Yahooooo!!! Got through the first 3 days!!


After a deadly day yesterday, felt much better today. Headache has gone and whoooppppeee I'm in ketosis. Still craving something crispy, so might try making the crisps tomorrow. These boards are such a fantastic support though ... everytime i get hungry I log on here. Part of me can't wait to get back to school next week, just so the little blighters can keep me busy!
Well done for getting through those first few days, they are always the most difficult. Keep it up :D
Well Done!

It will get much easier from now on. The only thing I find difficult is putting away 3 litres of water.
Have you tried the water flavourings? I have 1 and a half litres of my water flavoured, just to break it up a bit!!
Really glad you've got this far. By next week it will be much easy to fit into your life. How are you finding the water and trips to the loo as I know these were an initial concern of yours?

Have been drinking 3 litres a day and i'm finding it fine ... first two days i spent most of my time weeing! But it's much better today. I'm sure by the time i get back to class i'll be under control again! If not, i'll have to find something that keeps the little dears entertained!!
Sounds like you going good girl, keep it up x
Well done Julia

BTW, what year group do you teach? I'm assuming it's primary?
I teach year 4, so 8 and 9 year olds. They're a good bunch really and I only have 16 in my class because I work at a private school so I really can't complain! Plus I get fantastic holidays ... just can't wait to do more things during them once I've lost some weight.
Brilliant Julia
How are you getting on? :)

Half term almost over, soon back to normality!