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2011, the year of skinnyminnieme!

Hi everyone!

Just popping on to say hello.

Have done SW last year but uni work got in the way. I lost about 10lbs and of course put it back on.

Since then I'm fed up feeling awful when I overeat. I know im doing it, but i felt so healthy last time on SW. Of course i want to lose 2-3 stones, but feeling good is going to a be big plus!

Not going to the class until thursday (if at all) so doing my best as of today!

Well today i Had

Breakfast: 2 weetabix HEB
Semi skimmed milk HEA

Lunch: Baked potatoe with Baked beans

Snack: 2 Freddos 10syns

Dinner: Mug Shot. Banana. Toffee Mullerlight

Snack: Grapes
Chicken noodle cup a soup.

Im staying in a b&b tonight and tomorrow, so its going to be quite hard! i bought some salad in with chicken to eat, but no fork to eat with :(
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I'm in the same position as you! I joined SW last year, only managed to lose 9lbs & put most of that on over Xmas!

But now I feel like 2011 is the year I'm actually going to lose weight successfully! I'm just under 12st at the moment but would like to be about 9 & 1/2 stone.

Hopefully we can be buddies and push each other and help each other to stay on track? :)


Glad u popped up to say hi, as im 12st3 and want to be about 9st7 ish. will see how i feel when i arrive at 10st.

Id love to have a wee buddy to spur each other on. have u gone to class yet?

Im going to count my weightloss from my WI last week, so when i go on thurs ill hopefully have lost some!

gd luck to u!
Hi again!

Well I never stopped going to SW, I started in Oct, lost 9lbs then put most of it back on over Xmas, I suppose at least I kept going, even when I had gained and felt crappy!

Yes I'm setting myself small goals and see how I go, first goal; under 11st, second goal 10st, then I will see how I feel when I get there!

I weigh in on thurs so we should do a weekly weigh in with each other, to spur us on!

Good luck to you aswell! :)

Oh I see, handy your there on a thursday too, do u have a diary aswell?

Today so far:

Breakfast: Melon, pineapple, grape, mullerlight
Snack: Banana
Lunch: Baked potato & veg stir fry (not sure about the sauce as it was a cafeteria lunch) but contained lots of veggies and wasnt creamy.

Snack: small milky way Diet Coke

I'm not sure of the syns of a 21g milky way but ive seen that a double is 11 syns.. surprised at that! so im guestimating about 5.5 ??

Dinner is yet to be decided, but im staying late in uni and in the B&B again tonight so that makes things much harder!! if i can have the willpower against junkfood now I can do it anytime I reckon.
Nice to hear from you Nattymo! of course you can join us, ill just pop over to ur diary for a wee nosey then ;p

well i went to the students union for dinner, but just had quorn chilli and rice! now sitting with a wee cuppa tea with sweetener.

I guess I should count today as a green day, yet ive not had any of my healthy extras. hmm maybe ill get some milk to drink before bedtime hehe.

got some WW cookies, the pack of two toffee ones, any idea the syns?

Hi Nattymo,

Great! The more the merrier! Together we can keep each other motivated!


I do have a food diary, but not sure how to link it as I'm on the iPhone app!
Your food diary today looks great, not sure how many syns the little milky way bars are? Who makes them? Is it nestle? If I know I can look it up in my books! I have them all! Haha!

I have the books at home too. eh i think its nestle.

I just did a bad thing.. ill not even say what it was, now i feel rubbish bloated and horrid. Im gonna come back to read this when im tempted next time.

I know its no excuse but ive not been to my restart WI just yet anyway.. :p
I can't find them, but yeh I reckon their 5 or 6 syns, like you said.

Oh no, what did you do? Maybe if you tell it'll make you feel less guilty, or it might make you feel more guilty so you don't do it again?! Lol

What's stopping you go back? You should! It might make you more strict on yourself! :)

ok ok, it was a visit to the chip shop :(

line has been drawn under it anyhow.

Nothing stopping me going back, just cant attend a class until thurs night!

well today so far:undecided as to which colour!

B:banana, toffee mullerlight
Snack: fruit tea, 200ml semi skimmed milk HEA

Lunch: pasta salad in a tomatoey sauce with chickpeas & olives (not sure if they are allowed or not come to think of it!)

of to a boring presentation this afternoon, but hopefully itll not bore me to the state of needing chocolate :)

hows everyone else gettin on?

Nattymo, gd luck for ur WI today!

Yup that's right! Both of us tomorrow. Will be my first wi as a member so they're scales are prob diff to my own. Therefore I'm expecting some difference to my own wi.

Tonight for dinner it's tomato and veg pasta bake with low low cheese. Chicken bits too. Dauphinouse potatoes ? No clue as to syns there!
Pineapple melon and strawb fat free yog as dessert.

I'm in the iPhone app right now so need to have a proper look at how many syns I've had today later!
yeh the potatoes hmm i only had bout a spoonful but very creamy. dunno the syns!

However I shall be venturing to officially join tonight. Will see what their scales say.

According to my home scales im 2.5lbs HEAVIER!! than i was last week.

I am feeling incredibly bloated and uncomfortable (sorry if TMI!). hoping that if i drink plenty water this will help, also peppermint tea.

I think it may well be all the fruit thats causing my tummy upset. i love pineapple when doing SW but think it dont love me :( I have IBS so its just a gamble sometimes!!

anyhow back to the diary:

Bfast: Strawberry boots shapers bar - 5 syns
Brunch: 2 veg sausage (microwaved), baked beans, 2 poached eggs with a little fry light to stop them sticking to the wee poachy bits.

Lunch: Lentil & Vegetable soup (known to also make me bloated.. but its made so its getting eaten!)

In the meantime.. water water water!!!

gd luck to u tonight KJ!
well done KJ!

Well I rejoined last night, and my initial WI shows that Ive put on 6lbs since I last went to SW. Which isnt too bad I guess. However this does put me at my heaviest I can remember.

Therefore I am not cheating even once this week. Please feel free to point out anything I may be doing wrong!

with regards to the bloating, I drank loads of water yesterday and I feel much better today!

so today: Extra Easy

Got up at 1045 (the joys of being a student!)

so wasnt that hungry.

B: 2 bananas & cuppa tea
L: Lentil Soup
D: Unsure about this as I'm at work tonight. I have access to a cooker/microwave etc but might make something that I can just heat up, I could have fish and SW chips, or just take a pack of pasta N Sauce!

Still to use up my A's & B's. Gonna have a wee look at the book again for ideas.

hope u all have a gd day x
Well rest of today:

had 3 Multigrain Ryvita with my lentil soup (HEXB)
D: SW chips, Birds Eye baked in a bag cod 4 syns, frozen veggies

Snack: Wholemeal bread 3.5 syns Light Philly (think I could count this as my HEA? however if syned would be 3 so should be ok either way!)

Now sitting drinking boots shapers cream soda, its yummy!

either 7.5 or 10.5 syns (depending on if light philly could be HEA!) either way still 100% today :)
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