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Xenical to be sold over the counter

been there done that. doesnt work at all,
makes you think you have a magic tablet which you dont

i think its really irresponsible to sell them over the counter, theres a lot of research done into xenical that points too bowel cancer, and i took them for 3 months and
that side of things wasnt right for over 3 years!!!!


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I defo think that if people are going to take these tablets they should be meeting regularly with their gp or nurse or wm clinic, i don't think it is right for them to be sold over the counter. I wonder if they will be told of the side effects.

I know they do work with people, however i have heard more horror stories than success stories about them
I'm currently taking these but that was after a long talk and check up with my doctor and nurse.

I think selling them over the counter is going to be dengerous ground, people might think these are a magic pill and not be fully informed that you have to work damn hard whilst taking them. I agree also that you need to be having regular check ups whilst taking these to be monitered, which won't happen if you can buy them.


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My Mum took these for about 6mths and my step Mum also tried them, both have said its not an experience they'd like to repeat :eek:

hi there, my aunt took these and she lost half her body weight with them, but she was very strict on what she could eat and so on, to be honest teh side effects are horrofic and i think its just psychological, cause obviously she thought ok so if i eat bad i am going to be really ill, i think she could have lost the weight without them. My mom is also taking them now and she isnt losing weight on them, she has been on and off them for over a year and i do not think its doing her any good.
Its madness to sell them over the counter as i said the side effects are horrific and people who buy them i dont think will be made aware enough of them. :eek:


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I wonder?

My doctor has today offered them to me but says I must lose 5lb first. Is this usual? I would like very much to give them a try. What does any fellow wrinklys think?
im on xenical at the moment, for the last 2 weeks i have had some very horrible side affects, pooing orange fat, it also comes out in your urine aswell so i have to use wet wipes to clean myself or else i have an oily discharge in my pants after i go to the toilet! im thinking of stopping using them as i haven't lost any weight on them so far, and the side affects are really getting to me.
i think its dangerous to let people by these over the counter, aneroxic, buliemia, or anybody with a eating disorder could end up using these and making things a lot worse for them.
I have taken xenical on and off a few times. The side effects do seem to be different in different people! I found them to be worse when i ate out and didn't know what had gone into the food. The worst time was the morning after a chinese that at the time i had thought was ok to eat. The reaction took me completely unawares and i ended up having to shower it was that unpleasant!! Thank god i was with just my husband at the time!! Would have been absolutely mortified if we were in public!

That really was the worst experience i had and certainly not one i'd like to repeat! The most frustrating thing is that i really didn't lose much weight while taking these tablets!!

They must work for some people as otherwise they wouldn't be available on prescription. But to allow people to buy them as an otc drug is a very bad idea! The side effects are unpleasant, they don't (imho) work very well, and they do really need careful monitoring and advice before being sold.

For the last 7 weeks i have been following the w8 plan. It is hard work but i have lost 20lbs far. This is more than i've lost on any other diet plan and i'm certainly sticking with it for another few weeks before moving to the maintenance phase.

Xenical no! w8 yes!! :D
The worst side affects ever- even if you eat healthy!! I still have a 6 month supply at home because I can't bear to go back to them!
Yep, I also had them, the side effect were so awful I only managed 2 weeks on them, and I didn't lose any weight either...

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