Would like to learn about SW


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Hey all!

I'm currently doing CD but am considering getting back to a diet that involves food!
I've done weight watchers more times than i care to remember! I'd like to try something different!
I know nothing about SW and have browsed the website but it doesn't say much on what the programme involves!

I'd be so grateful if someone could please tell me what you do/eat on SW? Also how you find being on it!?

Many Thanks, Cant wait to read your replys! :)
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I started this on 2nd Jan. Not going to classes but am being 'tutore' by my friend who has done it and dh who has done it. It's very easy and you can eat as mucha s you like of certain foods.

You have 2 'days'- original and green.
You have free foods for both days of which you can eat as much as you want.
You also have healthy extras that you need to eat but these are restricted. Then there are 'syns' of which you can have a set amount. There are also super foods that are very good and speed things up.
There is also a mix and match thing but I don't understand that yet lol.
So, on a green day- you can eat as much veg, potatoes, pasta, rice etc as you want. Fruit is free on both days. You are restricted on dairy, bread and meat on a green day.
On a red day you can eat as much meat as you like but carbs are resticted as are bread and dairy.
So on a green day you can have jacket and beans all day lol.
Think that's right- the theory is anyway.
I have lost 8lbs first 2 weeks but nothing this week but i had wine on 3 nights so my own fault


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Iv been researching certain sites to find out info and i plan to start tomorrow. Im on here tonight though to see if anyone can give me the slimming world websites password so i can find out syn values etc.
From what i have found so far it looks like such a good diet especially if you love your food and lots of it. It doesnt seem much like a diet at all with all the free food u can eat. Plus you are allowed up to 15 syns a day ( each syn is around 20 cals ) which means u can enjoy a bar of choc everyday!