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4 Bags of sugar !!!

Hubby just came back from doing the weekly shop, which he`s happy to do without me for obvious reasons.

Anyway, he handed me a shopping bag, and said `careful that bag`s heavy`.
I agreed, it was- took a look inside and it was 4 bags of sugar.( bought especially to help me judge weights !!)

As he said, they weigh approx 8.8lbs, (less than my 12 day loss), and that is how much less I am carrying around !!

So that I don`t feel down when or if I have weeks of slower losses, we are going to just add bags of sugar to the running total , which I`m keeping in one of those bags for life.

Any time I feel like slacking, I`m simply going to lift that bag up !!!!

You girls should try it, I didn`t realise just how heavy even 8.8 lbs was !!

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Winning a losing battle!
Bless him! My CDC has huge bits of plastic fat to show how much weight we were carrying around - not quite as pleasant as a bag of sugar I must admit!!


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there is an image on minis somewhere of what 5lb of fat looks like, someone has took the picture in comparison to their foot and it is a massive amount...

i will see if i can find it :)


Fab & Fit For Florida
can't find the exact one, but here is 5lb of fat:

Oh wow your hubby is an absolute sweetheart!
What a thoughtful thing to do.


Fab & Fit For Florida
i can't believe that's 5lb, it looks like soooo much more


Fab & Fit For Florida
that's a really good idea jess, i don't think my OH would appreciate me doing that since i'm using his laptop lol :)
OMG that pic is disgusting I cant believe that is only 5 pounds of fat though, it makes me feel sooo much better bout my weight loss.
Macy 12 your OH sounds like an absolute sweetheart, How much does he charge for hubby lessons????
Awww Fatfrog !!! I think a £1 an hour would do, BUT its has taken him many many years of training !!!!!

And Chelsea Lou, no he doesn`t have a brother !!!!

I think although he`d NEVER say it, he is looking forward to me losing my excess flab once and for all, and wants to keep me motivated!!
Put it in a burger bun or pitta bread and my husband probably would eat it!! Junk food freak :D


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That's a good idea, I always used to get disheartened about losing 1 or 2lbs but having the actual bag of sugar, makes you realise how much you've lost.

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