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Yasmine's Weight loss diary


One last chance
Hi fellow Lipotrimmers, I hope you are all doing great, keep up the good work it just gets better.

I am on my 3rd day so far and it's going well. It is a lot harder than the first time I have to say. But having a sneaky weigh in seeing a loss of 7lbs motivated me to go on.

I am certainly drinking more water than I used to. Been drinking 3-4 litres, before I found it difficult to get 2 litres down.

Keep it up guys, looking around, you are all doing so well.
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You go girl :)

You're making a fab start with that water intake!

Looking forward to seeing your progress :)
hi hun and welcome back. great start with the water. keep it up water is great for lots of things on this diet. 7lbs already dats fab but beware the personal scales.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
well done on doing so well so far. Looks like you are on target for a great week one weight loss.


Getting thinner everyday!
Hello Yasmine

You're not alone. I've also restarted this week.

We can do it!!



A little of everything!
Hi Yasmine!! Great to see you back- and on day 3 already!!! I re-start next Friday ('last supper' is next wednesday- my 36th birthday...sob!) and have been following all the re-starters diaries hoping it won't be as bad as I fear?
7lbs in 3 days....my God- if I got half of that the first week I'll be thrilled! LOL!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
hey yas - great to hear from you and glad you are doing ok ... day 3!! get you! well done honey, keep it up :) xxx


One last chance
Thanks so much everyone. I have my weigh in tomorrow, really looking forward to it :)


One last chance
Wow, first week weigh in and I have lost 15lbs! woop!!

Back at the 13st's nearly down to 12!


Success leads to success
15 lbs!!!! :O Woop woop!!!! - you go girl- thats incredible! xx


A little of everything!
Yasmine thats amazing!!! you must be thrilled??
Wow wow wow welcome back Yasmine! That is just absolutely amazing! You're a little superstar! Well done sweetie! You'll be looking fabulous in no time at all! It's great that you've settled back in without any bother. So pleased for you.
Wow!!!!! That's freakin' incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go you!!!!!!
I've re-started this week (on day 2) and if I even saw HALF of that weight loss, i would do the dance of happiness, so WELL DONE YOU!!!!!!!!
I don't even know you and I w00ping for you so hard!!!! lol

akra xxx


One last chance
LOL thank you so much everyone!! I am really happy! Someone in my class already noticed a difference! :D


One last chance
After completing my second week, I've lost 8lbs! so haps!! finally fitting comfortably in my size 14's!

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