Yay nearly made it through day 2..



Well Im about to have my last one of my 2nd day in a bit, not doing too bad I dont think except a bit of a wee headache earlier and my mouth feels like its bogging...haha, struggling with the water but getting it down all the same, will be glad when hopefully next week I can have some flavouring for it.... found the soup a bit chalky so couldnt eat it atall, so milkshakes all the way for me I think... hows everyone else getting on??

Lizi x :)
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The Diet Guy
Hiya Lizi

You are doing brilliant! Just a few more days and it gets a lot lot easier I promise you.



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Good on ya Lizzie Bee - ur doin great hun !!

Won't be long before thw weight is dropping off :D

keep up the good work hun



One Last Time.......
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Hi... well done on getting to day 2....i'm on day 6, promise it does get easier!!


When I read these messages it just makes me so much more excited, Ive been really naughty and getting on the scales each day as that spurs me on... but dont worry im only taking that as a pinch of salt I do realise it can fluctuate ( not sure if thats spelt right ha ha) so will only go on the proper weigh in each week but it does help to have a little look at whats happening..so far, im like an excited school kid.. haha

Lizi x