3rd Weigh In Tomorrow ??

Morning everyone

Back to work tomorrow after a week off. All that edible stuff around me again !! Weigh in is late tomorrow afternoon, 4.45. after I finish work. A bit worried because by my scales my weight has stayed the same (?), hopefully a lump will 'drop' off by tomorrow. This has happened before with ww and sw, but didn't really think I would stick on this program? Anyone have any thoughts about that?

Hope that everyone has a good day.

How did your weigh-in turn out?

Hi Anne-Marie

How did your weigh-in turn out?

Did you get a nice surprise?

Will look out for your post.

Marylyn x
Hello Marilyn

Hello Marilyn,

Thanks for your message, no, weigh in was disasterous, you'll see my message posted. Talk about 'gutted'. But today is another day and I'll keep going, hoping that next tuesday's weigh in will be better:rolleyes: .
Thank for you once again.