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Zumba!! :D

OMG ive been to zumba for the 1st time tonight. Laughed a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it, although was very sweaty and worried about my wobbly bits not stopping wobbling. Will defo be going back on Monday. Was talking to a girl that has lost 10kgs just thru zumba, she looked amazing.

Does anyone else go to zumba??
Hope it helps with my first weigh in (online, im in Oz) on Monday :D
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I also absolutely love Zumba. I have the Zumba DVD's and Zumba on the Wii. I also go to classes at my gym, but I find that they aren't as much fun as the class I went to at our local leisure centre. :D
Ive got the zumba for wii too but not used it yet, can never get to the tv to do it when the others arent in.

Cant you go back to the leisure centre?

The instructor was supposed to be feeling ill, omg would nt like to see here when shes feeling better, she was sooooo full of energy!! She was gorgeous with an amazing body but she was so nice and encouraging.

Good luck on your SW journey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I started Zumba one month ago and absolutely love it. Can't say its helped with weight loss (despite being super good i've been only loosing 0.5lb or staying same) BUT and its a good but, I can tell the difference in my body both shape wise & energy wise.
I've done 2 weeks so far. It's great fun and better than a standard aerobics class (which I have a severe allergy to! :D ) I'm almost certain I am the most unco-ordinated one there, but I don't care! Early days, i know, but don't think it's made a massive difference to my losses but fairly sure it will affect my shape! It's definitely a full body workout!
Ive been doing zumba for just over 3 months now, I love it! Its so much fun and loads better than boring gym sessions. :)
hi Nicola

I think I was the biggest there last night but soo enjoyed it and when they were doing some of the moves I just stood and laughed cus I looked ridiculous. Bite the bullet and go, get a friend to go with you if you can then you wont feel so silly. Im sure you will enjoy it after a week or two im sure it will get easier and wont feel as daft. Its fabulous exercise and really fun. Sweat was dripping off me but I just kept on thinking of the benefits of doing zumba as opposed to sitting watchin crap on the tv xxxxx
I've just done my first zumba class, I loved it :) did half the moves wrong but as long as your moving it still must be good, I think so anyway lol! Defo going to go again never sweated so much but feel great!
I've only been doing Zumba for a month & i cannot believe the difference its made to my fitness level. I used to play netball on a sunday but not played for 8 wks, last time I played i thought i was going to throw up my heart rate went so high - yesterday despite playing a very fast moving game, my heart rate didn't go very high at all - in fact i felt totally energetic all the way through.
Im a confirmed Zumba girl forever now!
For anyone wondering - do it - in my class, there all all sorts of ages & sizes and no one cares as they are too busy focusing on themselves.
For anyone wondering - do it - in my class, there all all sorts of ages & sizes and no one cares as they are too busy focusing on themselves.
Couldn't agree more - the good thing about Zumba is that it is dance based and being a 'skinny-minnie' doesn't mean you'll be good. In mine, there are plenty of slender ladies that are just as unco-ordinated as me! I don't feel out of place at all and I am DREADFUL at the moment. Still want to go next week though - which is a first for me!

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