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Xypher's Journey through the Cambridge Diet


2010 - Year I get slim :)
So I met my counsellor this morning and received my first set of Cambridge Diet soups and shakes so I decided that I will now start my diary of my experiences whilst on this diet. I will be posting all my random musings here.. my ups and my downs of this diet. I will keep this updated so hopefully I can use it to look back on in the months to come.

Day One - January 9th 2009
[Diet - Sole Source]
[Start Weight - 19st 5 Pounds
[Current Weight - 19st 5 Pounds]

So I officially started today yay =) I had a bit of a blow out Friday night just to get all that binge eating and drinking out of my system... yes it might have messed up my initial start weight but I felt happier having that 'Last Supper of Junk' so to speak.

I have so far had 6 Pints of water and can easily get in another one before bedtime. I think I will have no problems keeping up with my water intake as I don't find water that bad really. My CDC counsellor was lovely, I told her all the reasons why I wanted to do this and I told her that I appreciate a tough love approach, which she definitly provided haha.

I decided to choose the Fruits Shake, the Choc and Choc Mint Shake, The chicken soup and the veg soup. I did not opt to get everything as I figured I would rather go for flavours that I know I will stomach and will like rather than having a range. I am not too bothered about having the same things over and over again as long as I like the taste of them that's all that matters haha.

I am only in day one but i don't know I am starting too feel a bit different. I have felt very cold this afternoon, I have a mild headache that goes after I drink water, and I have been rushing the toilet all day haha. Now this isn't to say that my body is starting to change into ketosis already cause I doubt that after 1 day. But at least I can be aware of what to expect as the days pass on...

I was going to wait and start the diet on Monday, as when I am in work I will be too busy to be focussing on food.

However, I figured if I can last a weekend on day 1 and day 2 and still stick to it 100% then I can prove to myself that I am here for the long goal... and that I am not going to quit :) I am off to have my 3rd soup in a second.. chicken and mushroom yay ^^. I am still very motivated and I just hope that day 2 and day 3 won't cause me too many problems
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Good for you starting today, for me it is easier to start when I am at home as there are too many distractions with food when I am working.
I also had a final blow-out on food on the day before I started.

At least you are a proficient water drinker, that will really help!
Hi and welcome. I have finally got through my first day too (again.) After day 3 I always find it gets easier. Stick with it and the weight will fall off :D


2010 - Year I get slim :)
Day Two - January 10th 2009
[Diet - Sole Source]
[Start Weight - 19st 5 Pounds
[Current Weight - ?]

Well it is day two... and I have still kept to it 100% so yay :D I was tempted to weight myself today but I decided not to as if I do I will start to become obsessed with the scales which is really not a good thing.

I had loooads of sleep last night, and when I woke up I did not feel hungry or anything despite having my last soup at 7pm so I was really chuffed. In fact even today I have not really felt hungry so that is a very good thing as far as I can tell :)

I've managed to have 7 pints of water today spread out so I am happy with my water intake. I have not really had many side effects so far I did have a mild headache this afternoon but after my 2nd shake and a big guzzle of water I did not seem to feel so bad :) I still on occasion have the urge to reach for food but I have been doin some DIY today and so I have kept my hands nice and busy so I dont go reaching for stuff hahaha. I am finding I go to the toilet a bit more often than normal but not too many times yet. I am hoping that within a few days I will go into ketosis, not sure if I am there yet I might be on the verge as my hunger has stopped, I have mild headache and my pee smells a tad funny tonight hahahaha... gross I know but there you are =P

I hope I am ok tomorrow. I think I will have an easier time during the week as I will be working from 8-5pm so I will be too busy to think about food.. plus being out of the house means less temptation to cook :) I hope everyone else is keeping well and I shall speak to you all soon

Take Care everyone

Xypher xx
Well done, it sounds as if day 2 went really well for you. I hope that you will be lucky and get into ketosis quickly, some people do.
But regardless of when ketosis arrives, you just sound so very determined to do this diet successfully.

Keep up your superb efforts x


2010 - Year I get slim :)
Aww thanks very much :D

I am just in work at the moment so at least I am too busy to think of food hahaha... and I have no headache or anything so touch wood today won't be as bad as some ppl have it =) Time will tell haha
Hi Xypher, good luck to you with your weight loss xx i started this morning and like you i am drinking water like there's no tomorrow :rolleyes: I have warned the kids and hubby about possible grumpiness so i may get a few early nights in this week. I weigh 14st 3lbs and have set a goal weight of 11st.


2010 - Year I get slim :)
good luck to you Michelle hopefully we will BOTH succeed and the pounds will fly off us :D We can do it xx


2010 - Year I get slim :)
you will be fine echo :) This is my first time and at first the first day was pretty daunting.. I found myself wanting food when I didnt need it! But once you get past the first week I know it will be sooo much easier.

I am only on day 3 but i had a sneek peek on the scales and I know I have lost something, already, after just 3 days how insane. It will work for us if we just commit :D And if you ever need a chat please dont hesitate to send a PM my way hehehe

Take Care


2010 - Year I get slim :)
Day Three - January 11th 2009
[Diet - Sole Source]
[Start Weight - 19st 5 Pounds
[Current Weight - ?]

Hello all :) So It is Day 3 and I am still here and have still kept with the diet 100% haha. I am also surprised how often I am updating this I am determined to do it as much as possible especially through my first 2 weeks or so as that can be the most difficult.

I am about to have my last soup and have my last litre of water for the evening. I have been in work today and noticed that it makes a world of difference because I am so busy that I do not have time to think about food hehe. I found it a tad difficult when it was my lunch break and you have the people around me eating such lovely sandwiches and biscuits and stuff and here is me with my vegetable soup and water YAY! haha...

I have told my close work friends that I am on the diet, they have been fine with it they will support me whatever I did anyways so at least its nice to know some people will be able to provide help in work should I need it. I have felt quite good today, I have had no headaches, and no dizziness, and no hunger pangs I think I am either no where near Ketosis or I am just having an easy ride hahaha. I think it is because I drink a lot of water, I mean in the 24 hrs I must drink about 8 pints so I think that has really helped.

I have had no caffine in 3 days which was worse than not having junk food! I am a bit of a caffine junky but now I think it is flushed out my system because I am feeling more naturally energetic and I have been getting a lot more sleep.

I am just waiting to see if people in work notice that I will be losing weight. I am not sure what I will say to those work colleagues I am not as open with. But frankly, I really do not care what they think I am not doing it for them I am doing it for myself. I spent so many years of my young life looking after other people, dealing with their problems, helping them out, that I never ever took time to just do what I want. But now I am and nobody will be able to convince me not to do this diet because I have a sneaky suspicion that it is working and If it is then yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hahaha

Take Care all I wish everyone on the diet good luck on the journey

Xypher xx

Yes Xypher, this is your time to put your health and well-being first. Good for you!
Really glad that you have now achieved day 3, and without the usual side effects. Fingers crossed that you are close to ketosis.
I can't wait to see what you lose at the end of week one - no pressure being applied, don't worry - its just nice to hear that people are rewarded for their commitment to CD.
I am day 8 but because I have a large supply of foodpacks I haven't needed to go back yet. So by the time I do, probably next Monday, I will have an even greater loss I hope.

This diet will definitely work. I went from just over an approx 14:2 to 10:13 last year before taking a break for trips away and Christmas/New Year.

Keep going, onwards and upwards (but scales going downwards) x


2010 - Year I get slim :)
Hey all :)

I am sooo tired tonight so I am going to do my proper update tomorrow :D But just coming on tonight quickly to say it has been day 4 of my Sole Source Journey and I'm still sticking to it 100% :) It was hard today in the sense that I just missed almost basic foods like cheese on toast, I could literally have killed for cheese on toast today hahah! But I didn't have any so yay for willpower haha =P

I have felt fine today..not noticing any side effects. I am now starting to wonder if this is even working for me cause people usually go through hell the first 4 or 5 days and so far I have been fine. This may be down to the fact I drink like 7/8 pints of water a day though. Get weighed on Sat cant wait :D

Anyways night night all Ill do a proper update tomorrow

Take Care

Ant x
Hi Ant

People seem to express that either they are bursting with energy or feel more tired on CD, I think I fall into the latter.

Good news that your first few days have not been as difficult as you had anticipated. Its natural enough to crave foods, and at this time of the year we would ideally choose traditional 'feel- good winter warmers' like, dare I repeat it, cheese on toast.
All I can say is that the best feeling, way ahead of any luxury or comfort food, was how I felt when I lost 3 and a half stones last year before I took my CD break. I am not vain but I liked seeing my reflection when I was in department stores etc, wearing more fashionable clothes, getting congrats and compliments from friends and family.
That produced a internal happiness better than food, lol!

Hope the rest does you good, well done on getting through Day 4. In my book, thats when you have done the worst of it, hoorah!

Will probably catch up on Thursday, keep up the good work x
Well done Xypher, loving your diary xx


2010 - Year I get slim :)
Day Five - January 13th 2009
[Diet - Sole Source]
[Start Weight - 19st 5 Pounds
[Current Weight - ?]

Evenin my lovely Cambridge Dieters :) It is day 5 of my Sole Source Cambridge Diet Journey and I am pleased to say I have still stuck with it yay =) For the past 5 days all I have had is water, Cambridge Soups and Shakes... and that is it. I am actually quite surprised that I have lasted this long my willpower has never been this strong before. I do have my moments where I could just raid the fridge and eat something... but they are just moments and I have never acted on those thoughts so I am quite proud of myself for that.

This morning was the first morning I have not had a headache, so thats a bonus. I have had 3 of my 4 packs I am going to be having my final shake later with some water. I have just discovered I got more shakes than soups so I have decided to have 2 shakes this evening instead of a soup and a shake. Work was soooo dull today I think that didnt help. Oh and also the lady sat opposite me was having pita bread and Hummus.. which I absolutely love. In order to steer away from temptation I have opted to just have a walk during my lunch hour... too risky to stay in the office haha.

I am starting to have doubts on if this has been working for me. I have this problem where I convince myself that something doesn't work.. and why bother.. and it usually has ended up in me giving up on every other diet I have tried. I think it is a self-esteem issue. I know logically that I have stuck this out 100% and therefore I SHOULD have lost something, even though in my head I'm thinking "this is never going to work you have just put yourself through 5 days of starvation for nothing". But this time that little voice is not in control, I am, and therefore I am still sticking to this and my weigh in shall be the proof that Its working :D

If anyone is curious as to how I spead my day out with the packs I tend to do this..

8am - Shake + Litre of Water
12:30pm - Soup + Litre of Water
5:30pm - Soon as I get home I have a Shake and then come water
9:00pm - I have a Shake and my last litre of water

It means I get about 8 pints of water spread out within a 24hr period so that to me is enough for this diet :) I find I am "eating" at no less than 4 hour intervals so I do not feel like I am starving myself. And at lunchtime or dinnertime when everyone else is eating and I am tempted all I do is log onto here and read all the positive and inspirational stories and it spurs me on :)

I hope everyone else is doing well on their journey. I wish you all mucho success... 3 more days till weigh in for me haha :D

Take Care All

Ant xx
Hi Ant

We all have doubts on a new diet that we will be the one person in the UK that the diet wont work for but dispel those thoughts from your mind, you will have a very respectable first week loss because you have been cheat-free and drinking enough water. And you are male, so you lose more than the girls (not fair, ha ha!)

Spreading out the CD products sounds like a good idea, I try to as well but I am not a breakfast person so my first soup is at lunchtime.
Watching other people eat isn't easy, I was in a restaurant this evening with three friends but I had a shake, black coffee and still water. Exciting, huh? Well, I am telling myself that the exciting part is on the way, the thrill of fitting into the clothes that I want to wear, the confidence of knowing that I look good as I walk into a wine bar/pub, the compliments from friends and maybe strangers - who knows!

Glad that the headaches are gone, one less discomfort to contend with.
Good Luck with Day 6, I can't believe how quickly the days have passed by since you started (well, for me as an observer)

Look forward to next installment

I'm Sarah, by the way x


2010 - Year I get slim :)
Day Six - January 14th 2009
[Diet - Sole Source]
[Start Weight - 19st 5 Pounds
[Current Weight - ?]

Hello all :) Just popping on to say hello and hope that everyone is doing well. It is nearing the end of day 6 for me and all is well :) I've still stuck to it 100% and have not really had any problems so far. I still have the odd moments where I will think about food... but because I don't feel hungry I can let these moments pass cause I realise that my body doesn't need the junk.

It has been 6 days on a strict sole source diet... and I have drunk nothing but water! No black coffee, or black tea, or anything just water water water haha. Been detoxing removing all the caffine out my system which is good for me as I used to be a caffine junkie. I cannot honestly believe that I have lasted this long with just water, soups and shakes. I mean seriously everyone, including myself, is amazed at the willpower that I seem to have as I expected myself to have cracked and cheated looong ago. I still cannot see any change in myself but I know that that's just my image issues...the scales will tell me for real what I have lost.

2 days to go I get weighed on Saturday yay. Can't believe tomorrow is day 7 of the diet. To be honest the thought of just having soup, shakes and water for the next 7 or so months to get rid of the excess stones is a little off putting. Thinking about going without the normal food for all that time is a negative for me so I am doing my best not to think about it. I have decided that in order to detach my focus from my huge way to go I am going to have mini target weights to aspire to.

First is to hit 17st 5.... that will get me BMI 38 and I will then be classed as Obese not very Obese
Second target is to hit 13st 7...that will give me BMI 29.8 and then I will be classed as Overweight
Third Target then is to hit 10.7 stone.. that will mean I hit my target.. BM 24 and be classed as healthy.

By doing this I will essentially have 3 stages to this diet. I am in stage 1 with a target of 17 st 5 so my first aim is to lose 28 pounds ( 2 stone)... that to me is less daunting and i CAN achieve this :)

I hope you are all doing well I think the support here is great and I hope in the future with my diary I can provide some inspiration (unless I do not lose anything on Sat W.I. then i will be very angry haha)

Take Care

Ant xx
Hi Ant

Hopefully you will be able to introduce a bit of variety into your diet - perhaps porridges (2 varieties) and the bars (numerous flavours). Water flavours and the CD savoury drink are available although I think counsellors want you to be past the first 2 weeks. There is also the mix-a -mousse product.
I tend to keep it simple as I would find having a week's worth of bars at home too tempting but other people quite happily have a bar a day and really enjoy it. Hopefully you will find what works best for you.
Good Luck for getting through Friday although your great motivation is doing wonders already x

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