2013: The year of the continuing loss

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  1. paul1989

    paul1989 Full Member

    My previous thread


    Thought it was just the right time to start a new diary. Started off weighing 14st 12lbs on July 19th. If you read my previous thread I have been through ups and downs since then but got to the Xmas period weighing 13st 1lb. Now after a much longer then anticipated time off from the diet I weigh 13st 6lb, so all is not lost still nearly a stone and a half gone overall :)

    So a new month and a new start.

    My next goal

    I have friends coming to visit in 7 weeks, would like to drop a stone by then (2lbs a week, manageable). That would take me to 12st 6lb, a weight where I would be much much happier at and not far away from a realistic end target, maybe I would be able to aim for that end target by the 19th July, exactly a year after starting...but lets not get to far ahead yet :D

    So any new visitors or the lovely people I have talked to before, lets hope I can get moving downwards again :) x
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  3. paul1989

    paul1989 Full Member

    Jumped on the scales this morning after a day of no salty foods and a day of healthy eating and I was 13st 3lbs. My body just seems to be adjusting to the water it has been holding, but I will stick with 13st 6lb for this week, let my body adjust then see what I am down to on Thursday.

    Woke up with a lovely cup of green tea :)
  4. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Helloooo!! Here to follow the new diary!!
  5. paul1989

    paul1989 Full Member

    Thank you :) Hoping to be down to 13.4 or even 13.3 this week.

    That would prove to be a very succesful week. Just had boiled egg and oven chips for my tea, basically gonna be similar meals for the next 3 weeks. Need to literally count the pennies until 27th. Guess thats all good for my diet though, no chance of takeaways.

    I wanna see the 12 stones again, that would be amazing :D
  6. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Keep at it Hun you are getting so close to the 12's another couple of weeks and you will be there
  7. paul1989

    paul1989 Full Member

    Yeah fingers crossed. I can't even remember the last time I was in the 12's. I would say about 2 and half years ago. If I am not there by the end of this month then something has seriously went wrong :p
  8. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    If you are not there by the end of the month I will be seriously kicking your butt!!!
  9. paul1989

    paul1989 Full Member

    I will make sure I am there then :p
  10. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    I have a mean left foot!!
  11. paul1989

    paul1989 Full Member

    All going well today. Have a torrid next two weeks at uni coming up, 2 presentations and 2 reports to be done :(

    Spent 10 til 9 in there today finishing a group assignment, what a faff on. Its not even with people I particularly like, actually 2 of them I hate. Either way I am moving back home in May so never going to see them again haha

    My treat...had three boiled eggs instead of two and oven chips for my tea :p.

    I am lucky in that I am not a massive eater throughout the day, even when I eat unhealthy I would normally just eat one massive meal. People would say that one meals not the best way to go but I find it works for me and the meal I have is often more enjoyable.
  12. paul1989

    paul1989 Full Member

    I'm looking forward to Thursday. Hope to be near to where I was just before xmas 13st 1lb.

    My aim is to be at 13st 2lb though, then I can aim to be in the 12s next week. Now that would get me excited and really motivated. I feel better already this week, my flabby parts don't seem as flabby as normal :p haha
  13. paul1989

    paul1989 Full Member

    Bigggg presentation to do tomorrow, hopefully will go well. I don't think I have ever had a week where I have been this commited, not even a small slip up

    Before that though it is weigh day, I have lost I am sure. How much though is something that will be found out tomorrow. Hoping I am down to 13.3 or even 13.2, really means the 12s would be in striking distance next week :)
  14. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Good luck for tomorrow!! For the presentation and the weigh in!!
  15. paul1989

    paul1989 Full Member

    Thank you, hopefully it will be a good day all around :)
  16. paul1989

    paul1989 Full Member

    Massive success. -6 down :eek: granted some of this will be water weight after 5 weeks of eating all crap known to man but still over the moon, 1lb lower then I was before xmas.

    Just -2lb away from losing two stone and -1lb away from being in the 12s. What a big week this could be
  17. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Bloody hell!!! Amazing! Well done you what a buzz. Now to nail that presentation! Go get them!!
  18. paul1989

    paul1989 Full Member

    Thanks :D. Yeah it has really got me going, hopefully I can smash it :D

    Just worked out if I lose 2lbs a week until July 19th (a year since starting this). I would have easily got down to 10st, easier said then done though. Will be happy once I get down to 11.7st though, targets are seeming more realistic now. When I had 5 stone to lose just seemed like so much, now its only 3 to lose I am feeling more positive
    Last edited: 7 February 2013
  19. paul1989

    paul1989 Full Member

    Presentation went better then expected, what a relief.

    I did end up getting a pint afterwards tho :/ and ended up getting chicken wings and southern fried chicken from Morrison's on the way back. I've not ate today though and have seemed to spent most of the day walking....so those are my excuse for my massive cheat meal of the week :p

    Next Thursdays aim

    12st 12lb :)
    Last edited: 7 February 2013
  20. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Well after your fab day you bloody deserve a treat!! As long as you are back to it 100% From tomorrow then you will be fine xx
  21. paul1989

    paul1989 Full Member

    Not finding it a struggle getting back onto plan today :). I think if I do have treats its best to avoid takeaways, not just cos they are probably more unhealthy but I always have leftovers which tempt me the next day.

    This is my first day off in what seems like forever, but I feel I need to get up and go somewhere...very unlike me :p. Might get up and walk to Morrisons to buy some more eggs and green tea lol

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