a grip
Oh I'm so nervous. I have WI at lunch time, and I know I havn't had anywhere near as much water as I should have had this week.

My clothes do feel looser and I suppose I should be focusing on that rather.

Hi ya Clara
I bet you'll be fine - you did soooooooooo well earlier in the week, I cant wait to hear from you later xxxx
Morning All,
All bright and breezy this morning you lot - I'm feelin knackered but........4 1/2 lbs down which is great and I didn't expect on week 3. Can't believe that's over a stone down in 3 weeks. It really DOES spur you to go on dunnit!Lol
I'm off to teach now so will chat later.
Keep up the good work everyone!
Well done Tansy with your weight loss and good luck Clara with your WI(great isn't it when your clothes feel looser!
I tried an old pair of size 18 jeans on this morning and for the first time in a year I managed to zip them up!Couldn't move in them though! thats the new aim for the next couple of weeks!

morning all. I had a massive blip last night. Im so ashamed of myself. I am still feeling sickly and bloated so havent had a pack yet this morning. just lots of coffee and some water to try and flush it through. Why do I do it myself?? Been to work this morning and off out to do another local job in a bit. Then got the night off tonight.

Well done on the size 18 jeans Susan, its a wonderful feeling when you get into clothes youve not worn for a long time. Sounds like everyone is doing great.

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