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Going From Flab to FAB!
Ive been lurking on this part of the site for a while now,
Ive been and joined Cd .. went this morning am sorted with packs and today is day 1 ...
Im 34 and weighed in at 15.01 :( :eek: im 5f3 my BMI is 37
Im just having a cup of black tea (a 1st) its OK i spose.
Im just contenplating what to have for my lunch, Im kinda trying to break myself in slowly .... Ive got alot of soups oriental chilli, veg, spicy tom, leek and pot, chick and mush ....a normal porridge and shakes Vanilla, Choc, Choc and mint, strawb and toffee and walnut,

Any suggestions which soup to ave a go with for my lunch ?

I just want to say you all come across as very supportive and im glad to be able to join you.
I wasnt given any wee sticks from my CDC so hoping to pick some up from chem this week to test for ketosis ..

Looking forward to this journey .. and following everyone elses to :)
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Hi Pixie

COngratulations for joining CD and getting your packs and things sorted...

to tell you the truth the test of time will play a big partin your packs, i started liking the soups and by the time i stopped i hated the soups, no particular reason why but just did, all i cna say is try one at a time and find out which you like. its a case of trial and error!

i wouldnt really go for the ketostix, if you stick to the diet you will be in keto land within the first 5 days or so, you dont need to pee on a stick to figure it out, i think it is a way of wasting money. honestly stick to the diet and you will be in ketosis in no time!

good luck with your journey!

K x


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welcome to CD land!
As K said above, try everything once, and if you like it order it next time! thats what I did, and im still loving it now!
Good luck with it, you will be in keto soon


Still fighting

just wanted to say hope you do great with CD - like you I'm on WW'ers when i stick to it but am comtemplating CD as the results seem fantastic! I think as people say if you can get past the first 4/5 days then you kind of half way there with it so to speak.

Let me know how you get on with your soups :p

Best of luck hun

T x


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if you cut down/out the carbs/alcohol/caffeine a few days before you start it makes the first few days alot easier to deal with...

Im going back to ww'ers to maintain hopefully by then end of jan... think its good to dip in and out of both! I love CD, its fantastic, the results are amazing, but I need the control of ww to maintain it forever!!


Going From Flab to FAB!
Aww thanks :) .. lovely replies

Ok so ive just had a leek and pot soup I kinda liked it altho it sempt a bit salty on the toungue ... and there is a bit left in bottom of cup cos its a little tooooo thick maybe i should have halved it ...
think im going to try one of the choc mint warm for my supper tonight and maybe a strawb for my tea time fix :)

Just seen your post Alyb .. ive gone into it cold turkey .. if i ease myself .. i just wont ever get there .. cos ill always have an excuse sooo cold turkey for me :)
Welcome and good luck! They are a supportive bunch on here so any problems - let us know. And of course, tell us all about the HUGE successess you will have too!

Welcome to the club

A x


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stick with the soups, you get used to them! leek and potato is one of my faves, I have a massive mug for mine, i mix it up using the blender, but use over double the amount of water, it fills my huge mug and fills me too!!!
Hi Pixiepiratess,

Congradualations on your forst step, I'm on day one too today and very confident. I have been kurking around here too and if it wasn't for this forum i doubt very much that i would have joined, everyone is very supportive and i like here lol. Saw my cdc today she's lovely and got the shakes,soups and porridge,starting with the SS/+ depending on how i get on.

I'm 5ft 5" and 11.9st and am hoping to lose at least 1.7st.

So here's to our new journies, we can do this.
Hi Pixie, I'm a newbie here too, I start mine on friday (cant wait!), I'm looking forward to making my breakfast one a vanilla with coffee in it heated up, I'm hoping the soups will be ok too, as we need something to keep us warm in this freezing weather! x


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hi pheonix rising thanks for posting :) ...
Good Luck for friday .. ooo ill be almost a week in by then :) and hopefully in this magical thing they call Ketosis :)
Like you I have started today but I first did this journey 2 years a go to great success so today I am just head down, drinking what I need to, not thinking about food and focusing on the fast weight loss to come.

I lost my 3 stone on strawberry and banana shakes 2 years ago and this week will just be strawberry as that is all I have got.

I have cancelled my planned birthday night out next week and asked for a pair of shoes instead.

I have finally decided that I have got to stop talking about losing this weight and going on a diet, I am finally taking action.

Good luck on your weight loss and look forward to loosing your weight and treating yourself to anything thing you like as long as you can't eat it.


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hehe ... thats why i can't ease Numnums .... its got to be in at the deep end! ...
Ive just had half a choc mint shake warm, and i was pleasently surprised, actually quite satisfying .. altho think i should have had a whole sachet, but didnt! .. halved it to save for when the family is eating their own tea! .... soo ill know for tomorow to have a whole one in a bit mug :)


Going From Flab to FAB!
Yep almost done! .. Im struggling with a little voice at the bad of my head at the moment, he popped in there about 2 hours ago and he is saying "oh how stupid are you for not eating"
"who cares if your 10 stone or 20 stone"
"just come off it noone will say anything"
I wish it would shut up !!!!!!!!!!!!!
"you always fail anyway so just eat somthing"
Hi all,

I did cambridge two years ago and lost just under 3 stone. Crept up though as I wasn't making any effort what-so-ever to maintain!

Today is day 1 and I have even gone to a step class too!. I find it is better to add exercise as when I stop it will be easier to keep it off. Also as you lose weight you are toning so also looking nice and firm!

For once I am actually looking forward to summer clothes! :flirt2:

Good luck to all of us and lets keep each other posted!

We can do it!! xxx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Ok Day 2 for me .......... i woke this morning got up and then almost fell over i fell into the wall! sooo spacey and dizzy! Im out at 8.30 school run and then work! hope i can concentrate cos ive got a fair bit of responsibilty
Ive had half a pint of water since waking, and will be taking some with me to work for in the car....... Porridge was a disaster! FOUL is the word id use! it made me heave .... and turned my stomach !! So im now on a warm choccy shake, big yummy mug full! and it is YUM ... I think ill be needing to see my CDC before monday to exchange some packs cos ive got another 5 porridge out there :( ...

Ok so today i think is going to be a toughy, i still feel like a space cadet, will this pass? ............ and i feel a bit heady and weak!