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4 Packs- what time do you have them?

Hi guys

I left all my packs until evening the other day and had a bit of a wobbly (ie I cheated!:() SO I don't think doing that is wise for me...

I was wondering what time other people have their packs - and also, does it make any difference to the weight loss?

eg does your body go into "starvation mode" and slower metabolism, if you go for a whole day with nothing then have them all in a short space of time??:confused:
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I have my choc tet at 8.30 am.
Next choc tet at 2pm.
Then my soup and bar at 7pm.. or a bar or soup at 7pm and a choc tet made into a hot chocolate at about 10pm before bed. xxxx
ooh Mrs. P I couldn't fit in 4 packs at once :eek: I am on 3 but what I do is to have one at about 11.30am, then next one about 4.30pm and last one about 8.30-9pm. I find this is working well for me because it means I don't feel nibbly in the evenings. I think you'd be better off spacing them out and then you wouldn't feel the need for a nibble. :)


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I split a sweet pack into 2 - then have first half as breakfast from 9am -11am, then 1-2 litres of water.
Then I have the 2nd half between 2 - 3pm, that means I have a soup about 6pm and then a bar about 8pm. You could do the same type of thing but rather than splitting your packs have the full one each time, have 1 hot and 1 cold so you dont feel like everything is the same all the time xx
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I try to space my packs out throughout the day, and on AAMW I treat my "meal" as another pack and space them all out fairly evenly. I don't know how scientific it is but my thinking is that if I space them out my metabolism will keep ticking over rather than leaping into action once a day by having 2 packs at a time after having nothing for hours...it seems to be working lol

Corinne x


please try again
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im a bad girl, have a soup at 6pm a moussee at 8pm then i have my bar in buiscuits spred out til its gone


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Banana Tetra at 7.30am, Peanut bar at 1.00om and chocolate Tetra after the gym approx 8.30pm and 8 pints of water in between.
I am a creature of habit with this diet!


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Tetra used for three cups of coffee throughout morning. Bar at lunch -13.15, shake when I get in about 5.00ish and then mousse at 21.30pm.

I think it is a case of finding out what suits you, as everybody seems to be different :)


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I have a sachet of banana shake that I use on coffee throughout the day, I start with 2 coffees in a morning. I have a soup at about 1pm, then more coffee's using shake, at 5pm I have my second soup and then fill up with water, gt or coffee if I have shake left. I have my last sachet of soup between 9 and 9.30pm. Occasionally I'll change the 5pm soup for a shake, or make a mousse out of it, as well as a jelly from my water flavourings. I usually fit in about 4 litres of water during the day, though yesterday I had 4 1/2
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I don't have anything except about 2 litres of water and GT and coffee until about 1ish. Then I have a full pack of shake. I have the next one about 5ish, kids and OH dinner time. Then maybe the last one about 9pm. I have another 2 litres of water during the afternoon and early evening. I try and stop the water about 8pm otherwise I would be up in the night
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Hi All
Im only on three a day so i have 3 litres of water before 10.30 tea time at work! Then i have a bar ,then shake at 1.30 then llast shake about 7-8. Normally drink about 8 litres of water

Gem x
Thanks guys - I think the idea of splitting a pack or tetra and using it in several coffees is great. I'll start doing that ... and try to space the rest out more. I think havin them all in the evening does have a bad effect on energy levels.
Gem - 8 litres?? Hats off to you, ma'am!

Deb G

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I'm on LL so we have four too!

5am - Hot chocolate
11am - Cranberry Bar
5pm - Hoct chocolate made into a muffin with strawberry (made into) icing on top!

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