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3 Positives for today...


has a thin girl inside!
*Sorry if there is already a post like this.*

I love reading diaries on here and have notcied that a lot of people are starting to record 3 positives for their day. What an amazing idea!

Reading positives can be so uplifting, so I thought instead of having them just in our diaries we could have them all on here...

Here's mine for 28th December 2011

1 - I took fruit to the cinema and avoided the overpriced high-syned treats.

2 - i have ignored all the left over christmas goodies in the house and eaten super free and free for snacks.

3 - I have made lunch to take to my friends house tomorrow.

They don't have to be food related and i'm sure that mine will not be food related every day!
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Lucia Lucia

Silver Member
Great idea, mine are:

1) I am back on plan after Christmas and eaten heaps of fruit and wee'd for England today so I know that gain is going in the right direction.

2) My rellies are coming here tomorrow instead of us going there so I can put out some low syn bits and that will make things easier.

3) I bought loads of reduced meat in Tesco's and have enough meat for a fraction of the price which will really help us through January.


has a thin girl inside!
I love reducued meats :) and if yr doing red days at all they are a must have!!


has a thin girl inside!
Right my 3 for today (29/12/11)

1 - visiting my friend, who is pregnant and taking us lunch so I know I can eat it all!

2 spent an hour being lazy in bed after hubby went to work :) never do this when he is here as he takes up the main on the bed lol.

3 - just about to enjoy a nice hot shower and put some of my potions and lotions on that I got this Christmas, don't need to leave the house until 10:30 so in no rush today :)

Hope everone else can think of 3 positives for today x


Like it!! Ok - here's mine for the day (although it is still quite early).

1) Tried new workout with slimming buddy at gym yesterday which was a real giggle, and can really feel that have worked this morning.

2) The agency haven't found me any work today, which means that I can go and see my lovely pal Mel while our OH's go off to buy things for their NYE party.

3) I've found a long-lost recipe for Eggs with Lentils and have all the ingredients to make it ready for tea tonight.


Silver Member
1. Been and weighed and even stayed to class!!!!!
2. Went to Asda and completed a storecupboard shop
3. Set up a drawer with low syn treats in it

X Kelly X

Silver Member
Love this idea. Here are mine.

1. resisted office goodies
2. writing a food diary again (on paper)
3. going to the gym tonight with my mum
and a sneaky other
4. feeling so in control of everything and feel FABULOUS about it!
5. menu planned for the whole week

oops sorry that was 5, but im glad to see im having a positive day!


Lucia Lucia

Silver Member
great thread,

1) Weighed in today and only gained 1.5 lbs over Christmas- delighted with that, really chuffed.

2) Put all the "naughtys" away. Froze the cheeses in 1oz chunks and whizzed up the breadcrumbs, froze some nice gammon etc and put the chocs in the cupboard so the family can still eat them but I dont have to look at them.

3) Finally got round to putting on the new duvet and cover, sheets, new pillows and cases on our bed we bought just before Christmas, love the feeling of new sheets.


Gold Member
Great Idea!

  1. Went to Gym and completed a class (am aching all over to prove it lol)
  2. Went to weigh in and only gained 1lb
  3. Bought size 22 jeans and they're comfortable!


has a thin girl inside!

1 - I've woken up in a good mood, feeling happy and 'less dense' lol

2 - hubby is currently cleaning and tidying the house ready for our weekend and has insisted I don't do any - would I go against what he says?!

3 - had a 100% EE day yesterday and potentially have 3 good red day meals planned for the day :)


Silver Member
Great thread idea, savouring the good things is really important especially in the dark winter months! :)

1 - I'm wearing my new top from Primark, in a 20 :)
2 - I just ate a Fibre Plus bar, and by gosh it was lovely. (Can see why you're only allowed 1 tho!)
3 - My fringe is finally back to doing what it's told, after being cut a bit too short before xmas. Yay! :D

Lucia Lucia

Silver Member
1) I felt like chocolate today and waited all day and had 1 thorntons chocolate after our evening meal and then put the box back! Have allowed 3 syns as it was a small mint choc.

2)Have only spent £40 on food shopping this week (usually spend £120)

3) Had a panic as had forgotten to order my sons ritalin before Christmas ( he has huge special needs) and the surgery were so kind and they will get them in for Tues instead of the usual week.


Silver Member
I like this as a way of not dwelling on the negatives.

1 I resisted going to macdonalds

2 I have curry bubbling away on the hob for dinner tonight and it is syn free

3 I haven't had to go to work.


Full Member
1. I have avoided all the chocs in the cupboard (I wish someone else would hurry up and eat them)
2. I've been on plan 100%
3. I've had my hair cut!


Gold Member

  1. My brother, sis in law and nieces and nephews visited, I love those lot!
  2. Day off
  3. Started a New Book (always a celebration).


Silver Member
Oooh this is wicked!! :)

1) I've gone out and bought the latest fitness mags to revamp my fitness regime
2) I've booked my gym classes for next week online
3) I will remain positive as my OH is back home in just over 14 weeks, when it started at just over 19! Slowly but surely getting there!



Silver Member
1. Tried on NYE dress feels nice
2. Got stuff ready for work next week
3. Planning OH 30th ssshhhhh is a holiday away it's a secret it's not till Nov pmsl

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Loves Norman Reedus
ooh good thread;

1. back on plan writing everything down
2. taken one of my veg soups out of the freezer for lunch
3. got family round this evening and am going to have fun and not be so food absolved.

havent weighed in yet as consultant had changed the time and myself and one other didnt register the change, so dont know the damage and havent sucummed to weighing myself on the wii fit board.