3 Months of LT and feeling light-headed past 2 days.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor

I've been feeling slightly dizzy these past two days. Has anyone else felt like this?

I know you can get light-headed when you start dieting, but I've been on LT for 3 months now.

I'm seeing the Doc on Tuesday, but I just wondered why I'm feeling like this.

Marylyn xx
Hi Marylyn,

You do have lower blood presure when your on this kind of diet as far as I am aware of.

So you need to get up slower from sitting and take it gentle getting out of bed.

If you let yourself get constipated that will do it too.

Lack of water.

Other than that I have no idea. I experienced at the start when I had a lot of weight to lose and I just took it easy, very easy.

If you feel it is something more than that be sure to phone your doctor as well you could ask or email Liptrim UK or telephone them as they do have experts there to answer questions.

Hope that helps.

Love Mini xxx
I have usually felt light headed if I haven't had enough to drink.

Doesn't hurt to go for a check up though. At least that way you'll be able to concentrate 100% on LT afterwards :D

Thanks girls

I think it may be lack of water; how silly of me.

I'll get some now and see how things go over the weekend.

Love Marylyn xx