xxluckyxx's diary ... read if you dare !!!


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Hi i'm just getting to grips with this site and the computer really , i keep finding so many new things on this site , its wonderful !

I started Lipotrim on the 12th Jan `07 , i weighed in at 14st 3lb , i knew i had put on wieght over xmas as i binged so much , i ate loads and drank plenty ! Well why not im on a diet after i thought so lets make the most of FOOD and DRINK !! so thats what i did .

The first week was hard , i was hungry all the time , but i never gave in , even though the food was calling me , i put it doown to the blow out at xmas , if i was eating sensibly for a week or 2 before then maybe it wouldnt have been so tough .

Why did i start LT , My friend Sonya has been on it since November and she is looking wicked , losing so much .
Sonya has helped me so much over the past year or so , i dont know what i would do without her to be honest .

But i also decided to go on LT for me , i want to look good on the beach this year and not like a whale washed ashore !

I havent told many people what im doing , only a hand ful know , even my mum and dad dont know . They have enough to worry about with out the fact that im not eating .

My parents are both in there 70`s and not in the best of health , sometimes i feel like ive really let them down .I want to do so much for them , to help them but they wont accept the help and always try to help me instead .

I've been a single parent now for nearly 3 years , boy is it tough , i've had my ups and downs with the ex and loads of ups and down with a few certain men that i just cant get out of my head , how many times ive put myself in the firing line for tears i dont remember !

Anyway ... week 1 and i lost 7lbs , i was well happy , i took all my measurements b4 i started LT too and on sunday i will be taking them again !

Week 2 ... 4lbs off ..woohoo !

In that week i ate a few things , i gave in to temptation , but i still lost weight , this week i have been really good and fingers crossed now for sunday !

I have a kinda date for the weekend which im a little nervous about , mainly cos i also said i may go to his tomoro night and then come home and then we will all meet up on sat , yes all me and my kids and him and his little one , its as friends but as me and this guy had a bit of passion over xmas it seems more LOL

I shall keep you up dated with how it goes .

I had my dinner time shake really late today , so have to go get my tea time one in a bit !!

All for now guys and any response would be lovely !!!

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Back again!
Hi Lucky

I think it's a great idea to keep a diary, it can really help to keep you on track and analyse what's going on in your life.

Well done on your losses so far and for not giving up in week 2 when you ate a bit, you're doing really well so far, not easy when you're looking after a family on your own too.

Look forward to reading more of your diary & you'll have to tell us how your "date" goes;)

Take care & all the best


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hello sam!

good luck for ur date :D

hope u enjoy keeping a diary as u shrink. it might keep u sane?

hope we will get he gossip on ur lovelife from ur diary as i dont have one of my own so need to be nosing in other peoples lol



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Well done on starting a diary Sam ... and for taking measurements.

You are doing well on the weight loss already - how much are you hoping to lose???

Good luck for "the date"! .............. kids in tow???!! Well keep them occupied and then you two can get occupied too!


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Hey Lucky which bloke is this eh...eh...eh !
erm erm erm who did you have a bit of a fling with over xmas...erm....ermm.
Nope its not coming to me...lol


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Anyway you are doing and looking fab, we will both get to where we want to be soon.
Thanx for being a super mate, I wouldnt have coped without you. x


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Ha Ha Son, its got you thinking !!!
Hi Flirty , im hoping to lose 3-4 stone ! The ex gets back the end of March so im hoping he notices the difference first ! LOL
I'l find out more about the weekend tomoro ! im really nervous for some reason , im thinking its cos i dont want to be let down ...again !
We shall see xxx


i CAN TELL THAT I am really gonna enjoy your diary - you & sonkie have a fab friendship and I always follow your posts!
Your ex is going to be knocked out when he sees you with the weight loss - do you want him to drool over you? Does this mean you want him bacK?


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Hi Nadine
No i dont want him back , when things were going wrong with us i lost about a stone and a half on slimming world and he didnt even say well done , so this time i know the loss will be fast and i just want him to think ...oh my god ..look !!! LOL
Then i can shut the door on his face - again !

Guys i have a little problem thou , i havent gone to see Mark tonight cos i dont want him to think im easy heehee !
but tomoro when we are out , there is no doubt that we will stop for LUNCH .... what am i going to do ????


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Well its weigh in day tomoro !
I wonder what the scales will read ? I had a dream about weigh in last night , it was strange . Sonkie went on the usual scales and i went on some hippy things to monitor where the moon maybe or something ....lol...i said to the women , cant i just find out how much ive lost this weeek please ...haha

Well the date went ok ! i never went to his last night , but i did in my dreams .. i dream alot xxx
We went to the aquarium and to the lockers quay , yes i ate ! It was totally delicious !
Then we went to the park !
We got a little close while watching the fish hehe and i had an arm wrapped around me for a little while untill i kinda moved , it was either move and calm down or stay still and want to rip his clothes off there and then !!!!!
We didnt get invited back for a cuppa either which was probably for the best , especially as i had a dream this morning about that tooo !!!!

Wont see him now for a week !


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I doubt we will get time to meet this weekend Son , but im sure i'll here from him soon !

Weigh in ...well if any of you read my 'ive taken the first step' you will know i was worried about getting on the scales today .
I never lost but i didnt gain either . I feel dissapointed in myself , but also feel i have learnt a valueable lesson .
Im going for it this week , im focused and i will not let any food touch my lips .

Ive had robbie texting me all day , he got very drunk last night and so i guess he is feeling sorry for himself today , so who better to talk to then ...ME !
He even told me how pissed off he was when he found out i was seeing mike , a breakthrough maybe ???
I doubt it .
I went to my mum and dads today , they are both doing ok , im down there painting again on thursday ...no meat patties for me thou ! LOL
and i saw my darling nephew who IS anything but a darling at the moment ...the little bugger ! haha
I may post again in a bit as im trying to keep up with 20 things at once ....again xxx


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AAW Sam you will do great this week.....we will do it together.......I have just posted on who are you thinking of today.....bloody hell the tears started didnt they...!


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Oh my god really xxx
I'll go have a look
ru ok ?

Im ok, just having one of those moments ......wishing mum could see me losing the weight.....It was one of the things she said to me before she went into hospital just before she died...she said "dont ever get as big as me", I know I have and probably even heavier...so I have been imagining what she would say if she was still here.....! :cry: It just came out of the blue as I was typing.