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Xsara's Food Diary

I am going to start a food diary on here, me thinks, as I'm on here most everyday, and need to be more aware of what I'm eating and planning more, so I can be sure I am being 100 %

So today is as follows :)

Breakfast: 2 Alpen Lights , Banana (1 HB)
Lunch: Mugshot, 1/4 Scan Bran Cake & Muller Light (0.5 HB)
Dinner: Free Chips, Curly Wurly (6 syns)
Other: Milk in 3 x Tea's (HA)
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But you've hardly had anything to eat today! Is this the sort of thing you have every day? You must be starving and no wonder you're struggling.

I take it you were doing a green day? Where are all the free foods and the fruit and veg? Your meals today have not been nutritionally balanced and in my view unhealthy. Chips and a curly wurly is no substitute for a proper evening meal. There's no way you will be able to continue like this for the rest of your life.

Sorry but I really think you need to be eating more and better. Complex carbohydrates, protein and fruit/veg are all essential in a healthy, balanced diet.
Hi, actually, this isn't how I usually eat. It was just one of those days.

Todays is more like it;

Breakfast: 28g oat so Simple (HB) with semi-skimmed milk (HA) & Banana

Lunch: Pasta, with passata, mushrooms, peppers, red onion, garlic and spring onion, 28g Cheese (HA)

Dinner: going to have rest of pasta :)

Snacks: Curly wurly (6), apple, 20 Cashews (HB)

Drinks: 2 Glasses of water & 3 Green Teas so far

Thanks for your feedback though, I am trying to get more veggies and fruit in there. You can never have too many me thinks :)
Breakfast: 28g Cereal (HB) and milk (HA)
Lunch: Finished off yesterdays Pasta and 28g Cheese (HA)
.....Really yummy ;)
Dinner: Going to be Veg Stew, Free Gravy, lots veg etc...
1/4 Scan Bran Cake (HB & 2.5) and Muller Light Yoghurt
Snacks:curly wurly (6), Apple
Drinks: 3 Green Teas and sugar (3), water

11.5 syns so far, prob use couple more on tea's :)
EE Today

oat so simple (HB) plus Milk (HA) - (1) sugar

Spicy Tuna Pasta
muller light

Free Curry with chicken, rice and salad
Muller light and 1/4 scan bran cake (4)

Coffee (3)
Tea (1)

Curly Wurly (6)

Syns 15

wasn't home all day, so missed my green tea today :(, I must stash some in my bag for these odd days :)
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Breakfast: 2 Weatabix's (HB) with a muller light yog

Alpen light (3)

Late Lunch :Free Chips, beans, 4 x breaded fish fingers grilled (6)

Late Dinner going to be :Veg and Pork Stew
Milky Way (8)

1 Green Tea with sugar (1)
Tea (1)

19 - oops!
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Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, alpen bar (3)

Lunch: Chicken

Dinner: Syn Free Pizza (HB) and a bit more whoops! (7),
& (2xHA)

Snacks: Grapes, fat free activia

Drinks: Green Tea & Sugar (1)
Tea & Sugar (2)
options choc (2)

Going shopping in a mo, so will be picking up some fresh veg and fruit....yummy, plus I really wanna get to my stone sticker this week :D

15 Syns
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Today, was out for lunch so didn't go to plan as much as would like

Activia, grapes

1 x Brown Bread (HB)
1 Sausage (5)
Stewed fruit, n low fat, no sugar custard (syns?)

Left over Syn Free Pizza (HB + 6 syns, HA)

and a 2 hour gym session, weights and cardio :D
Trying to be 100 % from today onwards

2 Weetabix & Mullerlight (HB)
Green tea & 1 sugar (1)

57g reduced fat houmous (HB)

Dinner going to be; pasta, passata, veggies
activia yog and fruit medley

Snacks: 1/2 Mango :D
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WI this morning and got my 1 stone sticker. :bliss:

1 Alpen Light (3)
handfull of grapes
Activia Yoghurt

Lunch: Mug Shot & apple, orange, 4 lychees, grapes

Dinner: 100g crusty bread mix (2xHB) & (4)
Veggies, Pineapple, ham (1.5), Cheese 28g (HA)

Snacks: Fruit
Drinks: Green Tea & Sugar (1)

9.5 ... calculated so far
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I have seemed to have lost my appetite over the last couple of days, dunno why, but can only seem to face little things. Like a bit of bread or rich tea biscuit.....maybe some fruit.

It's not a nice feeling :(



chicken breast
mash potato
green beans
gravy - synned

6 sugars in tea/cof

2 Slices of bacon
heb x2 slice of bread
handfull of grapes

cookie 3.5

late lunch of
quorn bites, beans & small jacket potato


late lunch wasn't hungry till got back at 9pm
so had a weetabix and hea of milk

4 sugars in tea's

8 syns

2 alpen lights

didn't get lunch till 1.30 so ate another 2 alpen lights, as was hungry

lunch was tiny jacket potato, hoops, piece of fish

mullerlight and ryvita mini's for snack

so far had
hea - milk in teas
heb x 2
syns 8

...really hoping for a loss this week - PLEASE!!!
Really Realy need to drink more so

20/3 - 1/8 drinks so far (and it's already 3pm)

better get going!!!

- 5/8 - better
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breakfast - weetabix & semi-skimmed with 1 sugar (ha,hb,1syn)

spag bol with quorn mince - (free)

rest of spag bol for dinner - (free)

snacks were mullerlight, banana, apple
ryvita mini's (hb)

curly wurly - 6 syns
sugars in tea - 3

...been looking at cross trainers today, as my gym membership finished and as I don't drive thought maybe get something for the home...30 mins a day or more. plus zumba class fridays and swimming mondays - may help
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WOW been a while since i've done this...will try to get in the habbit of doing it...now i'm trying again 100 %, it might help me keep track.

hifi bar breakfast - HB

activia fat free yog - Free

lettuce, cucumber, raddish, 2 new potatoes
and salad cream - 2 syns

rowntree's randoms - 8.5
freddo - 5

HA - milky coffee

= 15.5 syns , which is ok as only had 10 syns yesterday :)

plus chips, beans, egg and yoghurt for dinner - free
...if i can eat it, as not feeling too good today
Happy to say I have been 100% since tuesday, unfortunately today I am feeling pretty ill. Quite sick so I dont wanna eat anything especially savoury. managed some breakfast, a little bit of custard for lunch and some haribo later on. It aint 100%, but all I can stomach. Hope it doesnt effect weigh in tuesday :(
Hi thankyou, yeah Ive been pretty ill for a couple of weeks, I think I've got through the worst now though. :)

Thanks for the post.
Hope your ok lovely :D xxx

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