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Yoghurt on Dukan


** Chief WITCH **
Now that I have the book :p, I have read the passage about yoghurts, and remain convinced that Muller Lites are not a great idea for this diet (whatever some people are saying on fb...!).

Here's my research. On page 64, he talks of "flavoured yoghurts (e.g. coconut, vanilla, lemon)...". There is a brand he allows here (Sveltesse Ferme & Fondant, and ONLY the coconut, vanilla and lemon mixed packs (not the caramel and chocolate ones as they're not 0% fat, but 0.9%!).


Sveltesse F&F yoghurts in France (allowed freely, without restriction, including in attack) (http://www.lactalischf.fr/fiche_produit.php?id=250&fid=23)
Protein 5.4
Carb 7
Calories 51

Muller Lite toffee / vanilla(Calories in Muller - Yoghurt)
Protein 8
Carb 16
Calories 106

Some of the flavours are higher still in carbs.

I rest my case.
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thats the big pots?

the ones im having are the smaller ones... the mini's.

65 calories, 120g
duno the rest of the info its not on the pot but was on the carton.
i know its not low LOW carb... but not a huge amount?


Gold Member
The actual Dukan team on facebook said the muller were ok.
Ive been having them and am ok and have got the ww ones now aswell.
The vanilla yog ww has

0g fat
49 cals
6g carb

toffee ww
0.1g fat
48 cals
7g carb


** Chief WITCH **
aaah well those ones look good then... thank you!

Who's gonna mail me one?


Gold Member
me I will - if you mail me some scallops ;)
errmm i think we will have to notify EU trading!!


** Chief WITCH **
wouldn't it be great if we could just do that... particularly as, if I'm eating scallops, it's only because they had them on offer a couple of weeks ago in my hypermarket and I stocked up!!!

My other half is coming over to Dover in 3 weeks' time. You guys must help me write a shopping list.

So far:
- Muller lites (small) - toffee (any other nice ones? vanilla won't bother with cos can get vanilla yogs here)
- Philadelphia lite
- Dulcolax (cos it costs far less in Asda!)


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Lol Dulcolax is the best!
and its philadelphia EXTRA light :D


Full Member
hmm how about easiyo maker, slimmers/low fat yogurt pack, and sugar free flavourings? wonder if that'd be ok for carbs... will go get nutritional info!


** Chief WITCH **
Isn't your quark my fromage frais or fromage blanc, I forget which?

have you guys tried tofu? that's ok on the diet just lacks a bit on the old taste front


** Chief WITCH **
That Quark looks horrible!! (I must admit that "in the real world" I dislike cheese intently... proper smelly cheese, I mean... unless it's cooked. On top of something or IN something, yes... but festering in my fridge, under my nostrils, in front of me on the table, UGH!!)

Funnily enough, tofu and I have become acquainted and it does actually enable you to make (strange little) cakes without using cornflour (tolerated). I actually got to like them... but it has to be the "soyeux" tofu (such as the floating stuff in a japanese bowl of soup) and not the slabs of plastic stuff...


Gold Member
i lurve proper smelly cheese :) the smellier the better!


** Chief WITCH **
like most people...

now, where were we... my shopping list...


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quark tastes like philly. ketostix (lol) i ordered some off internet but they havent arrived so ive bought some from the chemist and just went to test. only trace of ketones :( boo hiss.


** Chief WITCH **
So what does that mean? You're coming out of ketosis?


Gold Member
no i havent been back in since the weekend of naughtiness. Getting there just not yet lol.
I had to sneak to the toilet at work with one hidden in my hand. lol


** Chief WITCH **
haaa... once sneaking to the loo with a tampon in my hand, crossing the large open reception with parquet floor, I dropped it and it roollllled for ages... me behind it trying to catch hold of the darned thing...


Gold Member
thats is sooo funny. i remember being on holiday when i was younger and offering tampons out instead of cigarettes!!!

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