WW and pregnancy


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I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant and have just got back into the hang of WW. I don't go to classes and I've been told that pregnant women shouldn't do this plan. I've spoke to my midwife who isn't against it but she has told me she wants of having my 5 fruit and Veg etc enough dairy and fibre and wants me to keep a diary. Does anyone have any advice and any low point but high fibre snacks?
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rye bread, have lots fibre,Good Doctor pittas, bulgur wheat(like couscous, but better).quinoa, all bran,
don't forget, u only need 300cal. more than your normal ones.
don't eat 4 two....
enjoy your pregnancy,u lose after..:greenapple:


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S: 18st10lb C: 15st0lb G: 12st7lb Loss: 3st10lb(19.85%)
Thanks, definitely not going to eat for two, just want to make sure I'm not missing anything important out going to try and get in a bit more dairy too, this helps a lot thanks :)


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Hiya I know this is a bit late but maybe you will still check in. Congrates on your pregnancy and hope you are feeling well.

Just on the ww front. The maintainence plan is usually 36pp per day and your 49. 1 pp is usual around 300cals (I think), so perhaps if you loosely followed 37pp every day and had your 49 as well for treats. Eat plenty of lean meats (at least 2 portions of red per week, if not more), wholegrain products, cheeses and yoghurts. Don't worry to much if you go over your pp's and don't be to hard on yourself. Best of luck xxx

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If it isn't too much of a challenge to get your head around, you could try the Simply Filling/Filling & Healthy where you eat until satisfied without counting points apart from 49 weeklies (90 maintaining; I think I would go for 90 as you don't want to lose when pregnant) - it's based around healthier foods which could only be a good thing! I agree with losing weight afterwards- enjoy your pregnancy. :)