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30 day shred anyone?

I started on my level last night. My body is aching ouch ouch. Jillian makes you work ur butt off and gosh am sore all over. I thought I was gonna pass out last night, my legs felt like jelly. Yes me, I exercised. Dreading tonight lord help me....
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I can relate. When I started it I couldnt even do day 4. I put it on but 5 minutes into it I literally couldnt lift my arm, lol. It does get easier though.
Ahh right yeah. Corr, I bet its tough! Shes a machine!
Ive never got on with usual exercise dvds- they tend to be like dance routines and my coordination is horrendous.

Whats the format of this one like? xx
Its a mixture of cardio and circuit training. Extremely difficult but definitely no dancing. Lots of jumping jacks though. The good thing about it is that including the warm up and the cool down its only 30 minutes so easy enough to squeeze into your day. I wouldnt recommend doing day 1 if you have plans for the rest of the day though, lol coz I couldnt move afterwards.
JoanneM said:
Yip its an exercise dvd by Jillian Michaels who is the personal trainer on the biggest loser usa.
Ooh the USA one is my fav, I'm going to get this now!! That women is ace!
Just downloading this now..can't wait to do it..sounds really good..Have P90x but that dude is so annoying..
*gasping for breath :)

Just done the first level of this DVD woweeee I'm exhausted!! This is hard core compared to my weight watchers one!!
Water please!!!! :)
Divalicious said:
Day 4 n am still in pain......
I only did day 1 :( I'm still walking around like a robot now lol my muscles ache all over ! I'll try it again when they stop!
Hi Guys

After waiting a week for my Shred DVD it arrived today. Well it is so good, I have been finished about 15 minutes and I still feel sick. I managed the whole of level one apart for the cool down, I could not decided to go to the bathroom to be sick or continue, in the end just stood there picturing the guys from the biggest looser programme and thought I know how you feel !!!

Just hope my body and mind adapt, I so want it to work.
babystar31 said:
Lol ur meant to work through the pain! :D Cmon get back on it, cant wait for mine to arrive x
If I thought I could I would have!! Honestly even the action of going to sit on the loo hurt! My bum and thighs thrashed!! Feeling a bit better now, maybe try tomorrow!
stig said:
Lil I can imagine how you feel, my muscles already hurt normally do not get that until the next day. I do hope I can do it tomorrow !!
Good luck I hope you can x
I could have attempted it but I couldn't imagine how bad the pain would have been after day 2!
cathiec said:
I am on day three and took some ibuprofen to ease the aches. it has helped some ;)
I feel like a right wuss now :( lol

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