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29 days to get bikini ready.....!


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:-0 ok I'm day 1 restart trying to get bikini ready too! They say there's no difference between ss+ and ss something like 1 lb per month but I was thinking the same thing I'd be interested in responses from others who have done both and can compare!

Good luck be strong u can do it keep those bikinis hanging up in constant sight as a visual aid!!
Good luck! I'm on day 6, it's going well. Thanks for the tip, I just took a pic of my bikinis too and gonna have that as the screen saver on my phone to keep me motivated!

I'm seeing my CDC on Monday, I'll ask her opinion, I've got 13 lbs to my target of 9.7, I hope 9.7 looks good enough for a bikini!

Stay strong! How long have you got?


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I'm sure it will look great that's my target too ideally or maybe 10 stone but i'l have to see how quickly it comes off

How tall are u?
I'm 5'3 and am carrying all my weight around my mid section which is so annoying! I'm trying to drink extra water too.

The weight does come off quick, but I always want it quicker! I did ss a couple of years ago and never lost more than 4lbs a week, but that'll be enough to get me to 9.7 for hols, if I can get below that and have a few lbs to play with I'll be chuffed!

How far off 10 are you?


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Well restart today and in currently 12 st 10 sounds so far but I know I can Defo get to ten within my 11 weeks I reckon if I'm 100% I could get into the 9a assuming my first two weeks bring me big losses

I carry most of mine around my middle too!