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4 days of plateau..then only 1 pound lost!!

i posted a couple of days ago saying how i was soooooo demotivated as i hadnt lost an ounce in 4 days...not 1st 4 days but 3 weeks into ss..i was in ketosis so ploughed along hoping it wud all come off at once..then this morning i lost 1 pound..im mortified..is that how it works..i was told you plateau then boom it all comes off..im confused :sigh::sigh:
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Going for Goal!
Are you drinking 2.5 litres of water a day?

Are your bowels moving? (can you poop?)

Is it TOTM?


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Dont worry even if there is no weight loss im sure the inches are moving hang on in there, it happens to us all last week all week all i thought i had lost was 1lb then at weigh-in it showed 3lb cd is strange but it does work.
Hiya there I have STS a few times just look at my losses and you'l see i tend to lose nothing then a week or so later ill have a big one but it does take time and some weeks are better than others! Dont stress aslong as your 100% drinking as much water as possible and your managing to go to the toilet (take laxatives if needed) and you will lose on CD it may seem rubbish at the moment but it will change its probs just your body being a ***** and trying to hang onto what its got if its your TOTM or you might be retaining some water but you WILL lose i promise :D


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I'm having a similar problem, I lost 8 lbs in the first week, and then seem to have only lost 1lb in the last 5 days since weigh in, and I'm only in week 2, so it is a bit demotivating. But I know I shouldn't be weighing myself so it serves me right, but know I won't stop. Anyway back to the point, I measure as well, and although I have only lost a pound so far this week, I have lost a few inches, so something is going right, and logically I know so long as I keep it up the weight will come off. So if we keep on going we will get our rewards sooner or later.
Hi dibzzy,
I'm in exactly the same boat! I'm on week 3 and have lost absolutely nothing since my weigh-in last Saturday! I'm 100% on ss and drinking like a fish but not an ounce has come off me. I lost 10.75lbs in my first week and 6 in my second and thought I'd got it sussed but this has really knocked my confidence. I know that logically, you can't consume 415 cals a day and NOT lose weight but I understand completely what you're feeling and how hard it is to continue cos the ONLY good thing about being on ss is the losses! Hang on in there cos you never know whats around the corner and what is the alternative? I just keep telling myself that each day, I'm a day closer to my target and these plateaus are going to happen and are something to be endured as part of the journey. Keep your chin up hun and don't let all the hard work of the last few weeks go to waste! You can do it and it'll happen for you - and me!! xxx
All i'll say is get off those scales and get on with other things, stick to plan and keep to the rules and the losses will come. Scales are dirty nasty things that should be taken with a pinch of salt, im sure when you get weighed they will show fine. :)
Hi Badger!
That made me laugh out loud! I love your total irreverence for the sacred scales!!! And of course - you ARE right!!! Its a hard thing to do keeping off em though innit? How do you focus your mind and resist having a sneaky peek? How do you feel when you think you've done well and the weigh-in doesn't reflect it? Its that disappointment which I'm scared of I think.
Haha, I do admit to looking at them a lot if ive been off plan or eaten something and did check every day but I guess in time ive just learnt its not worth mentally torturing yourself, put the scales out the way(not visible) and just weigh in with your cdc. Thinking back there were definately whole weeks where mine showed no change yet my cdcs would say 4lbs loss.
Hmmm - thanks Badger - you're right (again!). 'Torture' is the word for it! It makes it all a bit of a rollercoaster ride doesnt it whereas if you focus on being 100% on plan then you can sort of relax about the losses cos you know they'll come. I suppose I'm just impatient and fed up with feeling crap about myself and want the results as quick as possible! I don't think they could come much quicker than on CD ss though so I'm just going to have to chuck my scales in the garage and behave myself!!! Well done on your fabulous achievement by the way - you should be mega-proud of yourself!!!! xxx

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