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  1. DeeCe

    DeeCe Well-Known Member

    So back in March I was going out for a friend's birthday and I was literally having a mental breakdown!! Because I'd fallen off the Dukan wagon and gone back up to 11st... :( bad times..

    So I had to pairs of shorts..

    Exhibit A

    Shorts 1.jpg

    lets look at exhibit A .. I could just about pull these on! They were the sort of stage where you'd say to someone "just because they zip up doesn't mean they fit!" I could just about keep the zip up (but it wanted to ZING off!) and the outside and inside buttons wouldn't do up at the same time! They were also a bit tight on the legs! My stomach squidging out the top was the definition on MUFFIN TOP!

    Exhibit B

    Shorts 2.jpg

    Exhibit B! These wouldn't even go up my thighs, let alone do up!! I was seriously depressed.

    This morning I weighed in at 11st 1lb, probably bloating or something. I'm trying to not let it bother me, I can't have gone from 10'12 to 11'2 in one weekend!!

    So I tried on these shorts. They fit. They do up. They're comfortable. No sucking in, no breathing in. They just go on, they do up & it doesn't hurt! The second pair are a bit tight on my thighs, but I'm not suprised..

    I was suprised that they fit though :D :D !

    I just wanted to share this with people (& get it through to myself!!) to sort of say, the scale does not always matter, & I have proof, I am apparently 2-4lbs up this morning, weigh more than before and due my period!
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  3. bajoleth

    bajoleth Well-Known Member

    Great post, I have so many of examples of this, the scales are not moving for me at the moment but my body continues to shrink, I just wish we weren't all so hung up about the scales . Its a fact that I am now smaller in size than I was last summer when I weighed 11 7 , I am 12 1 officially at the moment and clothes I wore when I was 11 7 are too roomy now ???? Strange but true
  4. DeeCe

    DeeCe Well-Known Member

    I have them hanging on my wardrobe door for "inspiration" I'm getting into the habit of trying on stuff that didn't fit after I've weighed, I think it's helping me not worry about the scales! :)

    I seem to be getting smaller too which is great!
  5. yoga84

    yoga84 Well-Known Member

    Brilliant and inspiring - a triple yay!!!!! :-D
  6. Whiteybitey

    Whiteybitey Well-Known Member

    Wow proof that the scales don't always speak the truth!! :)

    Well done x
  7. jacci48

    jacci48 Well-Known Member

    I have found that as well....I can fit into some clothes now that I couldnt before when I was heavier!!

    This judding is fab!!
  8. Headache

    Headache Well-Known Member

    I love this thread!

    I have lost just over 9 pounds on JUDDD (6 in my first week although I admit I have had pretty mega UDs in the last two weeks but focus has now returned!) and despite that not being much I can see a difference in clothes. Yesterday I put on a pair of linen trousers for school and whilst they had always been one of my bigger pairs they had never been saggy around the bum and falling down as I walked! I seriously don't care what I weigh as long as I get back to a size 10/12 and hopefully JUDDD will get me there!

    I am also converting the staffroom very slowly to JUDDD!

  9. fizzyfluff

    fizzyfluff Well-Known Member

    Yip, took me until I was about 12 10 before people started commenting to me abou how I looked, whereas this time I was 13 6!

    15 lost : 52 to goal
  10. hannata

    hannata I can haz cake?

    I'm not sure what does it but I'm exactly the same! I'm 18'10ish at the moment, and that would normally be me at a size 24, but I'm in a size 22 jeans (the smallest kind of 22 lol!) and they fit like a glove, yay :)
  11. LucyG

    LucyG Active Member

    This is amazing motivation! I think I might give up on using scales and have a weekly "measure in"instead. That should stop me standing on the scales all the freaking time!
  12. fizzyfluff

    fizzyfluff Well-Known Member

    Can I recommend measuring in cm's instead of inches- moves quicker!

    15 lost : 52 to goal
  13. DeeCe

    DeeCe Well-Known Member

    oo will have to try this, although I do need a proper measuring tape!
  14. lumpyandbumpy

    lumpyandbumpy Well-Known Member

    thats a fab idea! my measurements havent really moved since starting juddd but they slowed down on cambridge towards the end anyway so i'll try that! x
  15. jacci48

    jacci48 Well-Known Member

    Its fab, I have only lost 7 lbs or thereabouts and the amount of people that are coming up to me to ask if Ive lost weight!! I am truly loving this Judding!!
  16. sunnyrae

    sunnyrae Well-Known Member

    That is really interesting I wish I'd have measured from the start of losing weight tho I hated myself so much I dont think I could beared to see the results
  17. DeeCe

    DeeCe Well-Known Member

    I was suprised by my measurments.. some good & I expected to be bigger..some not so good.. but it does put it into perspective.. I have noticed that my measurements can be similar to some one stone-stone and half smaller which is weird lol!
  18. emmster

    emmster Well-Known Member

    Wow, that's so cool! And they look like tiny little shorts as well - well done you.

    Hoping the same will start to happen for me soon - but I feel fatter than when I was this weight. Tho that's coz I used to do a load of exercise but now I'm lazy with a capital L! Should really get off my fat arse.....
  19. carrot_tit

    carrot_tit Well-Known Member

    This post is amazing. I've been reading through the JUDD diaries and i know some people are disappointed that the scales are not moving or not moving as quickly as they would have hoped and i was worrying that it perhaps this diet might not be for me but tbh i don't care what i weigh as long as i get back into my old clothes. Going to do another week on S&S and then move over to JUDD. Thanks again, this is brilliant. Should be a sticky :) x x x
  20. DeeCe

    DeeCe Well-Known Member

    Thanks.. I just wish I had before pictures in the shorts lol! But at the time I was really not in the mood to have my picture taken in shorts that wouldn't do up hahaha!
  21. hannata

    hannata I can haz cake?

    I was in evans today and thought "hmmm new jeans?". I'd been wearing a 22 pair that I already have, but wasn't sure if they'd been stretched to hell (they're quite old) and were more like a 24...

    So i picked up a pair and went to try them on... fitted like a glove. Hurrah. I feel like my body composition has completely changed. Not only should I be a 24 at this weight, but clothes fit better. Normally I get jeans to fit round my waist and they look too big for the rest of me, or too tight on the tum and fit on the legs... but they seem to fit all over now... Odd!!! And I dont have to wear a belt which is impossible, normally i'm losing my trousers all over the place but now they just fit.

    For the first time I went to a changing room and didn't feel like a big old bag of ****, and came out smiling. Not only am I a size down, they actually fit nicely and I don't feel like a horrible fat lump!

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