xmas vs summer


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It surprises me how many people are more concerned about loosing weight for xmas than there are for summer.
Am I missing something? Xmas time is cold, so you will be well covered up. In summer there is no hiding, you're hot and feeling like a whale, all flab exposed.
Shed some light on it for me please :rolleyes:
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Im guessing that Xmas is a more short-term, visible goal.
"Losing weight for summer 2009" seems a long way off, with less incetive to really get going with it now, but "Losing weight for Xmas", well, we all know how close it really is.

Plus there will always be the next occasion to plan.
I plan on losing weight & toning up for;

New Year
Start of Summer
Actual Summer Holiday
Fireworks night
Xmas again

12 months ahead of me! :D

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I agree with Pete!

Christmas is just ...there....I can see it, I can feel it and I can keep going for a few weeks and I will be aiming for my second stone.

Then I have New Year....aim to keep off what I have lost up to Christmas...

Then I have my nieces 21st on the 31st of Jan...first time family will see since my journey began....aiming to be well into my 3rd stone possiblly nearly at my 4th...

Then there is Valentines day....what a valentines present it would be to me and OH if I was over 4 stone lighter....

Then it's Easter.....and my birthday ....6 stone gone .....

Then it's summer 8 stone gone...shorts....tshirts.....

I know that I personally need short term goals to keep me motivated....to me losing 8 stone is just too massive to get my head round....losing a stone a time is manageable.