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24/7 eating: Am I abusing free food?


I seem to be eating a lot !
Usually I'm busy at work, grabbing a small but high calories and fat sandwich and would rather drink alcohol and eat crisps/olives instead of dinner (to save calories).
It ends up with a high calories total, but im actually eating less.. so my stomach stayed relatively small.

Now that I'm unemployed, going on a booze detox, I find myself eating free food ALL the time.. I try to keep busy but whenever i'm at home - which is quite often now that i've no job and the weather is miserable-... i'm worried I end up with a bigger appetite than i started plus 2 pounds gain!!

today for example: (green)
150ml skim milk + 1 cheese triangle Extra low fat (HEXA)
2 slices warburton's wholemeal bread (HEXB)
baked beans, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms
2 frylight eggs
1 banana

160g sweet potato (baked)
2/3 of my plate green salad, fresh lemon juice dressing.
1 fat free muller yoghurt

370g home made fry light chips!
1 tbsp Extra light mayo (0.5 syns)
1 curley wurly (6 syns)
6 tbsp natural fat free yoghurt
200g tesco light choices cottage cheese
1 nectarine
1 cherry fat free muller light
2 warburton's bread (HEXB2)


And.. im ashamed to say that i'm still thinking about devouring pasta!

I feel greedier than when i started Slimming world!!:eek::eek::eek:

Sorry for the long post! I've read most of ur food diaries and the portions seem a lot smaller than what im eating now!
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Good afternoon xxx

I know that these foods are free foods but it is possible to go OTT. I KNOW we shouldn't talk calories but the 370g of fry light chips works out to about 450-500 calories.

Instead of worrying about how much you are eating it may be worth considering which free foods to eat if you know you are going to be eating tons (I know I can graze for England!!)

Hope that makes sense.
If you're eating for the sake of it, as we all do, especially in your situation, try making a huge pot of fee veg soup. Whizz it up. I've just had a bowl, and am half way through the 2nd. And I'm really, really stuffed!!! Your food sounds good for a green day though. HAving said that, my body coldn't cope with all thiose carbs, but I know most can



Wishing and hoping!
i have eat tons of carbs but i always make sure i have ss to have speed it up
the plan is to eat when ur full if you need to eat then go ahead but focusing on the worry of 'eating to much' can focus you to eat more, so relax and enjoy stick to the plan you will be fine however i do make sure i exercise as well
I think it sounds fine; I must be a big eater too.The only thing I would not do that you do is eat both my HEX Bs as bread. (personally)
I don't think you'll feel like eating this much every day. Some days my appetite is HUGE and i know that If I wasn't at work I would eat all day (and want to eat lots of naughty things!) so pat yourself on the back for every meal you stay on plan, and see what weigh-in brings. I think you'll be fine. Good luck!
Hi there,

I do the original plan but on my hungry days my food list would make yours look like a famine lol

The only thing I would say is get in more of those speed and super speed foods so add lots of melon, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and grapefruit to the list!
i dont think ur food sounds excessive..it sounds healthy and nutritious. read the book and stick to it, people will always say oooh u shouldnt do this or that, but do what the book says and if it works it works!
i think its fine. ive just cooked up loads of syn free chips to snack on when in only had mushy pea curry with chicken and sw chips 2 hours ago! oops! but if it stops me reaching for a dominos so be it!

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