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Yo-Yo's Diary

Hello there *waves* :wave_cry:

I wonder if I can start a diary?

My dieting career started in November 1998 when I weighed in at 11st 5lbs, and the zip on my biggest pair of size 14 jeans popped.

Determined not to go into a size 16, I started a diet and lost 9lbs in six weeks and was very pleased with myself....then started over eating again...thus leading to periods of bad eating and weight gain followed by good eating and weight loss and back again. The only reason I didn't end up weighing 20 stone was because for every week I spent off a diet, I would spend a week on one. The lightest I got down to was 9st 13lbs in January 2000.

Fast forward to June 2007 and I was 13st 9lbs, and just about to go into a size 18 (except for in about three shops).

So, I did Lighter Life - took to it really well, and lost 3st 2lbs in the 14 weeks. I was down to 10st 7lbs and a size 10/12.

Couldn't afford to do maintenance so decided to go it alone. I found that I gained 7lbs over 1.5 months. I was happy with this because most of my clothes were a size 12, and I couldn't afford to buy a new wardrobe in a 10 and my bum was non existent so pants were having off my bum and I didn't like it. So, I was happy at 11st, liked how I looked, liked how my clothes fitted etc....

However things slipped, I fell back into old habits, boredom eating, snacking again, larger portions, and before I know it as of this morning I am 11st 12.6lbs - this is in the space of 1.5 months.

So, I need to start again. I did think I'd do LL again, I have a load of packs leftover, but I really want to start eating normally rather than abstaining. I could easily have lost this surplus stone in three weeks on LL but am aiming to lose it by eating normally in twelve weeks. I'm not gonna be so fussed about my weight, I just want to get back into my Tesco trousers again - so I hope you'll read my diary over the next 84 days?

I'm a member of a Calorie counting website called Weight Loss Resources so I'll be counting calories on there.

My rules are:

1. Drink a minimum of two litres of water.
2. Stick to calories.
3. Try to be more active.
4. Portion control. Use the small plate I bought for the purpose!

It might seem an odd time of year to start a diet, four days before Xmas, but I am motivated, all my Xmas do's are over and done with, and I can easily gain 5lbs waiting for Xmas to be over and done with, and I don't want to do that!

Thanks for listening, if you are indeed with me xx
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Day 1 of 84

Day 1.

Day 1 of normal eating was really hard, and I was hungry all the time (sob) hopefully today will be better but I guess my stomach needs to get used to smaller portions and not being fed on demand. There were times when I really felt like having something more to eat but I persevered, and I’m glad I did because the first day is always the worst.

Breakfast: 2 slices of toast with spread (278.3 cals)

Lunch: Tesco Ready Meal – Pea and Ham Carbonara (425 cals)

Dinner: Tesco Ready Meal – Creamy Ricotta Vegatable Lasagna with a stuffed mini baked potato, sprouts, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower (577.1 cals)

Snacks: 2 mini mince pies in the evening (140.8 cals)

Drinks: 2 litres of water, in dilute cordial.

Science bit:

Total: 1421.2
Under quota: 1.8 !!!
Fruit & Veg: 3.4
Fibre: 36.5 (recommended is 18g)!!!

Carbohydrates: 47.5% (recommended = 55%)
Protein: 20.3% (Recommended = 15%)
Fat: 32.2% (Recommended = 30%)

Exercise: Nothing. I’m allergic to it.

Weight today: 11st 10.6lbs (2lbs down on yesterday - woohoo) - I'm not gonna get weighed everyday though cos I know that it wont come off like it did when I was doing lighter life - but I've got 83 days to lose 11lbs now - easy!
Day 2

Breakfast: 50g Maple & Pecan Crisp cereal, 100mls semi-skimmed milk (264 cals)

Lunch: Nothing

Late Afternoon: Mini Mince Pie (70.4 cals), 3 Quality Street (117.6 cals)

Dinner: Salmon Fillet in Watercress Sauce, stuffed mini jackets, floret mix, sprouts (632 cals)

Supper: ¼ of a tin of fruit cocktail, a bit of evaporated milk = 136.1 cals.

Snacks: 1 Quality Street (39) and a slice of Xmas cake (273.6 cals)

Total: 1532
Over Quota: 117.9
F&V: 5.8
Fibre: 19.7

Carbohydrates: 49.2% (55%)
Protein: 15.3% (15%)
Fat: 35.4% (30%)
Water: 1.5 litres

Exercise: Nothing really, I did go into town for a bit of last minute Christmas shopping, and parked the car on the edge of town so I didn’t have to pay for parking, but I suppose it was only an extra 15 minutes in total walking there and back. I do intend on starting going to Body Pump Classes after Christmas, things are a bit hectic and disorganised at the moment.

I didn’t have any lunch cos I was really busy, I woke up, then went straight into town, then when I came back DH took my sons off to see his mum so I could get their presents wrapped, then my mum and brother descended on me, then I had to pick eldest son up from a party so lunchtime had passed.

His mum makes us up a food hamper up every year and it arrived yesterday including a home-made Xmas cake (no Marzipan) and a big tin of Quality Street. Still, I proved to myself yesterday that I can have just a few….I’m not worrying about the 100 extra calories, especially not at this time of year anyway.

hahaha I'm starting just before christmas and it struck me that that's probably a bad idea, but if I don't start now I'll never manage... seems like you're doing pretty well
Well, I do okay for a few days/weeks, then I fall off the wagon big time. It's when I get bored of counting calories that it happens so I need to make an effort to track everything, and Christmas is probably the best time to start cos I could easily have gained another half stone by the time the festive season was over *oink oink*

Good luck to you Serena and WL8 xx
Boy, I wish I hadn't had baked beans for my lunch today, I feel like a right bloated fat knacker now!!!


Queen of the Damned
Lol at the beans :rotflmao: Well done on what you have achieved so far :clap:
Sorry for disappearing again...but honestly it wasn't my fault! I couldn't get any internet access on Xmas Eve as it went down, and it has only just come back up again today. I've been furious! However it gave me the excuse that I "Didn't have to continue on my diet because I didn't know how many calories were in things" so ate for England. Yesterday I decided that after I had lunch at my mums I would start sole sourcing again. I had my last thing to eat (some of those delicious little jelly men) at 3:30pm yesterday, so it's coming up to my first full 24 hours. I've been feeling a bit weak, and headachey but haven't had much in the way of hunger pangs. I've got 100 packs left, which is enough for 25 days but I was planning on joining a Rosemary Conley class on 10th January (14 days) with a colleague so I'll just see what happens. In two weeks I had lost 11lbs when I did LL first time around, I dare say I wont be that lucky this time.

Weight this morning: 11st 11.2lbs.


Right to the 'point'
I find if I feel a tad weak when dieting I drink a can of diet fizzy juice. I think it might be the caffiene in it but I find it helps.
Weight today: 11st 10.4lbs

I'm jotting down on my calendar what I weigh daily and a week ago today I was 11st 12.8lbs, so a loss of 2.6lbs in a week over Christmas - GREAT!!! (although my weight on 23rd had been 11st 10.4lbs) but hey - I DIDN'T PUT WEIGHT ON OVER CHRISTMAS!!!

Well, last night it got to 8pm and I felt ill. Water was not helping and I'd had my four shakes but I just felt so sick that I caved in and had a small portion of the Corned Beef Hash that I made for tea. It wasn't a lot and it was less than I'd have had if I'd have not been 'doing lighter life'... I felt a lot better after having it.

Anyway - I have been thinking this morning - for Gawds sake, I have less than a stone to lose now, surely I can do it on my own and not have to resort to sole sourcing? SS worked brilliantly for me when I had over three stone to lose and couldn't see any other way out.

I'm really impatient and want results immediately, which is why LL was ideal for me, after all I could see the weight dropping off daily but I have to accept that my diet is going to be lifelong "work in progress" because I am always likely to overeat if left unchecked and I need to adopt a sensible eating plan. If I aim to lose one pound per week, it only means "depriving myself" of 500 calories per day! (or exercising more).

So like the chaotic person I am, I think I just need to take each day as it comes, not worry about the blips or having a glass of wine, or a chocolate bar etc..As long as I am under 2167 calories per day (apparently what I need to maintain my weight) then I should lose weight, right?

I've also gone and ordered myself some of those "Spanx" control underwear favoured by Trinny & Susannah and Gok from "How to Look Good Naked" hopefully for a bit of belly confidence whilst my pounds are disappearing.

Oh - and I bought some size 12 trousers from Tesco today to "grow back into" but they actually fit.......
I find if I feel a tad weak when dieting I drink a can of diet fizzy juice. I think it might be the caffiene in it but I find it helps.
Thanks for that, but when SS-ing I couldn;t have had a diet fizzy drink although I could have had fizzy water.....but I'm eating "healthily" now, so I'll bear that in mind. I definitely need to keep drinking more.
I managed to stay within my calories yesterday (just) by 1.4 calories although from a food point of view it wasn't very healthy!!!

Breakfast: 1 litre of water kept me going til lunchtime

Lunch: Ham salad (526 calories)

Snack: Mini Mince Pie (70.1 cals)

Dinner: Nothing because we went to the panto (oh no we didn't, oh yes I did)

At the panto: 1 x 500ml bottle of Fanta Fruit Twist (265 cals) - oldest son reckoned he didn't hear me say "get me a diet coke"!!! 1 packet of plain hula hoops (129 calories), approximately 30g haribo sweets (103.2 cals).

Weight today at 11am: 11st 10.4lbs (which is four hours later than normal, and after 1 litre of water so I'm not worried).

Then when I got home, I was going to have something delicious and nutritious with my remaining calories, but instead I opted for a Vanilla slice (ie just delicious) that needed eating and no one else wanted it (315 calories).

Total: 1408.6
Under: 1.4
F&V: 0.8 (whaaaat - that salad was massive!!!)
Fibre: 6.6

Carbs: 43% (rec: 55%)
Protein: 14.9% (rec 15%)
Fat: 42.2% (rec 30%)

I've set myself a 1000 mile challenge to see if I can complete 1000 miles of exercise between now and 31st December 2008 (I like little challenges). So any exercise I do (bar normal steps) will get counted, see if I can get myself more active (not just walking, but the rower/step machine at the gym).

So yesterday I did the grand sum of 0.44m (whoops nearly put 4.4m then!) which was from the car park to the theatre and back. (Only 999.56 to go)...and I've dug all my old Rosemary Conley magazines out to have a look through the toning exercises she puts in, the ones that can be done at home.
Weight this morning : 11st 10lbs exactly (yay) - that's 0.2lbs down since yesterday

Went over weight loss calories, but stayed under maintainance.

Breakfast: 30g Crunchy Bran Cereal with 100mls milk = 151.2 cals.

mid-morning: Chewy cereal bar thing x 2 = 240.8 cals.

Lunch: Sardines on toast = 327.8 cals.

Mid-Afternoon: 100g delicious little jelly men from the stall near the football stadium = 348 calories (damn those delicious sweet treats)

Dinner: Vegetable curry with bombay potatoes and 2 x bhajis (355.2) bargain!!! (Tesco ready made)

Afterwards: 1 mini mince pie (70.4 calories) - fun sized mint aero (113 cals), fun sized flake (80 cals)

Total: 1686
Over Quota: 165.7
Fruit & Veg: 0 (eh, what's veggie curry then, scotch mist? Stooopid database)
Fibre: 25.4 *parp*

Carbs: 54.2
Protein: 13.7
Fat: 32.1

Exercise: I park the car 0.7m away from the football ground, (mostly flat, but 1/3rd of the way is uphill on the way back) and it takes us 13m to walk. However I had walked almost 0.2m before realising I had left my phone in the car, in a dodgy area, in full view (DUH) so had to go back and get it, so total walking time yesterday was 30 minutes and 1.78m in total.

1000 mile challenge = 2.22m (997.78m to go)
I'm really impatient and want results immediately, which is why LL was ideal for me, after all I could see the weight dropping off daily but I have to accept that my diet is going to be lifelong "work in progress" because I am always likely to overeat if left unchecked and I need to adopt a sensible eating plan. If I aim to lose one pound per week, it only means "depriving myself" of 500 calories per day! (or exercising more).

So like the chaotic person I am, I think I just need to take each day as it comes, not worry about the blips or having a glass of wine, or a chocolate bar etc..As long as I am under 2167 calories per day (apparently what I need to maintain my weight) then I should lose weight, right?
thats why I'm calorie counting... you cant tell me I'm not allowed something because I'll bloody well go and do it (excuse my french) but if I can just sacrifice other things in order to have those sweets or that half a portion of chips, then it's a lot easier!

ohh and congrats on fitting into the jeans... size 12 is where I want to be, I'm envious
Sorry for the late update, my blooming internet was down first thing - GRRRR

Weight today: 11st 10.4lbs (up 0.4 from yesterday) this fluid change thing is maddening isn't it?! But I wore my body slimming body suit thingie which knocked inches off me, so I felt thinner hah hah.

Breakfast: Crunchy Wheat cereal with semi skimmed milk = 165.4 cals

Lunch: Ham Sandwiches with spread & salad cream = 624.9 cals (EEEEEKKKKKKK)

Dinner: Roast Lamb, Roast potatoes, vegetables, Yorkshire Pudding & Gravy (small plate) = 386.4

Supper: WW Banoffee dessert = 152 cals.

Total: 1328.70
Under Quota: 151.7
F&V: 1.9
Fibre: 19.1

Carbs: 42.8%
Protein: 22.2%
Fat: 34.9%

Exercise: A walk to Argos from work, then back, and later a walk to the shop and back = 1.32m

1000 mile challenge = 3.54m (996.46 to go)

Just thought I would share this picture of me at my slimmest, the week after I finished LL at 10st 8lbs.

(it was taken on the night we went to my friends house for a housewarming party - she is the one bending over) and I was whipping her with a towel! Sounds kinky but it wasn't really that exciting I promise. Another guest had knocked her drink over and my friend was trying to mop it up with kitchen roll, so I grabbed a towel and said "move out of the way you daft moo, you need a towel" and started whipping her with it and someone snapped a photo! Look how thin I am!!! Look how thin my legs are! I never believed that I was slim until I saw that - I have put on a bit of weight since then (especially my arse and my stomach) but I just like the photo and wanted to be big-headed and share it with you. I would like to look like this again - am thinking of biting the bullet, doing LL again, but booking two days off work to spend sleeping to avoid hunger pangs LOL
Happy New Year to anyone who is reading this!

Weight today: 11st 9.2lbs - (1.2lbs down on yesterday BUT I weighed in four hours later than usual, which is four hours more to melt yesterdays food away, so I'll probably be up again yesterday).

Over cals yesterday - naughty me - BUT it was a long day, awake at 5am and didn't go to sleep til 1am, so I was awake for 20 hours yesterday!

Breakfast: Original Flavour Oat so Simple with Milk and a squirt of golden syrup = 232.3 cals

Mid-Morning: Massive slice of Carrot Cake = 402.1 cals. A colleague was leaving so she brought in cakes, this estimate is a guesstimate and I hope it's over-estimated rather than under-estimated. It was worth every calorie though. *drools at memory*

Lunch: Pasta and sweetcorn in a tomato sauce = 399 cals. Again a guesstimate. It was made the night before for the kids tea, but I can't get my head around pasta and always put too much in, so made way too much. I did weigh it in a sandwich box (300g) and just tried to match it to the nearest thing in the food data base.

Afternoon: Went out for a leaving drink with my colleagues who are jumping ship and had a full-fat, full-sugar, full-taste coke. 145.2 cals.

Late Afternoon: Toasted wholemeal muffin with spread. 151.5 cals.

Early Evening; Went off rails a bit, and raided the kids selection boxes. Had 2 fudge bars and a mini flake = 300 cals. Fought urge successfully against having more.

Late evening: Starving by 11:30pm so had another toasted muffin with spread 151.5 cals.

Total: 1781.6
Over Quota: 230.9
F&V: 0 (DUH - Sweetcorn!!!)
Fibre: 15.4

Carbs: 50.6
Protein: 11.1
Fat: 38.2

Exercise: 2.16m worth of walking (equated to 37 minutes). Grand total towards 1000 miles after four days is 5.7m (994.3 to go).

Diet things achieved:

1. Had the Oat so Simple without the fruit & Nut sprinkle sachet. (probably saving around 91 cals)
2. Took a packet of crisps to eat with lunch, but didn't eat them. (saving 135 cals)
3. Fought urge to have an evening meal, although I really wanted one, because I wasn't hungry. (say 400 cals)
4. Didn't have any alcohol to see the New Year in. (705 cals in the bottle of sweet white wine I like)

Things I wish I'd done differently:

1. Not had the chocolate bars - I know I can't have "just the one" (thus saving 300 cals)
2. I should have had a diet coke in the pub. (thus saving 145.2 cals)
3. Maybe should have opted for the Custard Slice instead of the carrot cake (a custard slice being 315 calories on the data base so saving 87 calories)

My new Years resolution is to be more active, and to continue tracking my food via Weight Loss Resources.

Should be achievable.
Weight this morning: 11st 10lbs - as expected 0.8lbs up on yesterday because I had weighed in that bit later yesterday.

Can't write about what I ate because the WLR website is down - bloody annoying!
Okay, it's back up.

Breakfast: 2 x Weetabix, 150mls semi skimmed milk

Lunch: Garlic Sausage Sandwich

Dinner: Chicken, stuffing, veg, Yorkshire's, Roast potatoes, Gravy

Snacks: 1 x Fudge Bar, 1 x Quality Street

Total: = 1409.3
Under: 222.1
F&V: 2.7
Fibre: 13.8

Carbs: 38.8
Protein: 23.1
Fat: 38.1

Exercise: Total of 62m walking, a distance of 3.12m.

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