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0/T Anyone technical out there?


My 3 Furry Amigos
Hi Aurora, I'm middling technical, I do know you need to buy special cables to connect up both video and dvd recorder, it's not just as simple as playing one to the other.

Cables are bound to be cheaper than paying for the service, ask in your local electrical shop, I don't know what cables are called but they will

Hi Lilly,

I do have scart leads to connect the two. I just don't want to do something to bust either one or both.

Are you saying that if I can connect them it will work?


My 3 Furry Amigos
you won't bust them, but its not scart leads that you need, its another cable (sorry still don't know the name) mmmm I was beginning to question myself there for a second, but I know that your video recorder will work on one AV on your TV and the DVD recorder will automatically go onto another AV, hence they won't actually record one from the other...

maybe someone else will come along and give you more info, as I said I'm only middling technical, haven't got the full knowledge, sorry
Thanks so much for trying to help. I am very grateful.

The reason I am asking now is that QVC have a special offer on at the moment (as I type!) for a machine that will do exactly what I want but don't want to waste money if I can transfer video to DVD with the equipment I already have.
Just phoned a friend.

He says that he thinks the videos I have will be protected and therefore I won't be able to copy them. Anything I have recorded at home will be OK.

As I want to copy all the bought videos I have, this is not welcome news!!!!! Grrr! :sigh:

Wouldn't it record from the TV screen and not from the cassette?

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