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Zumba DVD!!

just ordered the Zumba Fitness DVD off Amazon with toning sticks, heard alot of good things about Zumba so i'm hoping it works as i'm the type who hates going the gym!!:eek: anybody used it before, or tried zumba?? would love to here success stories! x:D
How are you getting on with it? Would love to know as I am considering buying this myself :)
How are you getting on with it? Would love to know as I am considering buying this myself :)
hey :) I've had it for a few weeks now and it's amazing, it's so much fun too. Moves are a little hard to grasp at first but after a few go's you get used to it. I recommend it to everyone, you get toning sticks to which come in handy on the 'flat abs' dvd :)
Thanks for the speedy reply :) I'm really un-coordinated and, well, fat! So get really embarrassed about doing this stuff (even on my own in my house with the curtains drawn- silly I know)

Not sure whether to go for the wii game or the dvd though... hmmmm
I have zumba for the wii and I love it! But I also go to a class. There's only 6 of us and I am the biggest but I also know I am one with better coordination so am not worrying so much on how I look! I love it I sweat so much lol
Is it knackering but noone can see you so you can kind of go at ur pace!!!!
You know thinking about it, this being scared of a zumba game / dvd is silly, am sure that must be an old feeling that I don't need anymore
Good for you! just enjoy and no one needs to know or see you if that is what is holding you back! I hate seeing myself at classes so never stand in front of the mirrors but I still go for it when I'm there!
does the belt with the Zumba Wii game fit all sizes? been checking it out on ebay as cant really afford the full price! Is it worth it?
I've got the DVD, used it twice so far. First time I loved it and was sweating loads but second time I felt a right plank doing it and turned it off (and that was with the blinds shut). I'm not the most coordinated of people :( I'll do it when noone is watching next time!
I used to hate exercise until I discovered Zumba. I always feel good when I go to classes because everyone is in the same boat. At home, however, I struggle with my hubby and kids around. I feel like a plonker! Will have to wait until I am home alone!! X

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