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Your best bits?

Ok, so obviously we have some body issues, what with being here on Exante and all, but I plan to do a bit more positive thinking this year...
...SO, there's got to be something you do like when you look in the mirror to focus on in the meantime: have you got nice arms? great hair? fantastic skin? pretty feet? amazing eyes? fab arse?

I actually quite like my legs - there it's not all bad after all :D

Anyone else?
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My body when I am a size 10!!! hee hee!!! Only joking, I like my eyes and my skin is good! Txx
That's the spirit! I'm terrible for only seeing my worst bits, which is so self-destructive as it only makes me want to eat to console myself :/ So I'm going to try to blot those bits out and focus on something more positive. Not necessarily posing in front of the mirror but just generally ;)
You are silly, looking at your photo, you are lovely, all you need is some self confidence, which is on its way to you! Txx


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.............I think that is the point...........I really don't think there is anything much wrong with any of us it's more the way we percieve ourselves. Maybe yes the weight is stopping us reaching our full potential but underneath that we are all beautiful. P.S. I like my hair & eyes!!
i like my eyes and my teeth lol
I am also sure that everyone on this thread is also A beautiful person on the inside and has lovely characteristics!! Tasha 8+D x
When four stone lighter I have great legs, good cheekbones and nice eyes. Hopefully my features will soon make a reappearance ;-)
Blimey, I'm struggling on this one! My eyes are a reasonable blue colour, and other people (especially old ones!) like my thick hair, but I think it's a pain in the bum.

I was told by one boyfriend years ago that I had lovely shoulders (what sort of compliment is that?!). Maybe they'll emerge from under the blubber and be suitable for public display this summer. ;)
Eerrm my bum or so i keep gtn told even if it is in the larger side at the mo lol x
Hi again Angie-Bum! :)
GetFitGirl - shoulders are good!
You're right Bernice, it's all in the way we perceive ourselves. Sometimes it's too easy to just spot the parts we find fault with, but I think positive thinking breeds positive thinking, I want to keep that in mind, at least until I'm in ketosis! :)
I like my eyes and hair.....fnnily the only things i cant lose weight off haha! Altho, as much as i am overweight im fairly confident in clothes etc, i just know that i'll be way more confident in smaller sizes hehe x


I will never give up
i like my face, hair, skin, hands, and the shape of my body as its losing weight.
i also have to add i hate my feet, legs, bum, saggy boobs, stretch marked belly and top of my arms.

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