1000 Calories a day!

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  1. Hi - Starting from Sunday 11th May i'm going to be living on 1000 calories a day. Does anyone want to join me? Would be nice to have someone to share the highs n' lows of dieting with!
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  3. cc28

    cc28 Full Member

    I will join you! What are you going to be eating, shall we do a meal plan of some sort?
  4. Hi cc28 - Nice to hear from you!
    What am i going to be eating? Whatever i want -I'm going to be eating the foods i enjoy (just as long as i'm counting the calories and keep to the daily 1000 maximum) I'm lucky that most of my favourite foods are low in calories/fat...
    Fish, Chicken, Quorn
    low fat Yoghurt, skimmed Milk
    Jacket/new potato, Baked Beans
    Twiglets, nut/seed bars, Jaffa cakes
    Weetabix, Oats, Wholemeal bread
    ice lollies n' lollipops
    All Fruit n' Vegetables...just some of the foods i like! I think i can consume my daily 1000 calories made up of most of these foods. What kind of foods do you enjoy cc28?
  5. cc28

    cc28 Full Member

    my meals tend to be be meat or poultry with rice or pasta with veg. also soups, sandwiches. I fall down with my snacking. I eat a lot of buttered toast and tea and sometimes i really go to town with the chocolate:eek:

    But I am going to cut down on the tea which will mean I cut out any cakes, chocolate, toast and biscuits which tend to go with it.
  6. Hey cc28 - cutting down on Tea sounds good to me! I understand that need to eat a yummy snack with a nice cup of Tea - Every time i make myself a hot drink i think "Shall i have a slice of toast or a biscuit with it" when i'm not even hungry! :eek:
    I usually drink 6-8 cups of Tea/Coffee a day! I think i'm gonna limit myself to 4 cups!
    So, are you with me on this '1000 calorie a day' thing? Starting tomorrow?
  7. cc28

    cc28 Full Member

    Yes I am in. I have not had my morning cup of tea today am going out for a long walk.

    I dont know how long I will stay the course as I am thinking about going back to Lighter life or a similar programme. Purely because I weighed a lot mor ethan i thought I did this morning and I want tolose weight quickly and maybe I need that structure.

    But for today i will have carrot soup homemade for lunch and then prob a small portion of roast dinner. willlet you know my total. I am going to try and have no mor ethan 3 cups of tea today.
  8. Hi cc28 - Sorry to here that your morning weigh-in didn't go
    well. I weigh in every morning and do the silly thing of allowing the scales to make or break my day - depending on what they say! I'm kinda content with what my scales told me thismorning. A long walk sounds good - I went out for a little walk thismorning (30 minutes)
    If you choose to go back to 'Lighter life' - that's cool! It'll be nice to have you with me in the meantime! :)
    Good Luck for today - Hope you manage to lay off the cups of Tea! I'll check in later to see how you're doing n' let you know how i'm doing.
  9. Hi, Well i'm stuffed - I've done enough eating for one day!
    I managed to stay under 1000 calories, i consumed between 700-800! Today I've had....
    200 ml skimmed milk
    1 packet of chewing gum
    1 piece of weetabix
    1 mullerlight yoghurt
    3 cups of coffee n' 1 Decaf Tea with sweeteners
    1 tin of Tuna
    1 small Pepper
    Salad (Lettuce/cucumber/Tomato/Beetroot) with low fat dressing and 5 glasses of Water.
    I haven't done too badly...How's your day been cc28?
    Just wondering cc28 - Whats the problem with your weight?
    How much do you want to lose?
    Does anyone else out there fancy joining us?
  10. BlatentBunny

    BlatentBunny Full Member

    Well I'm watching my calories as well as fat intake (orlistat) so I guess I fall in here :)

    My tickers tell all, as well as my diary thread, what have I had today....


    225 ml skimmed milk
    30 g Honey Nut Loops


    Mini pitta pocket
    Thin spread of Philadelphia extra light
    wafer think turkey


    Mixed salad leaves
    Chopped beetroot
    Pickled Onions
    Turkey bread fillet brushed with semi skimmed milk and sprinkled with bread crumbs
    14 cherry tomatoes (slow roasted in the oven with French basil, garlic, salt and pepper and 10ml of sunflower oil to float it)


    Low fat yoghurt.

    How many calories am I up to, it's less than 20 g of fat.

    Bunny x
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  11. Hi there Bunny - welcome! I'm not sure exactly how many calories you've consumed today but i think it's under 1000 for sure. What you've eaten today sounds great to me! Keep eating like that and you'll soon lose weight! Hope you stick with us - the more the merrier! :)
  12. BlatentBunny

    BlatentBunny Full Member

    I do have a challenge ahead in a couple of weeks, I'm having a BBQ at my partners place and a couple of the guests are diabetics and have asked that I have a few no fat items for them, problem is there doesn't seem to be much option on 'no fat BBQ'

    I know I can whip up a mass of salads and such, cucumber in yoghurt, the usual hot salad toppings and things like that, but other than vegetable kebabs I'm lost!

    Any and all suggestions, tips or ideas welcome!

    Bunny x
  13. cc28

    cc28 Full Member

    Hi littlebluedonkey

    I am 13 stone and I would like to be 10 and a half. Today I didnt have what I planned at all as day didnt go as expected.

    I had a chicken and mayo sandwich 400 cals and a large bowl of homemade lamb and carrot soup- about 500 cals

    and no tea!!! Just water. Very, very good for me. Had a massive headache but ok now.

    I think we deserve a pat on the back each
  14. Hi cc28 - well done girl, today has been a success for you! And no Tea - i'm impressed! It doesn't matter that you didn't stick to what you'd planned to eat - what's important is keeping to the 1000 calorie maximum. Keep up the good work! Yes we do all deserve a pat on the back!
    BBQ ideas for you Bunny - Chicken fillets and Tuna steaks taste good on the BBQ (low in fat/cals) Veggie Kebabs sound good to me! Obviously you'll be eating lots of Salad!
    A small jacket potato wouldn't hurt! The important thing is - that you enjoy yourself at this BBQ and not let dieting "can't eat this, can't eat that" worries spoil things for you!
    I'm wishing you both Good luck for tomorrow!
  15. cc28

    cc28 Full Member

    Hiya thanks so much! I ditto the salad and a healthy attitude to food.

    So far today i have had soup 250 cals, sandwich 500 cals and plan to have a hearty soup for dinner 500 cals- a bit over today but went to gym and felt really hungry for sandwich afetr! And no tea! How are you getting on?
  16. Hi cc28, Wow - you've made it through a 2nd day of our '1000 calorie maximum' diet. It doesn't matter that you went slightly over, you've done great - plus you have been to the gym! I've done ok today...I walked for 45 minutes - it doesn't seem like much but i guess any kind of movement is positive! Today i've had...
    2 cups of coffee and 2 Decaf Tea's (with sweeteners and skimmed milk) 6 glasses of Water, 1 packet of chewing gum, 1 mullerlight yoghurt, Grapes n' Strawberries.
    1 slice of toast with a lil' Marmalade.
    1 tin of tuna with a small pepper and low fat dressing,
    salad (lettuce/tomato/cucumber/beetroot)
    I managed to keep under 1000 calories - I think i've consumed 800-900 approx! Feeling good! Won't it feel good when we've made it through a whole week of this diet!
  17. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    :( Please try to eat more than 1,000.

    A 1,000 calories is too low for a calorie controlled diet. It's not safe, neither is it healthy :(
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  19. Hi KD - yeah i agree, a '1000 calories a day diet' is a lil' unsafe/unhealthy but i find it works for me, I can function just fine on 1000 calories a day! The minute i start passing out i'll quit! I've been living on 1200-1500 calories daily for the past 2 years - i've only dropped my daily calorie intake a little bit to lose a few lb's for the summer. I think it's sweet that you're concerned about our health but it's our choice. If we become ill then it'll be a lesson learnt!
    cc28...Bunny...Do you guys wanna pull out of this unsafe diet?
  20. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    :D Nicely put :D Not so concerned about you becoming ill...well I am...course I am :D, but I think that's unlikely in the short term.

    More concerned that you'll stop losing weight, or find it so restrictive that you'll struggle to keep to it for very long.

    Guess you can always increase it when the time comes.

    I only mentioned it really incase others thought it was perfectly safe and a great way to lose.

    It sounds like you know what you are doing and are aware of the pitfalls :)
  21. BlatentBunny

    BlatentBunny Full Member

    No KD it IS sweet. :)

    I don't think I'm actually on 1,000 calories a day, I re-read the Scottish Slimmer book I'm working from and it looks more like 1,200-1,300 a day, including my snacks.

    If I might, I think KD is trying to point out a phenomena knows as feast and famine.

    Simply put, if we eat a number of calories that appear to our bodies to be 'starving' us we will lose weight, however as soon as ANY number of fat or calorie rich foods hit our system it'll think it's the end of a famine and panic into turning anything over the 'starving' calories into fat to lay down for the next famine.

    Perhaps a better way of saying 1,000 calorie diet is 'reduced calorie intake' anything below what you normally eat will initially result in a weight lose.

    Bunny x

    Menu today


    Honey Nut Loops 30g
    Semi skimmed milk 125ml


    1/2 Cinnamon, raisin and apple bagel
    3 slices of turkey.


    Vegetable chilli (home made and virtually nil calories)
    Low fat yoghurt

    Snack this evening

    Fruit cocktail (in fruit juice)
  22. Hi Bunny - it's been another positive day for you! you've eaten well, 1200 - 1300 calories sounds good to me! I'm at the stage now where if i were to eat over 1000 calories i'd probably put on weight, lol. I'll be sticking with 1000 calories max daily throughout the summer n' then increase my calorie intake to 1200 - 1500 daily, in Autumn/Winter. I don't mind a slight weight increase once the cold weather sets in as i can hide under big n' baggy snug jumpers, lol. Good luck with tomorrows calorie counting!
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