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♥ Nicki's Diary - Confessed Scale Abuser - +2lbs ♥


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I've not had a diary to write in for a almost a week now and i'm really missing it, so thought i'd start one.
Ok so i'm Nicki, i have done slimming world more times then i can remember over the last decade, along with a fair few others. I always lose weight with sw and yet i always give up eventually. Mostly though laziness when i don't want to cook or plan and just eat junk and then i usually start ww and then i eventually get sick of the amount of junk i'm eating. I recently started on a vlcd called w8, lasted just over 2 days with headaches and tummy ache, to be told by the doctor i was allergic and to stop it immediatly as my blood pressure was increasing. Was told to only do ww or slimming world, so hey presto here i am.
I'm going back to my old group on tuesday, i am looking forward to it because i no it works, i just need to keep organised and motivated.

My main motivation is babies, at the moment getting preggo is near impossible as i'm not ovulating, which is most likly to the extra person i'm carrying around in lard :D I'm finding it hard at the moment because everyone around me seems to be falling pregnant accidently and i've been trying for over a year now. Anyway i'm hoping/prayer/wishing that this is it for me now, if i can get enough off, i can put it back on with baby weight :D

I've been reading peoples diaries but haven't commented as i feel a little like i'm invading, but i'm enjoying reading about other peoples successes.
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Babies eh? What a brilliant motivation. Good luck with your weightloss journey and I really hope that you're cycle starts peddling. It can be really hard when it seems like it's everyone else is being 'blessed'. Really hope your time comes soon.



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Hi Nikki,
I also live in Kent and my name is Nikki also is that weird or what.
Hope your soon be sucessful with getting pregnant, and look forward to speaking again, don't you just love this site. :)
Good luck with Tuesday!


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Thanks for the welcome. Babies should be a massive motivation but sometimes not enough, think sometimes its easier to blame the weight then risk finding out its something unfixable, if that make sense.

Shopping tonight, got a list as long as my arm and its all slimming world friendly. Joining group tomorrow evening but i'll start doing it from tomorrow morning. Got sent home from work early as they were short on seats, love it, although now i'm bored. But i'd rather be bored at home then at work :D
My new blackberry should be arriving today, i'm gonna rule the world with it, or at least mine.


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Well i'm a bit sad i've had to change my username, i couldn't sign in to minis on my phone, bummer!
I joined group last night and it was lovely to be back, the ladies (and men) are so lovely. The only trouble is the cupboard is absolutly bare, i have nothing but pasta, green day it is then :D Going shopping tonight so its not all bad. I'm going to try and stick to red days and have EE days at the weekend, not sure i'll eat enough superfree foods but i'll give it ago.
Hi Nikki

Thought i would pop along and have a nose at your diary! your in good company on team queensize, a few of us on there are also hoping to get preggy soon, so we can all support each other. My periods went a bit haywire after i piled on the weight, they were always ok before that, within a month of doing sw they were back! so fingers crossed you will be ovulating in no time! There is loads of lovely recipes on here, i drool everytime i look in recipe section!!! best of luck hun xx


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Feeling pretty down after an epic fail to stay of track. I went to a bbq and was pretty positive i'd stay on track, but i think the universe were determined to make me fail. The BBQ didn't get lit until 8pm, i got there at 1pm to set up so we were starving, ended up eating the pringles and some oat biscuits, there was no diet drinks, then when the food was ready i had to burgers and buns and a rib. Guess there are positives, i could have eaten alot more then i did, i could have drunk alot more then i did, i did a fair bit of walking before the BBQ started and i did walk home sober. Todays been ok, gone a few syns over because i forgot i'd had breakfast, but i doubt it will do much damage.
I am struggling at the moment, i use all my syns daily but not on treats, i have coleslaw, sugar on breakfast and clover lighter and thats about it. Guess its just such a difference from being on WW, where i could and did have a load of junk. Oh well first weigh in on Tuesday, just hoping i've not done too much damage.


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hi hun

your doing great so dont let this get you down. you havent been that bad at all! you could have been a hell of a lot worse! so draw a line under it and start afresh today! would you not make syn free coleslaw, maybe use flora ex light, 0.5 syns per teaspoon, and candarel or something. Its down to personal taste, but i prefer to use the lower syn options for things like that, and then save my syns for treats! the syn free coleslaw is yummy, i make a big pot and keep if for through the week xxx


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Hey I can totally relate with the BBQ thing but a few tips; take your own bottle of diet drink and a bowl of freshly cut fruit and veg, it appears to be a gesture of generosity and good will plus you can graze on the stuff without worrying about syn values etc.

I envy your use of syns in meals over treats, I can never get the time to get scales out and measure everything so tend to keep the syns for treats like choccy bars etc.
hyer hun, just wanted to say hello and welcome! what a fab goal to have a baby!! I had sophie 8 months ago and love her to bits, we want to ttc again next year but I dont want to get pregant again at the weight I am at the mo! Good luck and glad you have a nice supporting group.


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Thanks guys, i did make some coleslaw but it wasn't as nice as the asda stuff :D i did just add mayo though, maybe i need to find a proper recipe. I tried the half spoon sweetner stuff but i found it had a chemically taste.
I've been good today i was sat in work today thinking 'hmm i could just give up on the week, grab a sausage roll and start again Tuesday' but i didn't thought it would be a waste of the last week, so i went and got a nana and had some pasta when i got home. Going shopping tonight and have pasta n sauce with roast chicken for tea. Tomorrow i'll have a red day, i don't usually eat on weigh day but it prob does no good, so i'm gonna eat a little and try not to eat after 3pm. Hope everyones monday is going ok


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Ooooooh i was bad and got on my scales and i've put on a pound, i'm not sure how accurate they are, god i hope they're way off! I'm a bit nervous in all honesty, i haven't been 100% with the bbq fiasco but i hope i've done enough.


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Hi ya, try not to get on your own scales, I know it’s a big temptation to do but it can dishearten you and sometimes make you go off the rails, I weigh myself at home as I don't go to a SW club, but I discipline myself to WI on a Monday only, I put them in under my daughters bed out of the way during the rest of the week, I have also told my OH if I gain I will weigh in front of him, (thats a big incentive to keep to plan) If I could afford to go to a class I would give them to my mum who lives 20 miles aways to look after them, Keep positive and hope all is well, keep in touch

Well done choccy button :happy036:
You are off to a great start....Keep up the brilliant work and off those scales ;)
Heres to another good week :D


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Just wanted to say well done on the loss and to say that after trying for a baby for 19 months i fell pregnant after joining SW and losing 1.5 st. Its worth the wait believe me. My little boy is 11 months old now, i was exactly the same, all my friends and my sister and sister in law fell pregnant whilst i was desperate to have a baby, its so hard but like i said, absolutely worth every moment. Good luck on your weight loss and on your baby journey xx


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Been a nightmare few days, hubbys brand new (3 day old, less then 300miles on the clock car) has broken, a sensor has gone and it will take 6 weeks to fix, taken 6 months to get the car. I went out for dinner and a movie with a friend last on wednesday and yesterday i was good all day but hubby came home with a chinese. So i have to try and regain some ground before weigh in, going to dig the wii fit out, not sure how that will work with my knees but we shall see.
On a positive note, i finished my NVQ 2 yesterday, it needs to be checked, but my assessor says it isn't checking the work just her marking. So i should get my certificate next month and i'm paying my first installment for my A levels, so will have plenty to keep me occupied in the next few months.
Now only if i can get my freaking diet in gear and stay on track and get happier, meh.


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Well i was up 2lbs on weigh in but it was justified, i hadn't been on plan at all and it was a pretty bad week all round. The start of this week isn't much better, i'm trying to get my finances in gear, i've been very silly and ignored them for years and they needed to be done. Some are being paid off on hubbs credit card, so i'll be working my behind off to pay him back. Does mean everything we were planning is on hold, like holidays, moving, babies, but i feel ok about it. I'd be more stressed and worried with all the debt over my head. It also gives me the chance to lose weight without pressure, its not for a wedding or a baby or because my mother told me too, its because i want to. Feeling better about things already and the stress is making me not hungry so hoping for a good week.
I'm sticking to what i no this week, so gonna be having green days using my hexb for meat, maybe if i can start eating more superfree i will be able to start EE, but until i've got a decent amount of weight off, i'll stick to red/greens.


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To say that i'm stressed at the moment is a massive understatement. I'm the first to admit i'm a bit pants with money, when i was off for 2 years with my breakdown, i couldn't make my payments and rather then sorted it, i moved and ignored it for years. Dunno whats changed, maybe i've grown up a little now or maybe i'm just strong enough to deal with it now.
Anyway i'm slowly getting it sorted, i'm going to open a bank account next week and going to get sorted. Babies, moving and holidays are on hold, but i'm suprisingly ok with this, in fact its taken a lot of pressure off. Before i was dieting to be slim enough to have a baby. Now i have a couple of years to get my money sorted, to get to grips with my diet and maybe have a little fun.
On the subject of diets, its going pretty well but thats basically because i'm to stressed to eat or sleep, not good but least i'm sticking to it when i no i would usually want nothing but chocolate and crisps. Maybe i really am growing up.

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