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2 months to loose as much as physically possible...hoos in?

Hi guys,

im a 22 yr old single mom with a 1 yr old. its my mates weddin in 2 months n im maid ov honor. its taking place in dominican republic. i ordered my dress 2 sizes smaller than what i currently am n they cant add extra material to it. I still aint shifted the weight.

Is there anyone that was to join me fight the flab? anyone else got big goals cumin up?

i currently work mon, wed n friday n i still have exams to sit at uni. :(

need to loose 1.5 -2 stone by then...26th Aug
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YOu would need to lose 3 lbs per week for that and on a week to week basis not sure you will achieve it with ww but it is worth trying - good luck
the lady @ ww told me its approx a stone loss 4 each dress size u go dwn.. hence y i put 1.5-2..

have u found that to b true or is it more/less


when i started weight watchers i was wearing size 14, ive since lost a stone and i can fit in to size 10 now, i think it really depends on every one as an individual, i have lost alot of inches too so that may be why also it depends where i shop, i wouldnt say its a unrealistic goal... u would just have to work really hard, if your willing to put in the effort i dont see why you wont achieve it :)
I'd say try toning up at the same time as well as doing ww, toning up will change the shape of you body faster than dieting alone. But ww is a slow and steady weight loss I know I've had a good few weeks to start off with but I've a lot to lose and not expecting to be getting these results every week. WW isnt about losing two stone in two months its about changing your approach to eating for the long term. You seem determined tho and you have a reason to be but just be careful that you dont crash diet and then end up bigger than you are now on the rebound, it happens, it happened to me. Either way enjoy your trip to the dominican republic and I'm sure you'll have a fab time at the wedding.
ok thanks guys...ima size 18 up top n 22 bottom :(

any tips to keep on d straight n narrow. i have a bad tendency to give up if i dont gt the results i want straight away, even thou i kno its a slow process!
i jus feel demotivated when i see ppl lose like 15 or 10lbs in first 2 weeks


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i agree with hannata on this, you may lose that amount for a few weeks and then you're body is going to fight back.

a vlcd you will probably do it if you don't cheat.

like sillykitten said you can bring you're size down in others ways without having to lose all that weight, if you're prepared to work hard.
if money is not a problem a gym and personal trainer would be good.
The gym/ personal trainer is an issue ATM because I had no1 to help look after my son. Hence why I'm a lil more unhappy.


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Walk walk walk!!!

You can put your son in the buggy & going walking. The weight of the buggy will be great too especially if you can find a slightly hilly area (bridge etc) to walk over. :)
Last summer I walked my dog around the streets for an hour each day & over 6 weeks dropped nearly 2 dress sizes without dieting!
My legs & thighs toned up & i tried to hold my tummy in whilst walking to tone that.
It does work. :) xx


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I know what you mean having children makes it so much harder to go to the gym etc. ive taken up walking now with the pushchair. Feeling the benifits already after just walking an hr a day for the past 10 days
Do the 30 Day Shred DVD - you lose inches rapidly. It's only 20 mins per day so you can do it when your bubby is asleep.

A meal replacement diet such as Exante or Lighter Life will drop the pounds quickest.

Good luck - you do have enough time if you get really focused now. xx
Just on the issue of not having the means for a gym, I'm near broke constantly and always trying to find cheap ways of doing things, walking is free as was mentioned but there's lots of work out videos on youtube, I've been doing zumba at home just search on youtube, lots of videos just follow along, and this is a link to dr.oz seven minute work out which i do a lot. YouTube - ‪Dr. Oz's Seven-Minute Workout‬‏ you dont need to buy weights, I use tins, or bottles filled with water, also lighter weights with more reps leads to longer leaner muscles as opposed to big bulky ones. The internet is a wonderful free resource, google is your friend :)
The gym/ personal trainer is an issue ATM because I had no1 to help look after my son. Hence why I'm a lil more unhappy.
6 weeks n you lost 2 dress sizes!! That is brilliant. I got 9 weeks to get to a 14 - 16. Plus I would love to actually wear a bikini for the first time in my life.

Think when I finish work I might start walking, by walking my son from nursery. It's a good 3/4 miles but it should be a nice day today!

I feel inspired lol


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I find Billy blank taboe DVDs are a great workout or you can get the firm DVDs which are australian instructors and all the workouts guarantee you will see results by your 10th work out so you would see results within 2 weeks. I got mine off amazon

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