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Wow - inspiration!


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I hadn't spotted this before, so apologies if this has been posted loads already. I just saw the inspiration slide show: MiniMins.com - Inspiration

What fantastic results people have had! Everyone looks so much happier and YOUNGER after losing weight! Really great to watch to get yourself back on track if you are feeling a bit off plan at the mo, the results people have achieved are really awe inspiring! :D

I must get my OH to take some recent pics so I can track my journey properly. Are you all having pics taken along the way?
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Roz V

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Absolutely amazing, and thanks to EVERYONE brave enough to send in photos! I kept thinking that the 'after' pictures looked more as if they were their own CHILDREN, the transformation was so great!!!

Absolutely NO chance of any photos of me though (or hubby either). I ran a mile if anyone produced a camera. Wouldn't even get a photo done for my Freedom Pass until 2 years after I was eligible - then I got questioned at the Post Office as to WHY it was my first application! G*d only knows what he thought I'd been doing, but I eventually persuaded him it was because I had looked SO hideous!!!

Thanks Couteaux for your post - there must be others just like me who hadn't seen it, and it truly is INSPIRATIONAL!


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Wow is the word. I have photos taken round about every month if I can remember, but I would wait till goal before putting them on there. Thanks for posting the link I had no idea it was there.


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It is fantastic isnt it! I think because you know it is real people that makes it even more inspiring!
Wow that really is amazing!! I cant wait until I have my own photos to share :) xxxx
That is really amazing! Some of the people on there just look like completely different people after their weightloss. I take a lot of photos as i go out with friends a lot but i haven't done any "proper" shots to track my weightloss, I think i might have to now because by the time i'm at target I'll be so chuffed to see the difference!


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I got goosebumps when I watched it, people literally looked half their starting age, so slinky and glamerous. Just think, that will be us soon - as long as we stick with it :D

Last time I started I got my OH to take a pic of me, I was 3 stone heavier, I've taken a couple of pics with my mobile and I was at a work event a cpl months ago and have some pics from there but I really think it helps to have pictures along the way. It is really easy to forget how far you've come and just how much you have achieved already. Being able to look at pictures and see your tummy/hips/face getting smaller is a really positive incentive.

I'm too nervous to stick up pictures of me at the moment, but hope I am brave enough to get added when I am at goal. x

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