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Zero, zilch, nada, nowt!!!

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Week 3 weigh in....... haven't lost a bean!!!:rolleyes:
How can that be?

It must be a new phenomenon!!
Oddly enough, week 3 has been my first full week on Exante and I am now wondering if it is too carby for me as I am carb sensitive. When I low carb I have to keep them to a minimum like 20-25g per day and at a glance, I can see that 1 milkshake is nearly 19!!!

Had 2 good losses on my other VLCD.....hmmmmm


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I am finding my losses on Exante are less than on lighterlife and i'am starting to wonder the same thing, its my forth week and i don't think i will have even lost 2lb.
Hmmm this thread is interesting. I've done 3 weeks on Lighterlife and now I'm coming up to my first full week on Exante, I'll post tomorrow with my weight loss. xx maxi xx
Regardless of it being too high in carbs you would still lose weight. Its too high for me to get into ketosis but with vlcds its calories that count rather than carbs. The ketosis is just a bonus.

Are you sure youve been drinking enough water? What extras (if any) are you having?
Carbs shouldnt affect weightloss, only ketosis. Everyone has a week where they sts for whatever reason, and u have both had good losses so far :) Keep it up and dont get disheartened about it xx
It's not ketosis that causes the weight loss it's the low calories. The ketosis helps make things easier thats for sure but as Joanne says she and many others (on other VLCDs) dont get into ketosis at all but have good losses

I take a while to get into ketosis a good 5/6 days but first time I started exante I lost 14lbs in week one and 13 when I had my restart. There's no way i lost that in my 2 ketosis days

Ketosis makes this a heck of a lot easier but you can definitely have just as high losses not being in ketosis
With all respect, and well done to you both, you have lost an amazing amount of weight, but it will be interesting to see if it continues as you get nearer to goal.
As you can see, I don't have much to lose and maybe that's where the problem lies, combined with too few cals and too many carbs.

When I have followed 'food' low carb diets, you don't need to count cals....you can eat as many as you like ( within reason, of course) it the low carb state of ketosis that es you lose the lbs.
And just having noticed your stats you shouldnt even be doing TS with a bmi so low. Thats why youre not losing anything.

But I thought you said, having lower cals causes weight loss!!????? Aha, that's where your theory comes unstuck lol

Honestly, I started a simple thread and get attacked by keyboard worriers!, lol
And just having noticed your stats you shouldnt even be doing TS with a bmi so low. Thats why youre not losing anything.
When i did lighterlife last year i was told i could do it till i got to about 9.5 stone and a bmi of about 23?? Can you not do that on exante? i started off in the overweight catergory but not obese like i was when i started LL. I'am not getting the losses on exante i did before i got down to a stone lighter than i am now. Iam just wondering if it's like everything in life, works for some but not others. I have had one cheat night but other than that i have been 100% for over 4 weeks.
<<<has done a good whack of reading up about it hun and ketosis is not something that helps u lose weight, but will agree to disagree on that one. To be honest, if you ask a question you have to expect responses, i wish you good luck whatever the problem is, i hope it resolves itself :) xx
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