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2nd week on cd... dont think i can do this!!!

Hi, i started the cd diet last week on thursday, had my first weigh in yesterday and i lost on 5lbs :sigh: was expecting to lose abit more than that......is this loss normal
my starting weight was 13.10, yesterday i weighed 13.5 and target is 9.5 how long will it take to get to my goal
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G: 10st0lb
Sometimes it takes your body a while to adjust, if you had a lot of carbs before starting it could just be taking a time to work out, keep it up, honestly it's worth all the pain and I'm sure you'll get a good loss next week. x
yes i guess your right hanloje, thanks.........fingers crossed for next weeks weigh eh!


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G: 10st0lb
Definitely fingers crossed, get drinking that water, thinking positive and if you think nothing's happening try your old clothes on or measure yourself you'll find things are moving after all!
the average loss on ss is said to be 14lb per month. keep it up hun, well done.xx
thanks guys, it feels easy to lose weight already having you guys around, just a quick question should my cdc take down measurements every week when i go for a weigh in?
S: 16st5lb C: 12st5.0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 4st0lb(24.45%)

I only lost 3.5lbs in my first week and I stuck to it 100% :eek:

However, I have lost 4.5lbs this week so have managed 8lbs in 2 weeks.

Keep with it...you will get there in the end.

Well done hun, if you stick to 100% you will reach your target in no time. Just look at everyone elses losses!
i was supposed to see my cdc in the morning coz obviously ur much lighter becoz she couldnt make it on the last min i had to change appointment times i had to see her in the evening, i did go to the loo before but didnt make to much difference. i weighed myself at home in the morning and i was 2 lbs lighter than evening
Is salad allowed?

Hi. im in my second day of my second week, just wondering is salad allowed with my meal in the evening (soup) or will it effect my weight loss? thanks:)


Step away from the chips!
Not on SS, no but 2 tablespoons of green salad (as outlined in the books) is allowed on SS+


in this to win!..
Just keep going, do it the way you want to.
My cdc said i could grate a little cheese over one of my soups if i wanted to. I think it was the brocolli flavour.

You've already lost a lot, and thats great!!

Good luck
cheeeeeese........wow :eek: i never knew that would be allowed on the ss plan, anyway suppose little wont harm, will definetly bare this is mind, its always great to get that extra bit of taste in the soups, i love chilli flakes in all of my soups.....mmmmm, thanks martin for the info:)


in this to win!..
She told me that i could do it occasionally but to use caution. I think she said the broccoli and cheese soups can be a bit bland (as im still yet to try most of the flavors) and its a tip to get round it, but it would have to be an occasional thing.

Is there any flavors of shakes and soups you really dont like??
Curious to know what people thinks are the worst flavors.
well so far i have disliked the spicy tomato and the oriental chilli, and enjoy eating vegetable, potato and leek only, havnt tasted the rest (it all depends on individuals tastes)
from day 1 i have had a shake in the morning and soups for luch and dinner (works well for me) cant wait till next week to taste the bars yummy!!!!
hi all

mint chocolate shake if you like mint choc! yummy! and i really liked the toffee and walnut, more walnut than toffee though. you can tell i have a sweet tooth can't you? do you think that's maybe why i'm on the diet???


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