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  1. xj-esx

    xj-esx Silver Member

    Hey all! :)

    I am not so much a newbie here but I am restarting my journey to loosing weight once again. *sigh*

    I joined minimins in 2010 in a bid to try and go from 11 st 11lb to 8 and a half stone which I managed to successfully do from 2010-2011. I slowly started to use minimins less once I had hit my goal and with being at university I didn't have a lot of spare time to post. I kept the weight off for quite some time up until recently. My weight has crept up to 9 and a half stone over the past few months due to bad eating habits and lack of exercise :(

    I have joined minimins again in the hope it keeps me motivated to loose the weight and this time, keep it off. I haven't set a 'goal' date yet and I am unsure of when I should be weighing myself. At the moment I am trying to keep track of the calories I consume and make small healthier changes to my current diet in the hope over time I can slowly cut further calories and loose weight.

    I really enjoy cooking healthy food from scratch and finding and making healthier alternatives to my favourite dishes, this is something that I have missed doing and will be doing again now. I will be posting recipes and pictures of any dishes that I think may be of interest to other calorie counters :)

    J x
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  3. Cai

    Cai has a thin girl inside!

    Here to join you!!
    I am loosely following slimming sold to loose the last 14-21 lbs
    Thinking like you that by changing little bits it might just come off slowly. Met target in feb then gained slowly from then till recently when I decided it was just too much pressure for me :-/

    Hope you get to yr target again soon xx
  4. xj-esx

    xj-esx Silver Member


    Congratulations firstly on your amazing weight loss. 6st is amazing! I hope you eventually reach your goal :) Good luck xx
  5. Cai

    Cai has a thin girl inside!

    Thanks :) I am sure I will - just taking the long route now ha ha x
  6. xj-esx

    xj-esx Silver Member

    The long route will hopefully lead to the final route! (meaning you wont need to keep on dieting!) xx
  7. xj-esx

    xj-esx Silver Member

    **Todays Diary**

    Breakfast; Basque eggs with roasted red peppers, onions and tomatoes. - 350 calories
    This is a recipe I have been wanting to try for a while, I really like having eggs for breakfast and had lots of red peppers and tomatoes that needed using up. However over the course of cooking this breakfast for both myself and my partner the calories added up to 350 instead of the 200 that the recipe said! Oops! It was delicious never the less but I probably would have it for a lunch next time instead.

    Lunch - Dinner; BBQ'd halloumi cheese on a bed of mixed crunchy salad, with green yellow and red peppers. - 578 calories
    My family had a BBQ today however rather than having burgers etc I chose to have a salad which I mixed with 1 tablespoon of hellmans light mayonnaise with some lemon juice. I also had a small amount of potato salad on the side which had 30g of feta cheese included. Not the healthiest of days but I feel positive that I made steps to choose healthier options.

    Dessert; Fruit Salad - 100 calories
    Strawberries & 1 Donut Peach

    Snacking; ??
    I have an awful habit of snacking whilst waiting for food to cook or picking at food that I haven't included within my daily calorie count. I know I have to change this in order to loose the weight I want, for example with the homemade potato salad that I had today, I cant be 100% sure on how many calories it was. It was made using light mayonnaise and I only had around 70 calories worth of potatoes but I would feel much better about it if I knew the exact calories of what I had. :( Silly me!

    Overall calorie intake ; 1028 (minus the potato salad)

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  8. BerryBerry

    BerryBerry Silver Member

    Food sounds delish- I LOVE halloumi.

    Do you use My Fitness Pal?

    Since I began calorie counting I sometimes now feel anxious if I don't know the exact amount in something like you mention with the potato salad - it has meant the last few months I have been eating less home prepared stuff just because I don't trust my calorie counts when I create a meal. Freshly prepared food is so much tastier and better though!
  9. xj-esx

    xj-esx Silver Member

    Me too! Its so good, especially when its been cooked on the BBQ.. mmm

    I feel exactly the same, I hardly ever used to cook my own food because I was worried about the calorie content, would also end up buying low calorie food from the supermarket etc. I do use fitness pal but very loosely, I used to use it all the time however now I much prefer to track what I have to eat using minimins. I use fitness pal to find out the calories of lots of stuff though! x
  10. xj-esx

    xj-esx Silver Member

    Today I was trying on some clothes and I cant believe how much weight I have put on in such little time :cry:
    One of my shirts just about buttons up, a shirt that was baggy on me about a month and a bit ago. I feel really annoyed at myself for letting myself go and ruining all the hard work I did before. I wish I could just turn back the clock and stuck to calorie counting. Rather than getting really down about it I feel that with the use of minimins I can use it as motivation. Maybe I did over eat for a while but I totally enjoyed it! hehe. Now is the time to curb that enthusiasm for food and get back into that shirt.

    Will be posting my diary later on tonight :) xx
  11. BerryBerry

    BerryBerry Silver Member

    Don't beat yourself up about it - life is too short - and as you say - you enjoyed that food whilst you were munching it :D

    Would you mind giving a bit more info on your first stint on Minimins as I have a similar start point/goal to your original weightloss and am intrigued as to how long it took/ whether you stalled at all on the way down/how many cals/what kind of things you were eating/did you exercise? etc etc :)
  12. xj-esx

    xj-esx Silver Member

    Thanks lovely :)

    Of course I wouldn't! I started at around 11 st 11lb and began dieting on 1500 calories a day however I often lost my appetite when I first started dieting and sometimes my calorie intake would only be around 900 for a day which I know isn't healthy but I found the low calorie food that I was buying actually filled me up so much that I couldn't up my calories. This changed when I begun exercising, I began using the wii fit in the evenings using special workout DVD's for around 45 minutes a night, this meant I was way hungrier and managed to get my calories back up to around 1400-1500 a day which is what I wanted. On average I lost around 1-2 pounds a week. I had weeks where I would gain pounds for what seemed to be no reason at all but now looking back it may have been muscle weight that I was gaining as I swapped my fitness routine to the Davina Mccall power of three dvd which burns fat but also tones. (Can I really recommend this dvd? it is AMAZING!) I also had weeks where I just wouldn't loose at all, when this happened I usually decreased my calorie intake or increased my exercise level to try and kick start the weight loss again and often that did help. It took from June 2010 to Dec 2010 to get to 9 stone with constant calorie counting and regular exercise :) Hope this helps? Feel free to ask more questions, love to answer them and chat :)

    PS good luck with your weight loss and you can definitely do it! xx
  13. xj-esx

    xj-esx Silver Member

    I've just read that I have lost the equivalent to a mid-sized microwave! How's that for motivation hehe :) I often forget that I have lost a lot of weight because of just focussing on the weight gain at the moment. That's made me feel tons better and has motivated me to stay strong. Any newbies who haven't already seen this post with the weight equivalents can be seen over on http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world-off-topic/248845-weight-loss-equivalents.html

    **Todays Diary**

    Breakfast; Milk roll bread x 2 slice with 1 medium sized poached egg - 184 calories

    Lunch; Medium sized crispy salad with 2 slices of ham and 30g feta cheese - 150 calories

    Dinner; Small portion of steak and ale pie with baby new potatoes and peas - 500 calories

    Dessert; Half a bar of Galaxy orange and shortcake chocolate bar- 123 calories
    (seeing as though my calorie intake wasn't high enough today hehe)

    Overall calorie intake ; 957

    Today I haven't eaten enough, I have a sick kitten and I stayed up till 7am this morning looking after him, I then had to take my younger brother to the park for half the day which meant I didn't have enough time to make a larger breakfast or lunch to up my calorie intake plus after little sleep I haven't felt too hungry. If I have some more food throughout this evening I will re-do my diary to make it accurate.

    Does anyone watch big brother?? FINAL TONIGHT!! Or am I alone with that one?
    J X

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  14. CharlieDelta

    CharlieDelta Full Member

    Hi, your weight loss is fantastic - well done! I really struggle at night but I'm trying to stay strong and get in the habit :)

    Oh and I LOVE big brother, gutted it finishes tonight
  15. xj-esx

    xj-esx Silver Member

    Thank you so much :):) Good luck with staying strong! You can definitely beat the habit :) May I ask what in particular you struggle with in the night? Snacking?

    Me too. I'm so glad that the celebrity one starts a few days after, I love BB :)
  16. CharlieDelta

    CharlieDelta Full Member

    Me too, although after CBB finishes I'll not know what to do. Who do you want to win tonight?

    Yeah snacking :-( I'm really good all day at work and I mostly do well at dinner, but come 7.30pm I just reach for crisps, chocolate etc. pretty much anything. I don't buy crisps or chocolate so I don't eat it but I literally will make do with what's there...toast, crackers and cheese etc. and after resisting for 10 mins I then convince myself I'm hungry and NEED to eat :-(
  17. xj-esx

    xj-esx Silver Member

    I wanted Scott to win towards the end, was shocked he got voted out! Who did you want to win?

    I used to do exactly the same! Especially with cheese. I used to be really healthy then come home and have cheese on toast or just blocks of cheese if there was nothing else to eat. I stopped by buying loooads of different low calorie options of snacks and having a few of them at one time which made it feel like snacking but the calories remained low :) xx
  18. Nikki<3

    Nikki<3 Gold Member

    Hey hun :)

    Found your diary! I'm the same as you, I got down to target of 9st 2 and since feb have gone up and up and up.... Daren't weigh myself after the last few horrific days I've had. Holding out until WI on Saturday and Hopefully it will show a maintain or a tiny loss!

    What day do you weigh on?

  19. xj-esx

    xj-esx Silver Member

    Hey! I can't seem to find yours unless I am being blind! Could you send me a link? Ah it's so hard isn't it :-( I get so annoyed at myself for gaining again but I try and remain positive otherwise I know I'll think what's the point and continue to gain.

    I haven't set a WI date or day yet, at the moment I am trying to get a healthier diet in me and then I will weigh myself after a short while. I'm a bit scared to weigh myself at the moment!

  20. Nikki<3

    Nikki<3 Gold Member

    I posted mine on the front page of cal counting instead of in the diary section... Total accident!

    Tell me about it. I weighed my self on Saturday and had lost 3lb.... Then I had a major bad weekend and am no way going near the scales now until Saturday, may end up throwing them out the window!

    I was so chuffed to get down to 9st 2 and then I crept up to 9st 6 by my holiday in feb and then I can back off holiday 9st 9 and then hit 10st 2!!! Hoping to keep it up now though and get to target by my holiday in November xx
  21. xj-esx

    xj-esx Silver Member

    **Todays Diary**

    Breakfast; Onken natural fat free yoghurt with special K red berry breakfast bar and a few raspberries. - 188 calories

    Lunch; Homemade chicken caesar salad - 264 calories

    Dinner; Gammon steak with cheese sauce and pineapple, baby new potatoes, peas and sweetcorn - 344 calories

    Snacking; Half a bar of shortcake and orange galaxy (been good and eaten this over two days) - 123 calories

    Overall calorie intake ; 917

    Okay so although this is my food diary, I haven't actually eaten dinner or the chocolate bar yet, I am updating now because I find myself less likely to binge eat when I have already put my diary online (strange but true). I seem to be having the same problem I had when I first began calorie counting in 2010, the first few days or the first week I struggle to increase my calories to the 1200-1500 that I want to consume. Does anyone else have this problem? I am in no way restricting purposely what I am eating, I just seem to be filled up by the healthier food that I am now eating. Because I haven't eaten enough I may have a few more 'treats' (healthy ones) throughout the evening. If I do I will be updating my diary tonight :)

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