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Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
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because it shows portion control and means u can live a normal life which SW doesnt offer.

sw doesnt give u any sense of portion control what so ever.


Wishing and hoping!
There are set things like A's for calcuim B's for fibre type stuff and free food depending on the plan. Although, I do find I need to ave a set plan or I can get a bit OTT with food but I would proabaly be the same with WW as it is less restricted with naughty food where as SW you have a limit on synergy like chocolate!
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because it shows portion control and means u can live a normal life which SW doesnt offer.

sw doesnt give u any sense of portion control what so ever.

Good point, but isnt portion control a choice? that in order to 'lead a normal life' you should have a healthy relationship with food in which you can make that choice?


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I kind of replied in the other thread to this lol...but personally...weight watchers teaches you to have a healthy realtionship with food.. fair enough there could be those who will spend all their points on chocolate, or take aways..but realistically the diet will never work.

Personally i think a diet should show you why you got the stage your at and, thus, helps you to go in the right direction in the long term.


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I was thinking about this today, I have seen people's diaries eating chocolate cereal and white bread, surely that cant be good for you.

I suppose it horses for courses I enjoy what I am doing and thats all that matters :D

I have lost on ww, but long term for me its not maintainable. I eat sensible size portions on sw I think in some respects thats where the problem lies for some is deciding what is a sensible portion and thats where ww may be more beneficial for them, because of the weighing and portion control.

Dont quite understand the comment about not leading a normal life on sw :confused: I manage ok, I have had indian and chinese takeaways, been out for meals, drink vodka, have crisps and chocolate, have sex, see my friends, have holidays, pay bills and have still lost 3.5 stone in 16 weeks, sounds normal to me :D


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because it shows portion control and means u can live a normal life which SW doesnt offer.

sw doesnt give u any sense of portion control what so ever.
I have never done WW so can't compare but disagree that SW does not offer a normal life. To me it's totally normal and extremely flexible. After trying almost every diet in the book, I found SW to be the least restrictive, and there is very little counting.
With regard to portion control, why restrict when you don't have to? Having said that, common sense should prevail on any eating plan.
I am glad I chose SW, and am with it for life.
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
It'd be nice to see some more WW members offering they'r personal expierance. Out of curiosity it'd be interesting to see what you all enjoy about WW and maybe even for you to learn a bit about sw. Clearly there are ALOT of common mis-conceptions about both plans, such as us sw'ers thinking ww is very limiting and with reguards to points being spent on bad things rather than balanced meals not teaching healthy eating, where as ww'ers think that sw teachs no portion control and is unmaintainable and that you arnt able to live a normal life..

id just like to point out i'm 18, i hold down a full time job, a house, a long term relationship, a massive family along with lots of social events and friends. Iv lost 4 and half stone on sw and never once have missed out or resulted in a gain because i went out. Iv never felt deprieved or like i was 'different' to anyone else because of the plan i follow. I live a very normal and un-restrictive life for an 18 year old who had a weight problem!


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Ive never followsed SW myself, don't know the ins and outs of the diet ive just heard about the green days and red days thing?? right diet?? not too sure??

Personally i think each to their own....what ever is going to work for you is the best choice...and for me that is weight watchers.

Honestly i dont know where id be now with out it.

I like WW as i dont feel im being deprived of any of the foods i like, and if i want to eat a Large Big Mac Meal, or chocolate cake...what ever it may be, i can. I know that a. i can use points saved, b. boost my activity or c. just not eat for ther rest of the day. However, im not saying thats what i do all the time...its just good to know that i can if i need to or want to.

By no means does WW promote spending points on "bad food"...but neither does it deny it..as personally if i'm denied something it makes me crave it more. Rather it promotes members to fill up on filling foods...fish, veg, complex carbs. Much like that of government recomendations.

I started the diet half heartedly when i was 16, still in school. I have never felt like i've been deprived or missed out on anything...in fact i feel that it actually helped me due to the fact that i'd lost weight my confidence was growing thus i had more confidence to do more. However at the beggining i thought it would be like every other diet id tried over the years...id give up and just put on more weight.


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Both plans can be healthy or not, depending on the choices the person on the plan makes. Living on snacks and processed foods on WW is just as bad as eating giant portions of super noodles, pasta 'n' sauce etc on SW. Similarly, you could have fresh healthy varied meals on both plans.

The main difference I see is that where you have flexible choices with WW you sacrifice having free reign over portions and with SW the restrictions you have over what you can eat freely is balanced by having the choice over how much you want to eat. Having said that, if you are following SW correctly and eating until comfortably full rather than bursting, your portions should be fairly reasonable anyway.

Both plans can easily be applied when eating out and/or cooking for families. So the bottom line is that either plan can work beautifully, it just depends on the priorities of the individual. Let's not set dividers between WW and SW, we're all on the same team here, the weight loss team! Rather than focus on differences and which plan is "better" I think there's a lot to learn from both plans.
What a brilliant post Honey. Too often on here people just run down the opposite diet... its not a competition, theres no right and wrong answer its purely a personal choice.

So often people say WW is unhealthy and encourages eating of convenience food - it doesnt, its an option but its absolutely not encouraged. For that matter you could eat nothing but convenience stuff on SW... Pasta and sauce, mugshots, etc....

Both diets are fantastic, healthy options, both are sustainable in the long term and are lifestyle choices as opposed to merely diets :)


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
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what are these "mugshots" i keep hearing about...?


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
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found out..... they look nice. and they're cheap lol

where do you find them in tesco? which aisle?

Mumma K

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I've actually done both and enjoyed both,I found on SW that I just couldn't trust myself to eat untill satisfied because i just couldn't tell where the cut off point was although if i'm 100% honest my actual meals where much better ie home cooked on SW
I switched over to Ww in January as with working shifts etc I found that Ww was a bit more user friendly and with that i mean you could walk into Tesco pick up a sandwich points on it hey presto happy or pick up your point calc and work it out
Syns were never that simple there's no way you could work out a syn as no one apart from SW know what the method is


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I have done both diets (and many others I might add!!) and I find they both offer me different things.
As already said, its whatever suits....there is no right or wrong, they all work if you stick with them and you are more like to stick at a diet if it fits in with your lifestyle.

I have recently swapped back to WW from SW because I want to excercise some portion control and eat more veg. Now, I know I can do that on SW but the simple answer is, I don't!!! I fill up on other foods and therefore don't eat enough veg. On WW, however, in order to keep within my points, I find I have to bulk out my meals (with veg) in order to keep my massive appetite at bay!! lol I must add at this point, I do love veg, so I'm not eating something I don't like for the sake of the diet!!

As for eating 'rubbish' foods such as white bread and chocolate cereal on WW, I find my points don't allow it as it wouldn't leave me with enough points for 'real' food but if others can get away with it, why not, afterall, you are allowed on SW too, thats what syns are for!!!
Naturally we are all here for the same reason ultimately and just because we have lost weight and are on diets doesn't suddenly make us all saints and not want to 'have a bit of what you fancy' occasionally.

Personally, I have nearly always eaten fairly healthily even when not following a plan but I obviously eat too much of it, so for me at the moment, WW is the way to go....


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Well ive done both eating plans and i think both work really well if followed. I'm enjoying SW at the moment, but i also enjoyed doing WW but i fancied a change as getting my mind around new things and plans helps to motivate me and keeps me busy. You can manipulate any diet/eating plan but you only cheat yourself out of weight loss or eating foods that are nutritionally good for you. I think both eating plans promote healthy eating and with WW it lets you know that after a couple of chocolate bars or so ;), you have no points left so you must now fill up on veg/free point food which is an education in that it lets you know what a wally you are if you continue to try that kind of eating behaviour. With SW i could still fit in a couple of chocolate bars and still eat lots of potatoes veg fruit meat etc etc which is great but it would slow my losses in comparisson to WW. With WW i would know that i had finished my points and anything eaten with a point value over my allowance would slow my losses.

Both are great eating plans with common sense applied and if you dont apply it then it cant be the fault of the eating plan, can it??:)

Good luck to everyone on your weight loss journeys and healthier lifestyles. x x


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If 'allowed' i eat like a starving pig given its last meal, so when i tried Slimming world last year in my first week i lost 1lb and i think that was due to not wearing jeans at WI, so i didnt go back.

But on WW i lost 6lbs in my first week so it gave me the umph to carry on.


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i love WW kicking my fat ass into a less fat ass


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Ive recently lost a stone on sw and found it a great plan to follow, however Ive now switched to ww as I found I was eating the same things all the time and getting a bit bored with it. Im enjoying ww as I can eat more normally (just smaller portions). I personally thing sw is great for organised people who love cooking but ww is better for me at the moment as Im a working mum and dont always have time to cook. I also find ww easier when eating out. Both plans are great though and I agree with what others have said that we are all doing it for the same reason! Good luck to you all x