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Yummy mummy's Diary

Well I started yesterday, the one thing I had which I couldn't was one teaspoon of sugar in the morning.
Yesterday I think I ate about a dozen eggs, making oat bran biscuits which by the way were absolutely disgusting! .

So far today I've had two fat free yoghurts, two fried eggs with salmon, and I've put out some extra lean beef steaks to go to room temperature before I fry those bad boys up! Not sure what to have for dinner tonight though... Only 4 more days to go!
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Not very good at this!
Hi, did you check on the Dukan site for how many days you should do Attack for, because at your weight 5 sounds a lot - unless you are very short :) Why don't you update your stats and then we are better placed to help if you want it. What kind of yoghurts did you have, as the flavoured ones invariably have hidden sugar in them.
I had 0.1% fat natural live yoghurt. Yeah the site told me 5 days and that I'll lose 3lbs on 5 days. I've lost 4lbs since yesterday but I know I shouldn't weigh myself daily, I was just curious!

thanks will update my stats nwo :>

I'm 5'4'' so not THAT short but not exactly tall either
I feel soo tired

Drank 2 litres of water today, had scrabbled eggs with salmon and natural yogurt. Had two steaks for lunch and for dinner I don't know, might just snack on some turkey pieces


Not very good at this!
Dr D is fine with weighting every day - encourages it. I am only 5.5" :) although I'm sure I really should be 5 9" :)

The tiredness should wear off soon - just hang on in there!
Hmm I've just fainted upstairs, and shaking really bad. What did dipsh1t here do? Eat two handful of peanut M & M's :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

REALLY disappointed with myself but when I opened my eyes I just wanted something in my mouth and that was all that was near.

I'm hoping it doesn't affect me greatly I'll just drink some more water and eat some more fish :(
I agree with Sharon - I think if you fainted you need to see your GP before carrying on. The only reason I can think this would happen is because you are not eating/drinking enough but judging by your posts you seem to be eating every meal. You might kick yourself for the m and m hit but you sound like you needed to raise your blood sugar
Looking back at my diet I think I tend to eat quite a bit of sugar, so going from that to having little or no sugar just shocked the system. Going to make an appointment at the docs tomorrow and see if they can test me for diabetes as well. :( Just had a big bowl of natural yoghurt, I actually really like this stuff now lol
I've had a total loss of 7lbs. This is my third and final day now, then onto cruise phase!

Lost 4lbs on the first day, 3lbs on the second (must've been the M & M fix and some malteasers later on!)
Got back from the GP, she has suggested that I have two sugary snacks during the day for three days, then cut it to one for three days then if I feel I need to, to cut them out altogether. Drink more water and if I ever feel faint or dizzy to get something carby to eat.

So far this morning I've had sweetned (sweetner!) natural live yoghurt, and three malteasers. Just about to have some fried eggs with salmon and creme fraiche, omlette for lunch and marinaed chicken for dinner.

Feeling quite good this morning :)
B = Natural Yoghurt with one teaspoon of sweetner
L = Slices of salmon and turkey breast with creme fraiche and two fried eggs (Yes I was feeling particularly hungry today)
D = Marinaded Chicken, grilled, two breasts.
S = Chicken and turkey pieces, boiled eggs with yolk.

I've not had my oat bran for today, I've tried muffins, cookies, and porridge but it tastes like mouldy slippers. Think I might have to stomach two tablespoons of oat bran porridge later.

2 tablespoons of FF yoghurt
1 teaspoon of each:
Cayenne Pepper
Fresh Corriander
Today's Menu is:

B - Omlette
S - muller light
L - Unknown yet... Maybe another omlette with salmon?
D - Beef Stew [Beef, onion, carrot, swede, herbs and spices, 1/2 oxo cube] with cauliflower & brocolli to serve (Thanks to Pesty!)
Well done Nicole, slightly worried when you fainted! Although not strictly within Dukan guidelines I would agree with ur Dr to doing a slow withdrawal from sugar/carbs (jealous of malteasers though!)

I put my oat bran in my yoghurt - it beefs it up and also is quite nice too. I made my first galette this morning and quite surprised how lovely they are - I add some sweetener, cinnammon and nutmeg and it was like a pancake (except no sugar and orange or syrup on it). Maybe try some different things and you might find a nice way of eating it.
I just took my daughter to a birthday party and I had some food :(

sausage rolls, a cupcake, two chocolate marshmallows and a few more snacky bits.

What do I do now?!?! Slap myself is the answer!

Definately back on the wagon NOW, drinking more water but not sure if that'll help
B = Natural live yoghurt with 1 tablespoon of oat bran
L = Scrambeled egg with salmon
D = Poached chicken breast with vegetables.

S = half a chocolate chip cookie, homemade so used sweetner instead of sugar and put in a teaspoon of oatbran.

Feel a bit better today :) Just about to do my weekly menu for myself, wonder whether to do 5pp to 5pv or one day on and one day off
Nearly 2lb gain over the weekend. Took my daughter to a birthday party and I ate chocolate and some cakes :-(

Pp day today so stuffing myself with salmon and turkey at the moment :)

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