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I will do this!!!


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Dunno about toning but its a lot of fun!!! I love mine it like doing a class in my living room!!

Stephie77 xxx


I will do this!!!
im looking forward to having a go. I do NO exercise now so doing wii zumba for a few days a week must do something!
zumba is fab i have it on kinect and also the dvds i go to a class on a monday its loadsa fun n not to hard to get into if it doubt just shake ya ass my instructor says lol for more of a workout try jillian michaels 30 day shred its the trainer from the biggest loser usa shes fab im starting mine again on monday its only 20min workout n there are 3 levels x :)


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I have zumba on the Wii. It is a lot of fun, my only criticism is that if you have never done zumba before (which i haven't) it is very hard to follow at times because the dancer is more of an outline rather than being in detail so you can't see exactly what is going on always. For that reason i'm also going to get the DVD so i can learn the moves properly.

Zumba is the best fun i've ever had exercising. I have lots of exercise games for the Wii and this is the only one i've gotten out more than once and actually look forward to playing. The sessions are a nice length at 20 minutes which is just about right as i don't think i could cope with a lengthy session on this diet, and you can work up a really good sweat in that time without even feeling like you are 'exercising'. I feel it the next day as my bum, tummy and leg muscles all ache!


I will do this!!!
brilliant thanks guys
u should try the zumba classes to there fab and the instructor breaks it down for u lots of fun x dvds are fab i not keen on the game version x
moo cow said:
I am inspired...............
Gonna at least take it out the packaging and put it in the machine lol
go for it hun im starting bk on mon after first wi av fun!:)
I love zumb,a I went to classes but little short of cash atm so got them on dvd and love doing it, really good work out!
Its rather energetic lol
It will take some getting use to but I'm sure I can crack it!
Didn't help that OH was sat watching me........I will have to make him take a turn :D


I will do this!!!
i want to do the classes but im short of money and im too embarrassed to go and make a fool out of myself!! fingers crossed it arrives today :)

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