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12 weeks


I will do this!!!


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I think if you do the AAMW regularly you can continue for longer. A lot of what is put on the Exante website is just to cover their backs really. Not that I'm saying there aren't problems or could never be problems following this plan but for most overweight people it isn't a quick or easy decision to make........ most of us will research and ask questions and be aware of anything that doesn't feel right. So imo there isn't a problem following the plan for longer than 12 weeks provided it isn't used to be unhealthy (ie very underweight)... in fact quite the opposite... its a very healthy way to lose the fat that's making us ill. And most people who use it will ask for help if they feel there are any problems.


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I started on March 7th this year - I add a meal about once a week and have never felt better. I plan to continue as long as I can.


I will do this!!!
The thought of adding a meal sounds good but i dont think i can do it. If i have some chicken or salad will i be able to stop myself having a teeny bit of salad dressing....or a small bag of crisps etc etc i think personally for me its a very slippery slope.


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For me, I see the AAM and WS days as trial runs really, at some point we're all going to have to go back to eating food of some kind - I find it a helpful way to have practice at it, and hopefully start re-educating myself for when food is part of every day life again.


I will do this!!!
im only on day 6 so i think i'll leave it a while before adding food in, even though im really struggling tonight!!! :(


I will do this!!!
i hope so! :)

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