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WW Panic Button

Not sure if we have one of these, but spotted this on Exante. It is a thread we all subscribe to, then whenever we are about to do something we might regret, we post on here and hopefully someone will see our cry for a bit of extra support and help by talking us out of it.
I thought this was a great idea. I know I have made some bad food choices lately, perhaps having extra support on here might help in the future :)
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That sounds a fab idea after a truly horrible week and a half where I went completely off the rails ...it might have knocked me in to touch earlier so the damage was less xx :(:(

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It is so easy to fall off the wagon!! Here's to supporting each other to keep us on the wagon! :)
Love this idea!!!!! :)

LikeASweetShop xx 9th April = honeymoon!!!!
I'm so pleased we have so many on our team. I feel so much better already knowing help is only a short message away.

I have done quite well today. Hope everybody else has :)

Happy birthday for tomorrow Becktoria!
Great idea?


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Great Idea - Could one of the moderators make this a sticky?????
I am really wanting some chocolate!! Strange really as I rarely eat it, more of a savoury person. Any ideas how to curb the craving?
Highlights hot chocolate...1 pp
Choc rice krispie square 4pm
Crunchie 5pp
Curly wurly 3pp
Melted teaspoon of nutella with banana 2pp

All of which are lovely and fill a choc craving!! Hope this helps xx

LikeASweetShop xx 9th April = honeymoon!!!!
Thank you. Curly wurly sounds a handy thing to have in the house, didn't realise they were so low. I have got passed the craving now, decided to give the house a good clean! :)
Such a good idea for a thread! Brill! I love crunchies, but I cant have them as they give me toothache :(
I just can't have chocolate in the house, I'll eat it all given half the chance! I have an options for 1 point if my cravings are really bad, the hazelnut ones are really nice. X

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