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wow I'm in heaven


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yea they do - can we have instructions pls:D
Kik said:
yea they do - can we have instructions pls:D
Just peel the butter nut squash chop in half and remove seeds chop into chip size pieces place on a baking tray spray with frylight and then i sprinkled with paprika but u could use any spice or no spice then place in oven at 200 for 45 mins and trust me they really are delish I'm of to Asda for another 1 to day even hubby loved them hope u enjoy : )
Kieragh1515 said:
I make them similar tho u don't have to peel the skin (easier not to lol), plus I cut mine then soften them in micro for 4 mins then sprinkle salt, pepper and Cajun spice on and pop them in oven for 20 mins. Having them tonite again :)
Aww thanks il try that cause 45 mins is a long time to wait lol


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Sounds yummy, have a bns in the veg cupboard begging to be eaten so will stick the chips on the menu tonight, thanks for the tip
i always find this too tough to cut through and havent a clue how best to cook it any ideas please? i love the stuff but hopeless with it :D
I've recently discovered BNS myself, a friend has been talking about it, so i tried it.I have been having BNS wedges instead of normal chips/fries.I got one this week and cut it all up into wedge size pieces and had a serving for my dinner and put the rest in the freezer,as it can be stored up to a month.(Even though it won't last that long as I keep eating it) 0 points is great.


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I've only ever had BNS mashed up and used in a vegan sandwich and I didnt think it was that bad so I'm going to give these a go!
With oven made chips/wedges I usually spray them with fry-light to crispen them up has anyone tried this with the BNS?
And also, are they 0 propoints?!
When doing BNS as a soup I buy the ready prepared stuff!!!! Otherwise its a case of peeling for what feels like an eternity, then finding the sharpest knife you have to cut through the bugger!
Yes they are 0pp when done with frylight. Happy days :D
Cajun seasoning might have a point for anything over a tbsp though, not sure. The schwarts cajun spices for potato is sooooo good on bns though.
I got one of those mesh trays from poundland to cook bns chips on, it seems to crisp them up a bit better than an ordinary baking tray.

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