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1 or 2 Healthy Extra A's?


Slow but sure....
I think it's up to you to decide how many HEXA's you use, you are given a choice of 2 every day.

I mainly just have one which is my skimmed milk allowance, but the days that I have cheese in my food plan I have an extra HEXA - as I say it's your own choice really.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Im doing this too dreaming and im having 1A and 2B's - gonna see how this goes and tbh i can manage fine with just the 1A for milk ( i only take a tiny bit in tea and dont have cereal) and cheese!
Good luck
I think you can have 1 or 2 A choices but you have to have 2 B choices.

Because the food is a little more restricted, it's to make sure you get enough calcium and fibre.

On EE, most of that is meant to be provided by your free and superfree foods but it's more balanced.

I usually have all of them. I pretty much have cereal for breakfast every day, and I like having cheese (usually 28g on a sandwich or grated over a potato or something).

Usually my B choices are a jacket potato or if a green day I have a portion of meat. It all depends what has been planned for dinner.

I find red days hard as I don't want to just eat a meat platter, although a warm chicken and bacon salad can sometimes do the trick!

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