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38lbs to go diary!

Hi all

I am a little late in starting this diary as I am now on Day 3 but I feel that I need to write it all down to motivate myself. I am a serial dieter but will not let my DS down by being the fat mum at the gates when he started Reception in September.

So here goes:-

Day 1

I was all revved up to start this journey and had a slap in the face by my first taste. Chose to have strawberry shake as that is my favourite flavour.........or at least it was until I tried this. It smelt and tasted artificial and powdery. Managed to down it though and was proud of the fact I had waited until 10:30 before succuming to my hunger.

Picked DS up from nursery and took the dog for a walk in the rain with him then came home and did 10 minutes on my power plate. I was reminded by my DH that it was an exercise machine and not a clothes horse!!!!

Held off until 2:45pm to have my choc/orange bar. I can't believe that everyone seems to like these as it tasted powdery and make me heave with each mouthful. I am really not enjoying this!??!?!?!?!? I only managed 2/3rds of it so supplemented my intake with a veg oxo cube which made me feel better.

Mushroom soup for dinner. What is wrong with my tastebuds...this was awful too but ate the whole lot as so hungry. :cry: Had a screaming headache so treated myself to half a glass of Coke Zero (at last something to smile about):)

Was good with my water intake.....2l still water......1l of Tesco Strawberry water.....1 oxo and 1 cup green tea

Day 2

Woke up feeling ok and held off until 10:45 to have my shake. Pleasantly surprised as the vanilla one was nice. Went to Tesco to buy some BL bars to try for lunch as really cannot stomach Exante ones. Didn't have any so bought Tesco own brand which was really not but not very filling so supplemented with Oxo drink again.

Dinner was veg soup which was delicious. Maybe I can do this diet.

Not so good with water intake....2l water, 1 oxo

Day 3

Woke up feeling good today so treated myself to a peep at the scales......lost 3lbs!!!!:)

As it's fathers day DS and DH have gone for a fry up brunch at a cafe while I sit at home. Had choc shake for brekky but not until 11:30 as been busy pottering around. Made it with hot water and a little sweetner and was delicious....just like real hot chocolate. Happy Bunny :bunnydance:

Going to have a little go on my power plate now and then will have my Tesco bar around 3pm if I can hold off.
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Very proud to report that I have just been to the cinema with DH & DS and for the 1st time ever not had popcorn/icecream/pick&mix!!! DS and DH very kindly sat and scoffed icecream and sweets next to me whilst I tucked into my Tesco meal bar!! Luckily they sold Coke Zero so I treated myself to one.

Very proud of my willpower :)


Doing it exante style :)
Sounds like your going strong :D
Well done for getting through all the temptations, especially on your first week :angel09:
Thanks Miss G.

Its not the easiest but I am really determined this time. Also helpful reading everyone else's stories and seeing the good times and bad times.

Just finished my soup. Not looking forward to it as trying Thai Chicken for the 1st time and read a couple of times that it wasn't nice but it wasn't too bad. Not delicious but certainly not as bad as the mushroom one.

Not doing so good on my water today.....only had about 1.5l water, a cup of oxo and 1 small coke zero at the cinema. Amazingly I don't have a headache today but that it prob due to the coke.

Anyway Day 3 nearly over.......all I can say is Roll on Day 4!!! :)
Spoke too soon..........got a headache now :cry:


Doing it exante style :)
ElmerFudd said:
Spoke too soon..........got a headache now :cry:
Oh no, some tablets water and an early night ;) xx


really trying again!
Hope your headache has gone. Well done on being so strong. You may find that taste buds change over time so don't give up on any flavours or bars just yet- just leave them a few days and try again. I was like that at the beginning. Good luck on your journey xx
Morning all,

Pleased to report no headache this morning and raring to go. Got a new patient check up at my docs at 10:40 this morning so going to hold off having my shake until after as they are bound to weigh me.

A bit strange this morning....I keep smelling a horrible smell but as I have just had a shower I know it's not my outer body so can only assume it's my breath!!!! Just had a smint but after popping it in my mouth I noticed that it's nearly 100% carbs. Can anyone advise what they use to help with smelly breath?

Trying Banana shake and Tomato soup today for the first time?!?!??!

Bye for now :fingerscrossed:


really trying again!
Poor you- sounds like ketosis is looming then. You can use the gold spot mouth spray as long as it has no citric acid in and I do believe you can have the strip things that dissintergrate in your mouth. No chewing gum or mints tho babe as they can affect ketosis. Just drink plenty and brush your teeth and us mouthwash and I promise you it will pass soon xx
Oops not only have I had a smint I have also been chewing on gum!!! Also bought a parsley plant this morning as read somewhere that chewing on fresh parsley helps with bad breath....time will tell!

Just had my banana shake after trip to doc. It was nice although I must admit to adding 1/2 teasp of sweetner to it. Was pleasantly surprised at doc as their scales said I was 7lbs lighter than my home scales said this morning. According to mine I have lost 3.6lbs in 3 days although as my TOTM started on Day 2 not sure if this will have any affect??????

Going to pick up DS from nursery now and take him and the dog to the park for an hour or two. Should burn off a few calories. Will have my bar when I get home. Going to make DS's picnic now.....I have the willpower of steel at the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:
Just got back from 2 hours in the park with DS and dog. Sat down and watched wimbledon while eating my bar. Do I continue watching wimbledon while DS plays outside or do I use my Powerplate?!?!?!?!?

Powerplate has to win as I didn't do it yesterday and I won't get anywhere if I don't put in the effort.


really trying again!
Nice work indeed. Are you using powdered sweetener too? It must be ones in tablet form for this diet like the Hermesetas ones and I add one to every shake and 3 to every coffee have xx
Morning all :eek:

Thanks for tip Gaga as I was using powdered one. OOPPPSSSS. Will invests in tablet ones when I go out today.

Had my first tomato soup last night and was ok so I definitely think my tastebuds are adjusting. Didn't help that I made chicken, roast pots and veg for DS's dinner and sausage, chips & Beans for DH's dinner. He then proceeded to eat chocolate in front of me. Actually that wasn't too bad as chocolate was never my downfall.....crisps were (not are :eek:)

Been up for 2 hours now surfing around so must go and have a shower and get DS ready for nursery. Was contemplating dusting the cobwebs of my bike today but looks like its's going to pour down so maybe just do powerplate later. Got to go into town for a few things after dropping DS off so going to take my bar with me in case I get too hungry and can have my shake for lunch. Strawberry and Mushroom day today so hope it tastes better than last time.

Bye for now x
Hello again, I am still around but didn't get to post last night as DH was hogging the laptop and then had a friend pop over.

Well I stayed 100% again so feeling very pleased with myself. Strawberry shake and mushroom soup definitely tasted better the 2nd time round so I am a little relieved.

Not had anything yet today. Dropped DS off at nursery then went for a fishy pedicure (mother's day present) as a treat for being so good.....think I may have to treat myself more often and not the food type of treating!!!!!!!!!!!

Going to hang washing out then do my 10 minutes on power plate before having my shake.....vanilla today :D Will then do some vigorous cleaning to burn some calories and then it will be time to pick up DS. Will take dog with me again today if the rain holds off so we can go to the park for a spot of running around.

More later..................................:wavey:
Well it's the end of day 5 and still 100% plus I didn't have my usual Oxo to stave off the hunger pangs.
Had a delicious Vanilla shake for brekky, a Tesco meal bar for lunch and the veg soup for dinner (my favourite). My DH sat next to me eating lasagne and garlic bread :drool: but I resisted the temptation to steal a piece.

Really excited about Friday when I can have my first weigh in. I think this diet is better for me than SW or WW as it gives me less choice and therefore less opportunity to cheat! Little bit worried about next Monday as am going to see Take That and not sure how to arrange my food around that. Probably have my bar whilst singing! :eek:
Morning all (just)

Its now 11:30am and still not eaten so just as I was picking a shake to have I remembered to update my diary. Feeling good today, woke at 7am bright as a button. Looking forward to tomorrow's weigh in and hoping for 7lb+. One thing that concerns me though is how do I know if I am in Ketosis? On day 3 (I think) I had smelly breath in the morning but it's been fine since. Still get hunger pangs but just plough through them....so am I in Ketosis? Think I may have to buy some of those stix to know for sure.

Well it's finally here......weigh in day!!!!

8lbs????!!!!!!!!???????? :woohoo:

I am delighted and just the boost I need to continue on this long journey.

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