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you'll never guess what i've done!!!!

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omg!!! i was being sooo good took baby out in pram for nice long walk made my way to my mothers. any how my dad says do you want a cuppa cause he was having one?? i said yes chatted to my mam changed the baby, my sis turned up getting ready to go i realised i hadn't drunk the tea so just picked it up and drunk it luke warm. i stood there thinking that was a lovely cup of tea instantly i almost choked!!! i said mam!!:eek: i just drunk tea with milk and sugar omg was i gutted!!!:cry:and disappointed with myself i didn't even give it a thought until it was drunk. walked another half a mile then back to my house to try and compensate for the sugar and milk!!!! my first slip up and on my 4th week GUTTED!!!!:mad:
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habits die hard hun.i'm not a tea or coffee drinker but i bet it's easily done.
you wont have been the first x
does that sabotage the ketosis thing and you start again or will ya be ok?


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Milk in my tea and coffee is the only thing i can't manage without, when started lipotrim I told my pharmacist that I will be having milk in tea & coffee but I will only have a maximum of 4 cups, I know its naughty but i've still lost weight.


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hope you recovered from your shock, don't worry, won't be that much damage done, it was a slip up, nothing else. Go back to your LT routine as normal, stick to your shakes and all will be fine.
It does teach us to look before we leap, doesn't it. Take care.
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-hugs- I`m afaid I don`t know enough about LT to say if it`ll knock you out of ketosis or not :( x


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awww - dont get down on it - its not like you conciously made the decision to have a cuppa with milk and sugar. I dont think it will affect your weight loss too much, if at all :) You may feel some extra hunger pangs or summat just from having sugar but that will go within a couple of days i reckon.

Keep it up girl, you are doing great :hug99:


I will be skinny again!!!
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Yup as said above dont worry about it!!

Its annoying when things like that happen though lol!!


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ohhh babes

I know that you would never do that on purpose so dont worry about it. I dont think it will do you much damage if none. If it makes you feel better, I actually tasted some milk to see if it was good or had gone off lol and didnt realise until It went down.

Dont think about it hun, You are doing great and will carry on to do better. I am always here for you.
Love youuu
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Dont worry we all have moments like this. Just keep focus and dont let it get you down.

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Aw, I'm sorry to hear that, but, as has been said, at least you didn't choose to break the diet. Don't let it bring you down (I know that if I did that there might be something in my head saying, "well, you've ruined it now...may as well go stuff your face...").

Good luck with the rest of the week! Hopefully it won't have affected your loss :)



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Awww no, just like everyone said, it's so easily done! Don't be hard on yourself.

I accidentally licked the spoon when making lamb and pineapple curry earlier, it was a reflex action as I'm so used to doing it. As soon as it hit my taste-buds I was horrified and spat spat spat in the sink (attractive eh) I have to say though, it tasted delicious.
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You did better than me hun, I popped a piece of chicken in my mouth through habit then ate more!!!! If it does knock you out of ketosis then you should be back there very quickly, hopefully it won't. From experience it is not worth beating yourself up about it, just learn from it and move on, we are only human and we all make mistakes.


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