Queen of the Damned
On Sky Travel (channel 253 on Sky) - 13 episodes

Follows 14 Canadians - some as much as 10 stone overweight - as they run.climb, bike and dance their way to a healthier size! :cool:

Starts at 6 pm tonight (1st January) :D
i have been watching it this afternoon was on around 2, very good people had some good results
ooh ive just watched an episode of this, great minds think alike eh! You know on all these weight loss programmes exercise does seem to be the key, wish i could find one i enjoyed enough to keep motivated at. The girl I saw earlier took to hiking and dragged her man along with her, that quite appeals. I could turn sundays into family days and we could plan a long hike for every week, if they wont come then ill join the ramblers or something. yeah this could be the key.
No such thing as bad weather.........just bad clothing. There is nothing I like more then heading to the hills with the boys and dogs.


Thats the sort of vision i have, still working on the dog idea with hubby though, hes being very stubborn. dont know why he insists on arguing about it, I always get what i want in the end!
Have watched (and recorded) a couple of these now. Quite interesting - they don't so much tell you what to eat as look at these people's lives. Most interesting :D
On again at 6pm i believe. Im quite enjoying the programme although i was shouting at the friends on there yesterday. Why didnt they just listen to the man, to be given the chance to train withan expert then go against everything he tells you is madness. Silly women.
The one that's on now is the friends. They are SOOO aggravating and negative - makes me want to choke them! :mad: Sorry, I would kill for the opportunity they have and they are messing about and complaining!